How to see my following on Facebook?

Back in 2004 that Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg, was a very simple website compare to its 2020 version. Facebook is the very first social network of its kind, and the biggest social platform till now. However, it might be confusing or complicated for those who have just started using it or using Facebook not very often.

The following and friends list is one of those parts that might me confusing for users. You might ask yourself what is the different between following and friends list on Facebook. Here are the answers.

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What is the difference between following and friends list on Facebook?

Friend list are those personal account that you or their had sent request and one is accepted. However, once you follow a page, or follow an account that has more than 5000 friends it will go to the following lists. There might be also some personal account that share the public posts if you are not friends you can still see the posts on your feed if you following the person.

How to see the following list on Facebook desktop?

You should see who you are following on desktop. To see who you are following on Facebook, all you need is to go to the friend list section. Here is the instruction in detail:

  1. Open Facebook website on a browser
  2. Login to your account
  3. tap Friends on the left menu
  4. Find Following section and click

If you want to remove them from the following section, you can click the following button and select unfollow from the list.

Please note that other users are able to see who you are following on Facebook.

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Facebook is one of the most amazing and meanwhile risky platforms. Others can easily see all information about you. So, you should be very careful about the Facebook setting and prevent risky activities on your account.

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