How does secure data recovery services work? (+ Reviews and Price)

Have you ever faced challenging data loss circumstances? Are you looking for the best recovery services? You might have heard the name of secure data recovery services, but now I want to introduce it and talk about its details to help decide if this recovery service is suitable for your case or not. So keep reading and learn more about the main features of secure data recovery and how it works.

What is “secure data recovery services”?

The secure data recovery services are known as one of the largest data recovery companies in today’s world, which first started its work in 2007 to help users recover data with unique capabilities. So, if you are stuck in a challenging data loss situation and need help to recover, you can use secure data recovery services. This company helps customers recover data from their digital disasters from SSDs, single external hard drives, and mobile devices to enterprise NAS, SAN, and RAID failures.

This famous company, which has made a durable prominence as the most trusted data recovery provider, now partners with the most popular leading factories, such as Western Digital, SEAGATE, DELL, Microsoft, SanDisk, and G Technology.

secure data recovery services

How does secure data recovery services work?

If you want to know how secure data recovery services work, I have to say that they are famous because of their policy, which says “No Data, No Recovery Fee”. It means they provide a risk-free professional diagnostic supported by secure audited Class 10 ISO 4 cleanroom labs. When you use secure data recovery services to recover lost data, this company’s high-expert engineers try to collect a piece of comprehensive diagnostic information. Then if you approve to continue the process, they will continue, and you can convert the data most securely and reliably. Finally, when you receive a complete list of fully recoverable data successfully, pay the cost.

In summary, you can recover your lost data through secure data recovery services in four steps:

  • Free Consultation
  • Free Professional Diagnostics
  • Review & Decide
  • Data Recovery & Return

By the way, in : “The Importance of Backing Up the Data on Your PC” you will learn why and how to keep all your important data safe and sound.

What do the secure data recovery services recover?

Now, let’s go deeper and talk about secure data recovery services and what they can recover. Here, I can divide these services into three categories of Specialized category, Enterprise recovery, and additional services, and each of these groups includes different options, like:

Specialized recovery services of secure data recovery:

  • Hard Drive Recovery
  • Tape Data Recovery
  • Solid-State Drive Recovery
  • Apple Mac Recovery
  • Laptop Data Recovery

Enterprise recovery services of secure data recovery:

  • RAID Data Recovery
  • Database Data Recovery
  • Server Data Recovery
  • Remote Data Recovery
  • Encrypted Data Recovery

Additional services of secure data recovery:

  • Digital Forensics
  • eDiscovery Services
  • USB, Flash, and SD Recovery
  • Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Secure data recovery services reviews

One of the most important factors that help you decide whether you like to use secure data recovery services or not is to know what others think about it, for example:

  • Rommel Conclara (Mrconclara) has written about this company on Sep 29, 2022, like this: “Easy and Helpful, After trying to troubleshoot my WD external hard drive for months I turned to Secure Data Recovery. I checked out the website and I was in touch with Elliot Fisher. Elliot made the whole process as easy as possible. He told me exactly where I can drop off my hard drive if it was recoverable, and when I could expect it back. Great service and very helpful!”
  • Also, Tomas Herrera has written that “Great service from Scott, Scott McMacken was very helpful with our requirements from Secure Data Recovery. Service was speedy and well executed.”
  • And Haoyuan Zhong believes this company is “Excellent customer service, Jonathan Nguyen is the guy who helped me arrange the data recovery process. He helped out greatly when answering my questions regarding SDR”s service, and gave detailed answers that were easy to understand. He also gives me the best price that can offer me on this service. Thank you so much! Overall the service is great. All my data have been recovered. Even though it is a little bit more expensive than my expectation, the data is priceless. I have my memory back again. I would recommend that if anyone needs data recovery services.”

How much does data recovery cost?

If you are wondering about the price of this process when you choose to use Secure Data Recovery services, I have to say that there is no exact fee and it might change based on the storage media status and scope of work required. But the best point is that there is no hidden fee or surprise and you have to pay the cost after the successful completion.

How long does data recovery take?

Also, I have to mention that the duration this company will help you might differ based on your data recovery difficulty level and the service plan you choose. Secure Data Recovery provides flexible options, which you can choose based on how quickly you want to recover your data, and has engineers to work in three shifts in the most professional labs.

Are there any alternative to secure data recovery services?

While many users believe that secure data recovery is one of the best companies in this field, which offers the most helpful services, this is not the one, and there are other apps that you can use as an alternative, such as:

  • Disk Drill Data Recovery Software
  • Wondershare Recoverit
  • Recuva
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard


If you have lost some data and look for a great data recovery solution, you should know that secure data recovery services are among the best options you can choose. This company gathered the most professional engineers to help you recover all you need in the fastest time with a guarantee. To know more about the details of this company read the above text.

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