What Is the 888-802-3080 Number? (Explained)

Have you ever received a call or seen a message containing the mysterious number 888-802-3080? If so, you’re not alone. People all over are buzzing about this enigmatic phone number and wondering what it could possibly mean. Is it a scam? A telemarketer? A secret code for something much more sinister? In this blog post, we’ll unravel the mystery behind the 888-802-3080 number once and for all, so sit tight and get ready to discover the truth!

What is “888-802-3080” on Amazon?

Before starting to discuss this phone number, I need to explain Amazon Prime Video as a part of the “Amazon Prime” program. These Amazon channels are additional pathways through which customers can watch top and trending videos and films on Amazon.

Amazon will charge for the next membership period when your free trial or membership period ends. According to Amazon’s official website, Amazon Prime membership fees are:

  • Monthly: $12.99 (plus taxes)
  • Annually: $119 (plus taxes)
  • Prime Video membership: $8.99 per month (plus taxes)

As you enter the page to purchase a subscription, you can see some channels are associated with “888-802-3080”, and they will ask you for a charge. You would assume these charges were from Amazon or Prime Video, but they are from the scammer “pretending to be Amazon.”

The process looks easy; a user will call the number to purchase the subscription, and after they assure you everything is under control, you will be asked to pay the charge with a dedicated bank account. Finally, when the transaction is completed, everything is gone off; you cannot find those guys and, of course, your money.

Is “888-802-3080” a scam?

Definitely yes. I confirmed with Amazon that “888-802-3080” is not an official Amazon phone number, and they said, however, they are not sure whether it is a scammer.

Well, this seems not logical to me; this number calls people and introduces themselves as a part of Amazon corporation, and asks about charges for Amazon prime video, and they disappear like a wind. If it is not spoofing or scamming, then what is it?

To make the story more precise, I have borrowed some comments from the internet for you;

  • “This is not an Amazon phone. It is a scam, and they are taking money from people’s accounts, coding it as Amzn Digital with this phone number. Report this to your bank asap!!!”
  • “They charged my debit card, and this is the number associated with it on my bank statements. It is a scam. CALL YOUR BANK.”
  • “I have four charges to my bank account in two days, for a total of $82.70. I need this money refunded ASAP!! Unfortunately, I have no record of these charges on my amazon account!”
  • “This caller ID has been used to charge my credit card with Amazon prime movies and Itunes. It is urgent to resolve this issue since this person has been stealing from me since July 2019.”
  • “They charged my husband’s BankDebit card $20.00 for
  • “2 prime video charges showed up on my credit card statement (888-802-3080). Didn’t order anything. SCAM!”

You can find tons of these texts in online groups or on social media.

But what is Amazon digital charge?

When you hear someone say they were charged $0.99 by Amazon, they are usually referring to the digital charge associated with their Amazon account. This charge is a monthly service fee that allows you to access and use certain digital content and services from Amazon, such as e-books, music, videos, and apps. The charge also helps to cover the costs of maintaining and improving these services. If you do not want to continue paying the digital charge, you can cancel your subscription at any time.


We’ve unraveled the mystery of 888-802-3080 and found out why it’s so popular. It turns out that this number is actually from a telemarketer, meaning if you call it you may be bombarded with offers. But on the flip side, it can also be a great way to get some extra cash or find an exciting new job opportunity. Now that you know what this number is all about, you can decide for yourself whether calling 888-802-3080 would be worth the risks and rewards for you personally.


Why is Amazon Prime video still charging me?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you may have noticed that you’re still being charged for some items even though you have a Prime membership. This is because Amazon Prime video is a separate service from the Prime membership, and it has its own fee. The good news is that you can cancel your Prime video subscription at any time.

How do I stop Prime Video charges?

If you’re being charged for Prime Video and you didn’t intend to sign up for a paid subscription, there are a few ways to stop the charges.

First, if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can cancel your Prime Video subscription through your Amazon account settings. To do this, log in to your Amazon account, click on “Your Account,” and then select “Manage Your Prime Video Channels.” From there, you should see a list of all the channels that you’re subscribed to–including Prime Video. Click on “Prime Video” and then select “Cancel Channel.”
If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership, or if cancelling your Prime Video subscription through your account settings doesn’t work, you can also contact customer service for help.

The Best Ways to Do When Amazon Is Down.

For sure, Amazon is one of the most successful e-commerce programs. The business also contributes quite a few opportunities like Amazon Prime Video and music streaming besides other cloud resolutions such as AWS.
But, the basis continues the e-commerce market that operates on the Amazon app. Today, Amazon did a successful job of streamlining the shopping event on the app. It tries to make a possible bug-free, but it is not safe from errors.
In this article, I introduce some resolutions to try out when your Amazon app is down.

Why Is Amazon Down?

Start your system again.
You might be on an Android or iPhone, and restarting your system can be helpful around a bunch of apparently accidental problems. The identical refers to the Amazon app, too. If you face unexpected queries here and there, attempt to restart your system to verify if you can solve the object.
Check the Amazon online status.
Rarely, it might happen that Amazon’s servers be offline. This could be because of resources, server overload, or any other point. You can not take anything around this of your point. The best way is to sit close and control back a few minutes later. 
You can revisit sites like DownDetector or UpTimeRobot to review Amazon’s online status. 

Check your internet link.
Another major point to remember while debugging possible matters is to assure that you have an effective internet connection with steady, fast rates. If you are on cellular data, be sure that it is qualified.
When you are on WiFi, attempt to restart the router and check that you have internet access. On the other hand, you have to check is the signal strength, which can immediately affect your network rate.  

Update the Amazon app.
An extra probable cause for the issue might relate to your Amazon app that is out of date. Go over to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and verify any possible updates. If there is, fix them quickly and try again. 

Install the Amazon app again.
Sometimes, updating may not solve your problem. Now, you can try reinstalling the app completely to notice if that makes the difficulty solved. To install the app on Android, press and keep the app icon and move it over to the Uninstall key to the head right.
On iOS systems, touch and take the app. After some moments, you will notice across image display up on all apps. Hold the cross on the Amazon app to uninstall. 

Try to update Android WebView.
Android Webview is an order element that allows apps to display website content right in an app. The Amazon app works this element gradually. If you have seen some difficulties here, They might dispense up in the Amazon, too. Here is how to update this.
Go over to the Play Store and explore Android System WebView.
Start the app page touch the Uninstall switch. 
As you finish the uninstallation, touch the Update switch to make the app up to date repeatedly.
Now, it is time to start your system again and try another time.

Different points about Amazon browser
If you are entering the local Amazon site on a web browser from your PC and are encountering problems, attempt these resolutions to recognize if you can make it running over. 
Remove all data browsers.
Attempt emptying your browser data to see if any wrong files are messing with the site loading. 
Round 1: Copy in chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser’s location bar and tap Enter.
Round 2: Choose the cache and cookies choices and make sure to set the Time range to All time. Tick on the Clear now keys to remove all the data.
Try changing to various browsers.
The problem you are suffering can be a browser-specific thing, too. To find it out, attempt to switch to another browser and revisit the Amazon site. If it is possible to enter the site fine, the problem endures in your browser now. Attempt to install the browser again or set it to get the problem.
More and more bodies are now trying easy shopping online. The growing number of online customers provides different shopping apps for Android and iOS systems. One of the most common and extensively used shopping apps is the Amazon Shopping app. But, there are just some parts that get the app into unplanned downtimes. Here, we will talk about these problems and how you can fix Amazon’s problems.

What Does Amazon Advertising Mean?

Is Amazon winning all the world? Well, I would think that many people pay half of their budget on Amazon Prime. They might buy paper towels and cleaning types of equipment, purchasing random kitchen goods, or buying your favorite snacks in the majority. 

If you are not an Amazon buying devotee, your consumers might be. Among 300 million Amazon users80 million Americans should be Amazon Prime members, estimated. 

While Google owns search data, and Facebook recognizes interest levels, Amazon is extremely powerful because it identifies what people buy and how they make it.

It is the main reason why most people choose advertising on Amazon, and more will know their products. 

What is Amazon advertising?

  • Amazon ads
  • Should I advertise on amazon?
  • Amazon advertising cost
  • Self-Serve Ads vs. Premium Ads

I have conceived this lead to drive you into the basics of making started with Amazon ads to find more eyes to see your products and eventually higher profits.

Amazon advertising

Advertisers who like to get more visibility to their goods on Amazon can spend for these situations by offering specific keywords guide to greater visibility in the Amazon SERPs. When a shopper clicks on their ad, it will charge the merchant. You can view Amazon’s advertising program like the Amazon account of AdWords.

Amazon advertisements can also look on specific product pages. For instance, under the water bottle, you can view an ad for sunglasses on the far right-hand faction of the page. And when scroll down the page, you will see even more ads. But, there are several models of Amazon ad opportunities behind these sponsored search posts.

Should I Advertise on Amazon?

Are you marketing a real product that customers can buy online? If the response is yes, then you might need to advertise on Amazon. Amazon will provide you different means to obtain more attention on your goods and likely more customers.

If you are doubtful, then begin with a product that you already comprehend markets well online. For example, if you trade sports gear and tennis rackets that should ever be your top-selling online goods, begin with an advertisement for your best-selling racket. As you open to view an ROI with this ad, include more names and models of rackets to develop your campaign.

An extra compelling motivation to advertise on Amazon is that if you make Amazon PPC, your regular Amazon rankings will increase. We have frequently observed that primary ranking increased considerably for those keywords that applied strongly in Amazon PPC ads. It is because of new businesses created by Amazon AdWords improving the traffic history of the product. Sales records are a strong ranking part. If a product trades better, then Amazon will put it higher up in the ranking of search outcomes.

So not only is it reasonable to increase your product purchases by funding in Amazon ads, but it could also increase the initial rankings of your products.

Amazon Advertising Costs

So how much do advertisements on Amazon cost?

Based on Rob Sieracki at Practical Ecommerce, the normal cost per click on Amazon is seldom more than $0.35. It is more cost-effective on CPC data than research ads on AdWords or Bing Ads and similar to some of the cheapest CPC’s on Facebook ads or Google display. Recognizing that Amazon researches dispense a lot of commercial purposes, those are encouraging numbers. 

Self-Serve Ads vs. Premium Ads

When you start exploring Amazon’s public advertisement news pages you might be a bit unclear regarding the distinction between self-serve and bonus ads in the two sidebars given here:

The easiest means to explain the distinction is that self-service ads work like Google search ads advertising on the search outcome pages (like the screenshots I added up), where award ads function more like show ads. While you can find premium ads on Amazon, they dispense up as more visible banner and sidebar advertisements. They can also seem on other websites, like how Google’s Display Network operates.


Did you recognize that sponsored advertisements can assist you to increase your visibility, contact more customers and boost your sales? Amazon sponsored advertisements operations are simple to set up, and in this blog post, I help you start it.

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