How Coding Skills Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is an ever-growing skill because businesses nowadays can’t function well without it. As a result, many people have become digital marketers, making the field saturated. This is why you need to boost your digital marketing career by levelling up your skills. And some of these skills you need to improve are coding skills. 

Gone are the days when coding skills are only for web or app developers. Nowadays, you can enhance your digital marketing career if you know how to code, even if it’s only the basics.

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1. Coding Skills Let You Run Marketing Strategies 

One part of coding is to use computing platforms and programming languages. The best thing about these languages is that they can run and be easily embedded on any device. This means you can do away with your tablet or notebook. A great example of a programming language is Java. 

But what is Java doing to help your marketing problems? If you want to up your marketing game, then build apps. You can make a simple app to simplify your marketing responsibilities, such as a promo code generator, parsers, and the like. 

These programming languages run anywhere, but most apps and websites can’t work without Java installed. You’ll need these apps and websites to run your ads and other marketing strategies throughout the world wide web. Hence, learning programming languages in coding should be a priority. 

2. Coding Skills Improve Communication With Developers

Even if you’re not developing the web or app, it’s essential to know some coding skills. That way, you and the developers implementing the digital marketing plans will avoid a misunderstanding. 

For instance, if you know the lingo, you understand what they say or how they perform their tasks. You can also talk to the developers with ease and without the need to guess what the jargon means. And if they need to ask you for some corrections to fit the web development, you get why. 

Even better, you can make your marketing plans suitable to the development because you have a full grasp of how your plans could affect the design. As a result, you can avoid delaying the turn-around time of your projects, which will help you make the most of your budget.

3. Coding Skills Boost Your SEO Game

Without search engine optimization (SEO), your marketing efforts may not generate traffic that well. SEO is when your marketing campaigns will appear on your target audience’s search engine results pages (SERPs). The higher your marketing campaigns appear on search engines, the higher the chance of generating traffic on your website or landing pages. 

While knowing SEO basics is okay, it may be better to understand how to read the ‘skeleton’ or HTML of a page. This type of coding allows you to update and evaluate keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions. With this, you can understand the technical side of SEO, which will lead to effective optimization. 

4. Coding Skills Help You Make Quick Fixes

Sometimes some elements of your content may be having some issues. All of which can affect your optimization and content, from video embedding to image resizing. If videos are huge, your pages may lag, especially on mobile phones, making them hard to navigate. And you wouldn’t want this because mobile-friendliness is a priority in SEO. Your target audience are more likely to exit your page if it loads too slow. Therefore, the need to fix it quickly is vital. 

If you’re a digital marketer who knows about codes like HTML, you can solve the issues right away. You wouldn’t have to wait for your developer to address the problem because you can quickly check your content’s HTML and change some codes. Because you know what to do, you get to save money and time from asking a developer to do quick fixes. 

5. Coding Skills Help You Get More Clients

Most importantly, a digital marketer with coding skills stands out from the rest. Clients want to hire someone who knows more than digital marketing because it can reduce labor costs. Because of this advantage, you can increase your chances of gaining more clients. 

In addition, you can set a higher pay since you’re equipped with other essential skills other than marketing. Clients would be happy to pay you well, provided that you deliver effectively. 


While being a digital marketer nowadays is common, possessing coding skills can make you even more valuable. You become a more efficient and effective digital marketer when you apply your coding skills in every marketing campaign. But if you’re still doubting whether it’s necessary to develop these skills, why not try learning and applying some coding languages and see the difference?

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