How to play games on Snapchat?


Are you tired of playing the same games on your phone or laptop? If that is true, let’s say there is another storage of fantastic entertainment you can get familiar with. 

You can play a Snapchat game online games at any location, whether you are on a bus, on a picnic, or during break time at your office. This post will tell you more about Snapchat games, including how to play games on Snapchat, things to post on Snapchat story games, and how to get rid of Snapchat games in chat.

What are Snapchat games?

snapchat games

Snapchat is not only a simple platform to be able to text to your friend or upload your clips on it. As the goal of Snapchat says, this lovely environment is programmed and also trying to bring a smile to any face on this planet. Therefore, it should contain various elements to make people have fun.

One of these things is Snapchat games; Snapchat’s gaming platform is called “Snap Games,” and their aim is to create a “way to hang out with your friends on Snapchat.” This subdivision of Snapchat began its career back in 2019, and the headquarters hope to get positive feedback from their audience. Note that all Snapchat games are based on HTML5, with lots of brilliant features.

Also, you may like to know about “How to play games on iMessage on Android and iPhone?“.

Which games are on Snapchat?

If you are looking for some Snapchat games to play, you have plenty of choices to choose from on the platform. Here, you can see the title of the best Snapchat games on Snap Games and Snap Minis to play with:

  • Island Jump
  • AlphaBear Hustle
  • Chess Quest
  • ABC Challenge
  • Om Nom Run
  • Zombie Rescue Squad
  • Ready Set Golf
  • Aquapark: Multiplayer Edition
  • Subway Surfers Airtime
  • Bitmoji Tennis
  • Name a Song That
  • Cube Surfer
  • Random Questions
  • Let’s Go, Hoops!
  • Ludo Club
  • Let’s Do it!
  • Fill In The Blanks Game
  • My Opinion On
  • Super Snappy Bowling
  • Snake Squad
  • Personal Poll Game
  • Color Together
  • Tiny Royale
  • Color Galaxy
  • My Crush

Some of these titles are related to “Snapchat story games,” in which you can play a Snapchat game through an exciting game story, such as “My Crush,” “Random Questions,” and “ABC Challenge.” 

How to Invite Your Friends to play Snapchat games along?

You may be considering inviting your friends to play Snapchat games rather than being alone. To have one of your contacts on a Snapchat game, you need to take these steps:

  1. Open the Snapchat game you want to play with your friend on the phone.
  2. Now, click on the icon below at the bottom of the screen to invite your friend.
  3. Click on any friend’s name you wish to play with him or, finally click on the “Ring” button to send them the notifications.

Can You Chat While Playing Games On Snapchat?

The answer is yes. You are able to chat with your Group when you are in a Snapchat game. To do this, you have to click on the Chat bar at the bottom, and the keyboard will be shown on the screen. Note that the Live Audio Chat feature gives you permission to talk to your people while you play. You can also enjoy playing and talking together. Remember that In-game chat does not show up in your records.

How to play games on Snapchat?

snapchat story games

Playing Snapchat story games is too simple and straightforward. To see how to play games on Snapchat, you need to follow the steps below:

  1. First, open a chat or chat group by swiping right on the Snapchat main page to open the “Friends” screen.
  2. Next, click on the Snapchat Games rocket icon to open the “Game Drawer” on your phone. The game Drawer will display all the available games. As a result, a notification will be sent to your friend(s).
  3. Now, you can choose the Snapchat game you want to play. Note that you need to select a display name before you start playing any of the games, and the display name should be different from your Snapchat username.
  4. That is it!!!

Things to post on Snapchat story games

Some Snapchat story games have a kind of question-answering scenario, and sometimes it is so fun. For example, in the game “Name a Song That” in your Snapchat story, you need to reveal the music preferences of your Snapchat friends. Furthermore, some drinking games can also be played like that. For instance, in “Never Have I Ever,” you have to sip a drink if you have done the activity mentioned in the game. If you have never failed a test, you have to sip a drink and go on with other questions accordingly. You can play these games with your close friends or other available Snapchatters.

How to get rid of Snapchat games in chat?

If you are a loyal player playing with Snap Games and Snapchat games and just want to hide them on your chat, we can help you. All you need to learn how to get rid of Snapchat games in the chat is to drag the Snapchat game icon you want to hide and let it go. You will not see that game on your chat again.


Thank you kindly for reading. There is no difference if you have an iPhone or Android device; all Snapchat games are compatible with both operating systems. How to play Snapchat games on your phone? We have noticed all the necessary steps in the text. Most Snapchat story games are entirely free on the platform, and in some of them, you can get rewards by watching video ads. To get more information, you can visit the official Snapchat website and ask your questions the support team.

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