How to Set Up Your Roku Streaming Stick and Get Rid of Cable in 2024

How to Set Up Your Roku Streaming Stick and Get Rid of Cable in 2023

The Roku streaming player transforms your ordinary TV into an ultimate entertainment hub. With its help, you can access all popular streaming services. It effortlessly connects to any TV equipped with an HDMI port, be it a Smart TV or a non-Smart TV. All you need to get started is a Roku device and a TV. We will tell you in detail how to install the Roku streaming stick.

Reasons to Use Roku Streaming Stick

Why best buy Roku streaming stick:

  • Lots of free content. Roku offers an abundance of free Ad-supported content for streaming. Their streaming channel, named the Roku Channel, provides a robust collection of movies and TV shows. The Roku features a range of titles, including “This Old House,” “DieHart,” “The Taking of Pelham 123,” “Last Stand,” “Treehouse Masters,” “The Mentalist,” “Mountain Men,” and ” Boston Legal.” The selection of shows and movies is regularly updated every month
  • Watch live TV. Roku TV is perfect for those who enjoy Live TV. With Roku TV, you have the option to access Free to Air Live TV channels through a terrestrial TV antenna that connects directly to your Roku TV. No subscription is necessary. It’s like going back to the good old days of watching television.
  • Local media support. Roku streaming stick offers excellent support for local media. With the Roku Media Player, you can effortlessly consume content from flash disks, portable hard drives, and any DLNA-compliant Media Server connected to your network.
  • Low price. Roku stands out for its wide selection of cost-effective yet high-performing streaming sticks. During promotions, you can snag a Roku streaming player for as low as $30, or even $24.

How does a Roku Streaming Stick Work?

Roku, a streaming video player, delivers video content over the Internet to your home in real-time. Unlike broadcast television, or cable and satellite television, streaming video works through digital data streams. It functions similarly to downloading a file from the internet but without the need for file storage. Instead, programs stream in real-time and often offer playback control options like pausing and rewinding.

All Roku players and TVs require an internet connection. Most Roku devices connect wirelessly to your home network via Wi-Fi. Setting up Roku players requires minimal effort. Simply install specific “channels” or apps from the Roku Channel Store to access desired streaming video services. For instance, to watch Netflix, install the Netflix channel on your Roku device.

How to Install Your Roku Streaming Stick?

To set up your Roku device, follow these steps:

  1. Plug your Roku into the HDMI port on your TV and connect it to a power outlet.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions using the provided remote.
  3. When prompted, enter your email address and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the setup.

Additional steps:

  • Remember the HDMI port number where your Roku is connected.
  • Connect your Roku player to a power source using the provided power cable or micro USB cable and wall charger.
  • If your Roku streaming box has an Ethernet port, connect it to your router.
  • Turn on your TV and switch to the Roku’s HDMI channel.
  • If you have a “point anywhere” remote, pair it by opening the battery compartment and pressing the pairing button.
  • Select your WiFi network, enter the password, and connect. If your network is not visible, select “Scan again” to refresh the available networks.
  • Enter your WiFi password using the remote

Using a VPN to Ensure Online Security and Privacy on Roku

When it comes to the Roku streaming stick setup for those facing regional restrictions, there is one more element needed. It’s wise to consider setting up a VPN on Roku to bypass the block. Start with installing the app or changing your router settings. Typically, each  provider has instructions for setting up a VPN on Roku.

Just use VPN on Roku and you can unblock any content. In other words, if you are in Canada and only have 30% of the content available on streaming platforms, then a VPN on Roku TV allows you to unblock the library for the US and UK. 

Installing and Managing Channels 

How to Set Up Your Roku Streaming Stick and Get Rid of Cable in 2023

To install and manage the channel list, do the following:

  1. Press the home button.
  2. Navigate to streaming channels.
  3. Using the arrow buttons, select “streaming channels” from the menu and press “OK” on your remote.
  4. Choose “streaming channels” from the menu and press “ok.”
  5. There are various ways to find channels you wish to add. You can explore the options for featured, recently added, and recommended channels, as well as browse through genres.
  6. Once you’ve discovered a channel you want to add, press “OK” to view more details. For instance, let’s say we’ve chosen to add the UFC channel. Select “add channel” and press “OK” on your remote. Then, click “OK” to confirm your desire to add it.


To enjoy the features enhanced by certain Roku players and sticks, such as 4K resolution and HDR optimization, you’ll need a compatible TV and content that supports these capabilities. Confirm that your TV’s HDMI ports support at least HDCP 2.2 to ensure seamless connectivity. If everything is configured correctly, Roku will fully cover your media content request. It makes most streaming services available, and with a VPN the amount of content increases exponentially. If you are interested in learning about the best streaming services, you can look at the thematic selection.

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