Snapchat Hacks: 9 Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

Disappearing snaps are a great feature, but that’s not all what Snapchat can do. The app has a host of hidden features that you need to master to take your Snapchat game to the next level. In this guide, you’ll learn cool hacks to access lesser-known features and also uncover a few more secrets along the way. 

  1. Record videos without pressing down the capture button 

Yes, there’s no need to press down the capture button to record videos. This way, your phone stays steady, and you can easily flip back and front. However, this feature is only available to iOS device users. 

On your iPhone, go to Settings > select General > find the Accessibility icon > switch on the AssistiveTouch feature within the Interaction section to enable a small icon on the screen’s right-side > click Create New Gesture > Press your finger on the screen and wait till the blue bar at the bottom maxes out > Press Stop > Save the gesture. 

Then, Open Snapchat > before recording a video, tap the small icon > choose Custom, and a circle will appear on the screen > Slowly click on the capture button, and your Custom gesture will handle the rest. 

  1. Use Snapchat on Mac

Who said you could only use Snapchat on a smartphone? You can connect with over 200 million daily users of the app through your Mac. So regardless of whether you find your phone too distracting but wish to continue connecting with your friends, or you wish to take your brand’s Snap game to great new heights and find using your phone too limiting, you can get BlueStacks for Mac. It is a Mac application that allows your laptop to transform into an Android device (for one window). 

What does this mean? In essence, you can use all the apps available on Android on your Mac computer, including Snapchat, without any hassle. But, this is only one of the ways to use Snapchat on your Mac. To learn more ways and tricks, go through the guide here

  1. Change the color of objects using the tint brush 

Use the tint brush to change the color of your snapshots easily. After clicking a picture, choose the Scissors icon and then the Paintbrush icon. 

Then, select your choice of color and the shape that you want to change the color. When you remove your finger, this will change the color of the object selected by you. 

  1. Enjoy intrinsic detail by using the Zoom feature 

If you take your Snapshot clicks seriously, this trick is for you. 

To set it up on your iOS device, go to Settings > press General > click on Accessibility > select Zoom within the Vision section > choose Show Controller > pick your Zoom region (full screen or window) > fix maximum zoom level to 15x. 

To set it up on your Android device, go to Settings > select Accessibility > choose Vision > select Magnificent Gestures > start Zoom. 

It would be best to use Snapchat on a tablet or smartphone with larger screens for intricate masterpieces. Then, you can use a stylus and blow people’s minds with your stunning work of art. 

  1. Find out who blocked or removed you 

You don’t have to keep wondering who removed or blocked you on Snapchat. You can find out. Go to Profile Settings > select My Friends. Then, search for your friend who you think may have blocked or removed you. 

Once you click on the name of your friends, a popup containing their profile information will be shown. If you cannot see their Snap score, it means they have removed or blocked you. 

  1. Adding a soundtrack to your Snap 

Up your Snap game by adding the perfect song. Even though it is pretty easy to do so, a little bit of precision and timing is required to capture a song’s specific bit. For this, access a music application on your device, play a song that you like, and go back to Snapchat to begin recording. 

  1. Create your geofilter 

A transparent PNG file under 300KB file size with a 1080X1920 pixel dimension can be used to create your geofilter. But, if you wish to create a geofilter for your brand, you may have to use a paid tool. 

  1. Stop people from seeing your stories 

You might not want everyone to see your stories or may want to hide a few stories from people on your friend list. First, go to Settings > select Who Can section > choose Custom for My Story. Then, you can choose the people who can view specific stories. 

  1. Send money to your friends 

Sending money to your friends using Snapchat is very simple. Type an amount into a chat window, and don’t forget to include the dollar sign in front. A secret, green Add Cash button will pop up where you have to link your credit card information. 

So, go ahead and try out these really cool Snapchat tricks to make the most of this exciting social media platform. 

By the way head to the guide: “how to screenshot on snapchat without them knowing” to know how to secretly screenshot on snapchat.

Author: Dyka Smith

Dyka Smith is a content marketing professional at Inosocial, an inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Previously, Dyka worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup. She graduated with honors from Columbia University with a dual degree in Business Administration and Creative Writing.

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