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Social media monitoring tools

by Francine Berano
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Social media monitoring tools

Social media is now an inevitable part of everyone’s life, specifically for businesses, and those social media is a must for them. Many people now use social networks to make money or get more customers for their brands. Once you use social media professionally, then there are some tools you need to perform better.

What is social media monitoring tools?

Social media monitoring or listening tools is from web software to track hashtags, brands mentions on social networks, and to see the positive or negative attitude about a brand. It also gives you the name of engaged users.

There are many tools available for every social media that makes your life easier. These tools help up to edit photos, videos, get the proper dimensions for different social media, report, or get more data about our accounts like analytics.

However, besides these tools, there is some other software that helps you track your success, customers, or listening to what others say about your brands. These called monitoring tools on social media.

What exactly can monitoring tools do on social media?

  • You can find relevant hashtags
  • They can track the specific names and send you once you got the new mentions
  • You can see the positivity or negativity of specific names
  • It finds you the competitors
  • You will see the engaged users
Social media monitoring tools (talk walker)

So, if you want to know to which direction you are moving, then you sure need monitoring tools. But how to choose between many tools. You might go to read some reviews to find which one is better. I have searched, and I used many of them. I want to introduce the best monitoring tools I have found on the market with their pricing plans and options.

I generally could found two types of tools. First, those who are social media management software, and the other one is specifically for specific actions like hashtag generators. Here. I would talk about both tools.

Social media monitoring tools

Lets’s start with the type of service that these tools will serve. So, we can expand the service and know how to use them correctly for our accounts. Also, the social media in which you should use the tools.

Hashtag generator

Hashtag generator is a tool to find the relevant hashtags for you with their number (how many times they used on social media), along with the option to copy them. So, all you need is to enter the keywords and choose the best for your account, and relevant to your posts, then copy to clipboard and paste in the caption.

Hashtag generator is a free tool you can find on the internet.  It helps you to reach more users every time you post. Please make sure that you are using the relevant hashtags, and the quality of the image is high because they would see the image from the feed (like Instagram).


As you see the example above, you can generate hashtags for different social media like youtube, Instagram, Twitter, etc. notice that you cannot use the same hashtags for all posts as it is spam for many social networks like twitter.

Winner picker

Using some available tools on the internet, you can randomly select users from likes, comments, or both of them. It means a person who has likes and inserted comments on a post. This kind of tool helps you to run a campaign to get more followers or likes and comments. This helps to increase engagement naturally.

Nowadays, running campaigns and giving prices are rampant, and a comment picker, winner picker can be of great help to do it fast within a few seconds. All you need to run it is to give the URL of a post. Of course, that post should be public. Then the tool can have access to the likes and comments and randomly choose from them. You can also record the screen while picking winners or go live on youtube and Instagram.

Sentiment analysis tool

One of the best tools to measure sentiment towards words. If you are going how others feel about your brands, you can find a few tools to measure sentiments. What the tools do is that they collect data from the tweeter, and analyze them based on the weight of the words. For example, if they are pleasant or unpleasant for users.

Some of these tools give you the timeline also. So, you would know how people feel about your brand at what time of day. It helps you to reach them when they feel bad about it, or they feel great. Marketing is all about sentiment.

All in all

There are many available useful tools to monitor your brands or words on social media like tweeter, Instagram, youtube. It is good to take the time to know how people feel about your company or keywords. It helps you to boost your brands and accounts faster. 

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Social media monitoring tools
Social media monitoring tools
Social media is now an inevitable part of everyone's life, specifically for businesses, and those social media is a must for them. Many people now use social networks to make money or get more customers for their brands.

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