How to repost on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is one of the best ways to send your marketing message by a validated source.


Repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are some of the best ways to send your marketing message by a validated source; now, it is the time to learn how to build your success with repost features as a marketing task.

Repost on Instagram or any social media platform such as Facebook is a great way to build the marketing strategy up to the right path. Generally, brands make the most of reposting to share the most popular posts or content on Instagram or everywhere to inform others and build a community around their audience. Also, people taking advantage of saving Instagram pictures or videos to repost and drawing the attention of more followers and inviting people to get involved in the content. Now we want to make it easy for users how to repost on Instagram as well as other social media platforms to pass this step quickly.

Reshare content from other social media accounts has some particular ways to come up with.

In this blog, I am going to express the best ways to share photos and learn how to repost on IG and other platforms.

Best ways to repost on Instagram

Using Instagram repost seems a little bit challenging because we need permission to share the other photos on our social media feeds. Here some useful ways will be mentioned, and then we shift away to one of the most comprehensive ways to whenever you heard the name of repost you assure that there is a perfect tool to help you with this job on every social platform effectively.

1. Go with Instagram third party apps

There are some different Instagram repost apps you can benefit from in sharing other Instagrammers’ posts. The first step is searching Instagram repost on the App Store or google play to face with the Instagram repost apps such as  Repost for Instagram, Instarepost as well as  DownloadGram.

Downloadgram: By the use of this app, you can download videos and photos free from Instagram space.

Repost for Instagram: Another kind of third party app compatible with android. This app provides a few different modes to choose from: a Standby Mode, a Selection Pop-up Mode, Quick Save Mode, Quick Repost mode, and a Quick Post-Later mode.

Instarepost:  The app known as a simple and easy Instagram repost app for sharing photos and videos with your friends.

Note: Pay attention that, according to Instagram’s rules, It needs permitting from the person you want to share whose content.

It is doable by commenting on the image and asking, or by sending them an Instagram Direct Message

Considering all these things together, we can start these marketing ideas(sharing photos &videos) with third part apps reposting. Each Instagram repost app has its efficiency and steps

The steps of Repost for Instagram

  • Open up the Instagram app
  • Select the post you want to share
  • Check the full view of the post(photo, video)
  • Tap the “…” icon on the top right corner of the post.
  • Then, tap “Copy Share URL.”
  • After that, open repost for Instagram
  • Tap on the arrow on the right top side of the post
  • Tap the Repost button
  • Choose Copy to Instagram option
  •   Edit the post’s caption and share your repost

2. How to save photos from Instagram by Screenshot

If you tend to save Instagram photos to do Instagram repost. It is better to leave any third-party app, behind and take a screenshot to share the content on your Instagram feed.

  • Find the photo that you want to repost
  • Take a screenshot on your phone
  • Crop the picture
  • Create a new Instagram post with the new photo

If you are supposed to follow this way in repost on Instagram, think about the resolution of the shared post, because cropping photo will lead to the low-quality picture.

How to repost on Facebook

Repost each other’s content is very common on Facebook too, and the good news is that the process of sharing content on Facebook is much easier than Instagram and other stuff. If you like to share a post on Facebook with your friends or followers, the best way to share is to copy and paste.

The other official and vital way to repost the original post on Facebook is using the Share feature available at the bottom of the photo; the original poster gets credit though the post shows up on your Facebook wall.

Have you ever come up with the idea that marketing your business needs a repost feature to do all reposting on Facebook as well as twitter from an inbox to not only ease this action from one place but also let you repost Twitter and Facebook posts on your different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram and so on.

It is also Interesting to know that the possibility of choosing multiple social media accounts to repost a particular photo or video on them exists.

Can you post to Instagram from a computer

There must have been times you wanted to share your Instagram posts from a computer. Fortunately, there are so many ways you can promote your brand awareness on each social media platform, especially Instagram. Now I mention the typical ways plus a new way of posting from a computer for those who follow want to repost into plenty of social media accounts with an overview and management on them.

Five ways to post on Instagram on computer

  1. Instagram desktop (a chrome extension)
  2. Instagram app
  3. Bluestacks
  4. Facebook creator studio
  5. User-Agent on Safa

The above-listed items are useful to post content right inside the computer, but it is not sufficient. What if you could have an option to search for a specific topic like social media on a platform and serve you back with a long list of social media content and to select to share the desired content on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook business accounts.

Repost for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

First of all, you need to sign up for a social media monitoring tool to access this repost feature. Do not worry Inosocial has seven days free trial to experiment with this feature as well as possible.

  1. Go to monitor tab and click on the search option


  1. Type a keyword on the search bar like “social media.


  1. Click on the Repost option of each post you want


  1. Add every social media account in the “select-service” part


  1. Now, click on “Send Now” to complete the action of a repost on each social platform


Note: You can search twitter and Facebook posts for every keyword and share the content on each social media from Instagram to medium and WordPress.


The last but not the least

Repost is one of the most trending ideas resonates with a marketing job to expose you to a wider audience, as an Instagram marketer or social media manager it is a good option to utilize it beside the monitoring tool to complete the mission of marketing your business. When experiencing is free, why not testing repost out! Go through it I am sure you will get more out of it.

Author: Francine Berano

I love blogging that’s why I am a blogger.👌🏻🌟 Freelancing at Inosocial company.

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