Facebook Dropshipping (Next thing you must try)

Facebook drop shipping

Did you ever see anyone who uses Facebook dropshipping?
As Facebook has the most active global users, almost 3 billion, it allows all e-commerce stores to join a large audience.
Here, I want to tell you how to dropship on the Facebook marketplace, and what will happen when you dropship on the Facebook marketplace? Also, you can read about its pros and cons.

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What Does Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Mean?

As you might know, dropshipping is a sales model where you trade your products online. Then you send the orders to your dropshipping supplier, and they will ship the orders right to your customer.

This time marketplace is an address on Facebook where each user can purchase and exchange items. Users can scan lists, find their needed items to buy or find some products to ship.

Who can Dropship on the Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook launched its marketplace in 2016 to enable users to buy and sell items in their local communities.

In 2019 Facebook decided to add extra pieces in favor of drop shippers, like allowing drop shippers to retail goods on the platform and build a new Business to customer (B2C) chance. Here are the main features that Facebook Marketplace apply to fit dropshipping purposes:

  • Product pages – There are some product listings on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Communication – You can use Facebook messenger easily.
  • Payment – There is a private checkout for Facebook.
  • Product inventory – You can find listing partners
  • Order management – There are different order management tools.

As you can see in the above list, Facebook Marketplace has all the essential points for dropshipping, which means you can use Facebook for dropshipping whether you are a beginner or an expert. Many famous drop shippers only use Facebook, and they do not have any website.

How to Dropship on the Facebook Marketplace?

If you decide to start dropshipping on Facebook, here you can read step by step model:

Step 1: Make a Facebook Business Account

Before anything, you need to make a Facebook business account. Now that you have a Facebook business account, you can set up a Facebook page and handle all your dropshipping responsibilities there.

Your account type might vary between a business account and a personal account on Facebook. Those who live in the USA do not need a personal account. But, if you live out of the USA, you have to set up a personal account, then you can use your business account.

Step 2: Use Facebook’s listing partners

You can use Facebook’s listing partners to make a list of your products and handle your inventory.

As you might know, the product listings will change based on your location. For example, if you are out of the US, you have to create your product listings manually when you want to sell products.

Even if you have a website, you can not add hyperlinks to your listings, but you can add your website domain in the product information.

Step 3: Read Facebook’s E-commerce Policy and Merchants Agreement

The e-commerce policy and merchant agreement are two essential parts that tell you which stocks you can or cannot trade on Facebook. Read this e-commerce policy and find 25 prohibited product categories that you can not sell on the platform. Reading this part helps you to avoid any concerns when you begin dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace.

What Are the Pros of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping

Here are some pros of using the Facebook marketplace:

  • Dropship With No Website

While you can dropship on Facebook if you have a website, it is possible to do it without a website. An important advantage of Facebook is dropshipping with no website. It has different tools such as onsite payment processing, order management tools, and Facebook’s listing partners to handle your dropshipping business.

  • Easy Communication

You can use Facebook’s Messenger as a fast and reliable method to communicate with your customers. Your customers can ask you any question they may have, or vise versa using Facebook Messenger.

You can make positive buyer contact and improve customer loyalty in a long time using Facebook Messenger.

  • Free Advertising Costs

When you use Facebook, you can join millions or billions of users without any paying. Opposite of many other dropshipping programs, it does not force you to set up Facebook ads. The best thing about the Facebook Marketplace is that the users are already ready to buy. 

What Are the Cons of Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

Here are a few disadvantages of using Facebook Marketplace:

  • Location Requirement

You can not list a product without stating its location on this marketplace. You can only choose one location that means if you decide to show your product in the United States, you can not select any other country.

  • No Clickable links In The Product Description

You can list a product but can not attach any clickable links to the product information. You can add your website address, but buyers can not find any link to click on that. The best option is to find a local dropshipping supplier to dropship with the Facebook Marketplace.

Can I Use Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Software?

You can install Facebook software to manage multiple suppliers on Facebook Marketplace easier. You need much time to manage all your product listings, control your prices and your product stocks. Facebook designs software especially for handling these tasks to solve this issue. This famous Facebook Marketplace dropshipping software is AutoDS

Here are some benefits of this automation software:

  • Dynamic pricing- it adjusts prices based on sales.
  • Virtual assistants- you can enter your stocks with various user access.
  • It links suppliers and winning product combinations.


If you want to start Facebook drop shipping, read the above text. There, I explained many ideas why Facebook Marketplace dropshipping is the best option for you. Tell, how you can develop your dropshipping market and make much money. Also, you can read about its Pros and Cons.

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