How paraphrasing tools can help digital marketers to remove plagiarism?

Digital marketers are skilled professionals who collaborate with businesses to identify, build, and transform their organic traffic into paying customers. Digital marketing has transformed the marketing world on its head. 

It eclipses traditional marketing thanks to its reach.  With more than 63% of the world population having internet access in 2022, the digital market has a potential audience of  4.65 Billion. Just imagine what this window can do for a business.

It is not about potential anymore. The statistics provide empirical evidence for the importance of digital marketing. As wp forms, In 2022, the companies who own a blog got 55% more web traffic. And about 57% of companies managed to get a new customer through content marketing.  All that while costing 52% less than traditional marketing.

However, staying on top isn’t easy. To rank, a website digital marketer must continuously rewrite content to show activity. Google’s SERP ranks the website based on unique content, activity, and SEO Optimization.

Plagiarism and Digital Marketers:

Plagiarism means copying one’s ideas and thoughts without paying them any credit for it. It is intellectual dishonesty where plagiarists act like parasites: feeding on others’ hard work.

To serve the continuous demand for content, digital marketers try to copy from the internet. The internet is filled with hundreds of articles on a subject. The ideal way is to read these articles, do your research, and then present your case. 

The businesses who choose originality are like sharks in a fishbowl. It doesn’t take them much to make their name in the online world. But sadly, many people take the easy way out.

The reason for doing this is the underlying assumption that “Staying Active” is important for ranking a website. But when you stay “So-called Active” while copying others, it makes Google think that you don’t have any new ideas to share. Your page always stays behind original content- In short, it is a recipe for a marketing disaster.

Plagiarism and Its Impact on Digital Marketing:

Anybody who is a marketing professional or trying to enter this field should pay special attention to this section. Through research, we have compiled a list of consequences that plagiarized content entails for your digital marketing strategy.

  • Plagiarized content ruins your online reputation.  In the tech world, it takes seconds to get viral. If your brand ever gets accused of copying. Your place in the market would go down
  • Plagiarized content will always keep you behind the original creators.
  • The ranking of your website will go down.
  • The organic traffic decreases. People love to read new content. If you are giving them the same candy in new packing, your customers would move away.
  • When you can’t engage potential buyers, your sales volume gets a negative hit.
  • You can be charged for copyright strikes if you do word for word copying from credible pages.
  • Google can ban your page/website if the plagiarized content is overboard.

Hope after knowing this, you would think twice before writing plagiarized content.

How Paraphrasing Tools can help digital marketers remove plagiarism?

Since plagiarism is a big No, what to do when you are required to rewrite content to show activity? Well, one option is manual paraphrasing. But for a standard 1500 article, it would eat up your 4 hours. Clearly, not a smart solution. The 2nd and our recommended option is to use an online paraphrasing tool.

Paraphrasing tools are online tools built to rewrite content while keeping the same context. These tools are based on advanced NLP algorithms which allow these tools to understand, analyze, interpret, and then respond in human language.

Being a digital marketer, you can follow these simple steps to remove plagiarism from your article.

Step:1 Choose the Plagiarized content

In the first step, you need to select an input paragraph, which you want to make 100% original.

Below is the paragraph we have chosen for this purpose:

Step2: Plagiarism Percentage

To know the plagiarism percentage, use any credible plagiarism checker. These tools can tell the plagiarism percentage and source of our content. 

In our case, the plagiarism percentage was 100%.

Step 3: Choice of Tool

The best step in removing plagiarism is the selection of the tool. The market is filled with many so-called rephraser or article rewriters, each claiming to be the best. But the reality says otherwise. A quality paraphraser should be accurate, credible, and effective so that it can rewrite your content without losing its context.

For our example, we have chosen because of its accurate and effective writing.

Step 4: Copy and Paste the Paragraph

After choosing the tool, now copy and paste your text. This would act as the input to the tool. 

See below, we have copied our selected text on our tool.

Step 4: Opt for desired Paraphrasing mode

This paraphrasing tool can rewrite your content in various modes. They can do small word alterations, sentence changes, paragraph structuring, text improvements, and creative rewriting. Being a digital marketer, you can choose the mode as per your requirement.

We have chosen “creative mode” for our example.

Step 5: Click on Paraphrase

Now comes the part where you get the reward for all your efforts. Just simply click on the “Paraphrase” option to get your desired output. The paraphrased text would appear on the right side.

This is how it looks

Professional bloggers create business content that is thoughtful, researched, and optimized for SEO content that gives visitors a reason to return to your site. We offer a full range of blogging services, including web design and initial deployment, installation of social networking plugins, idea generation, content creation, and publishing. As your blogger creates and manages the business content of your blog, your SEO will continue to grow.”

Step 6: Verification of plagiarism percentage

After paraphrasing, in the last step, you should cross-check your content. It should be 0% plagiarism, showing that your content is unique.

In our case, you can see that it’s a perfect 0. The stamp on the originality of our content!!!

Final Words:

Digital marketing feeds on content. But hey, you can’t run it on junk. Plagiarized content might make you win a battle, but you would lose the actual war. 

This article explains how you can use paraphrasing tools to make your content 100% original to get organic traffic and sales for your business.  Let’s know what you think about plagiarism and the usage of paraphrasing tools to remove it.

Author: Dyka Smith

Dyka Smith is a content marketing professional at Inosocial, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Dyka worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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