No Sound on Your iPhone Calls, Videos, Text? (Fix Now)

Apple devices had always been the main rivals of Android phones not only in market share but also in features. Be that as it may, one angle it promptly bests its opponents is its sound innovation. iPhones by and large have better sounds and higher volume range. But, with new elements continually being coordinated to the iPhone, its sound capacity is a significant region these updates may unfavorably influence.

It is not incomprehensible to hear iPhone users grumble about misshaped sounds. By far, the most terrible guilty party is the point at which the iPhone would have no sounds by any means during unfavorable times.

Sound issues cannot be kept away from, yet they can be fixed. For that reason, we have made this article to direct you along to reestablish your iPhone’s sounds. Peruse on to figure out a few strategies on the most proficient method to investigate your iPhone and find your answers to the following questions:

• why no sound on iPhone?

• Why is there no sound on my iPhone videos?

•  Why is there no sound on my iPhone?

•    Why is no sound on iPhone?

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Why there is no sound on iPhone?

As mentioned above iPhones are one of the best-selling mobile devices today, yet it is not flawless. Even the more basic sound functions are not safe. This can be very disappointing because sound plays such an important role in the iPhone especially when calling or listening to music. Depending on the circumstance, the following may cause iPhone sound issues:

  • Sound settings

Sometimes your iPhone’s volume is accidentally lowered due to a bulge in the bag or restlessness. Other software settings such as “Do Not Disturb” mode, “Silent Mode” or even sound enhancement can cause this problem.

no sound on iphone
  • Connection problems

This refers to the connection of your headphones to your iPhone. Occasionally there are connection problems, such as sudden disconnection and interference, which interferes with the audio signals coming from your iPhone to the headphones.

  • Bugs

These errors in the iPhone operating system cause unwanted results such as no sound. This problem can usually be fixed by restarting the phone or updating to the latest software system. iPhone no sound on text bugs often happen because of malwares.

  • Third-party app settings

Sometimes, the cause is not in the iPhone itself, but in the streaming platform or other apps, you use. Yes, the reason why no sound on iPhone can sometimes this simple. Some apps have their own sound settings that may sometimes interfere with iPhone performance.

  • Hardware problems

If everything fails, the most important thing is that the iPhone hardware is damaged. The best way to do this is to use the Apple Warranty or Apple Support.

Whilst the absence of any sounds is a reason to worry, you do not have to go to an Apple service center yet. That might seem like the consistent thing to do given the circumstance, but it is additionally a cost-effective and successful arrangement.

  • No sound on iPhone videos

There are times when you record something and the phone does not recognize it or does not play audible sound, and even iPhone movies are blurred. iPhone categorizes this issue as the error of not playing sounds. Sometimes the error is related to all files, while in other cases it only occurs when playing video.

To deal with such scenarios, you need to follow different types of troubleshooting to recover the audio part of your iPhone video. Before you get acquainted with the various solutions for iPhone repair, do not play audio in videos. It is better to understand the various reasons that caused it first. In order to get rid of No sound on iPhone videos you can try the following ways:

  1. Clean the Jack: when the dust on the iPhone jack creates the illusion that the headphones are plugged in, the iPhone will display a headphone icon on the top. If you see it, remove the cover of your phone and check it for dust and debris collection.
  2. Reset the Sound Levels: the second solution for no sound on iPhone videos issue is switching it from silent to general and adjusting the sound can solve the problem.
  3. Disconnect External Devices: Head to the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings on your iPhone and turn them off.
  4. Turn Off DND Mode: If the iPhone’s audio playback is due to a DND level, turning it off from the settings will fix it immediately.
  5. Soft Reset the iPhone: if no sound on iPhone videos continues to bother just reset you device.

iPhone no sound on calls

Calling is one of the main functions of any mobile phone including the iPhone. However, sometimes during regular calls or FaceTime, you may not hear much or any sound from your speakers. You may notice that the call is cut off or inaudible in the other party’s voice.

iPhone no sound on text

In iPhone no sound on text case, you may not receive new text notifications due to incorrect settings or software bugs. This is usually a temporary problem and can be fixed with some quick and easy fixes. If you do not receive text message voice alerts on your iPhone, or your device does not show new SMS or iMessage notifications you should consider further ways like resetting all settings.

How to fix no sound on iPhone?

Finding an iPhone suddenly without any sound such as can be very troublesome. There is nothing worse than a phone call where you cannot receive calls or even play music properly. According to the root cause we discussed above, instructions will be provided on how to properly recover iPhone’s voice capabilities in this part. The methods described in the next few sections will work on all iPhone models. If the method only works for certain models, the iPhone X and later models, a separate set of instructions are provided for inserting older models. It is also assumed that you have the latest version of iOS. However, most steps work well with older versions. Here you can find your answer to the following questions:

1. Sound settings

Sometimes the most commonly used functions are those that are often overlooked. Therefore, when it comes to troubleshooting noise on your iPhone, it is best to start with the basics: sound settings.

First, check the sound level. You can do this by simply tapping any of the volume buttons. If it is completely to the left, it is off. Simply slide it to the right or tap the volume up button. Either way, the volume of your iPhone will increase.

Do not be surprised if your voice subconsciously decreases. There are several reasons why this might happen. One of them is to put your iPhone in a pocket or bag. Random gestures may push the volume buttons. They may turn the volume up or down unnoticed without you noticing.

In addition, gradual updates to your iOS and iPhone apps can affect the volume level. It is not uncommon for an upgrade to ignore your volume level and lower it. If the sound is good, check if your iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode. You have tried this way but you do not know why no sound on iPhone problem keeps bothering yet? Go to the second step. 

2. Switch between silent/ring modes

Another reason for the lack of sound on the iPhone is its Ring / Silent key. All versions of the iPhones from the first to the latest have this feature. Unlike Android devices, iPhones can be set to silent immediately. All this is thanks to the Ring/Silent key on the top left of the iPhone. However, you can easily mute your voice with it. Check the side of your iPhone to make sure the ringer key does not show the red bar. In this case, ring the alarm switch to restore all audio functions. Adjust the volume accordingly.

3. third-party application sound checking

Third-party apps can also affect iPhone’s voice settings. Music apps like Spotify have separate volume and equalizer controls. Meanwhile, other apps such as Instagram and Zoom have their own mute controls. It is convenient for these programs to have their own voice settings. However, the same settings can affect other applications and the iPhone in general. In some cases, their settings remain even when the same third party is down or disabled.

4. Turning off the Bluetooth

If you have a Bluetooth device connected to your iPhone, for example. Your AirPods are one of the possible reasons your iPhone is silent. Instead of sounds coming out of your iPhone speakers, the sound is sent to your Bluetooth device.

You can solve this problem by turning off your Bluetooth. Doing so will disconnect all your Bluetooth devices from your iPhone. Unlike disconnecting your Bluetooth device, you will no longer need to pair them.

5. Restart your iPhone

Almost all electronic items are designed to easily fix major errors by performing a reboot. In addition, an iPhone, as a consumer electronics, is no exception. This is not exactly a safe solution. But if the audio problems are caused by a program or iPhone malfunction, it will work most of the time. Remember that, there are slight differences in how to restart with some older iPhone models.

6. Restore factory settings

If you have done all the above and your iPhone sound still is not working there is still two ways. One way is to reset your iPhone to factory settings. This is a long process, so never do it unless there are still other usable options to use. You just have to reset your iPhone factory settings as a last resort. Due to the possibility of data loss, you must first back up your data.

7. Reset all settings

By far your iPhone sound should be ok if not you can reset all its settings. By doing this, your iPhone will return to its previous working state. While resetting all settings does not affect your files and media, keep in mind that it can still affect some critical settings. These settings may include network, Apple Pay cards, location and privacy, keyboard dictionary, and your home layout.

In addition, resetting will not result in the loss of all data on your iPhone. However, it is still recommended that you back up your data anyway before resetting all settings. This way, you can restore the settings you have already saved and avoid any possible problems.

In a nutshell

Most times, having no sound on iPhone videos or iPhone no sound on calls is a minor issue often caused by tweaking the phone settings. In that case, utilize the points we mentioned above. If the problem is not fixed and you do not know why no sound on iphone, you should consider visiting an iPhone service center.

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