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Instagram has fast grown into a social platform where you can connect with like-minded people and build your brand. It has led to the emergence of influencers who now mint money from generating user-generated content that spreads positive e-word of mouth. Businesses have also benefited from the growth of this platform, having realized that they can engage with their audience at a much more personal level. All this attention has only led more people to use the platform, hence the hundreds of millions of users. You would think that with all these people, getting people to follow you would be an easy task, but it is not. Getting even a hundred followers on this platform is not easy. So, how can you give yourself a boost? By buying Instagram followers!

Where Can You Buy Instagram Followers?

The idea of buying Instagram followers can seem a bit off. After all, how can you even verify that they will be real? The last thing you want is to have 20,000 followers on your page, yet 18,000 of these are BOTs. We all know that BOTs do not engage with content and having a ton of these will hardly help your profile. That’s why we encourage you to stick with the best websites that are sure to give you real followers who translate into real visibility. But which are these sites?


Getting an Instagram account up and running is the least of the troubles, but getting followers shouldn’t be either. Some people may think that the hard work lies in finding people to support the page and like all the posts, but this isn’t the case. 

There is an alternative that includes buying Instagram followers, as mentioned above. The trick is to find a reputable source like Thunderclap that can adjust their packages to fit the needs of their clients.  

With Thunderclap, there is a price range available for every Instagram user, and they can assist followers in whatever niche the person decides to use. It is a huge plus point for customers, especially when they are new to buying followers or just starting with their page. They also offer excellent support when their clients need it most and have many glowing reviews from satisfied customers using their services. What more could one ask for when growing a new platform of business? 


Have you ever seen an account with a huge following yet with poor engagement? Here’s a good example. Someone has 20,000 followers yet gets about 200 likes per post. That level of engagement is questionable. It could be that their content is not so good. But why would people keep following them if they did not like their posts? The most probable reason is that the followers are BOTs with minimal to no engagement.

Can you avoid such questionable stats? Sure, you can boost Instagram followers from trusted sites. A good example is Adflee which offers a range of customizable plans. You can start buying followers from as few as 100 followers through to tens of thousands. All of these are real followers who will engage with your content, pushing you up the algorithm and helping you get even more followers on Instagram. Oh, and the customer service is available around the clock to help you find the right plan for your account.

Another thing we love about this site is the variety of payment options. You can pay via credit cards, e-wallets, etc. Some years back, you may have heard about a scandal where people lost their details to a site that requested their Instagram handles and passwords in exchange for organic growth. You will not need to worry about this when dealing with Adflee because they will never ask for your password.


Most sites offer services tailored to a range of social platforms. While this works for users who have more than one social account, it can be frustrating for those who want specialized plans. You will be happy to know that this site only offers Instagram features. So, you can get your followers here, and if you feel that your engagement is less than satisfactory, you can also buy comments and likes. Have you ever noticed that you are more likely to engage with a post with a high number of likes than one with very few interactions? This site can help you ward off any negative perceptions about your account by helping you fix your stats. They also have 24/7 customer support to help you out as needed.


For a company that has been in the social platform scene for years, you can expect that it knows a thing or two about Instagram following. You would be right! This site specializes in helping accounts gain more exposure in this competitive platform by equipping them with real quality followers. Their delivery times are fast, and even with a bulk order, you can expect to see a positive change in your following within 72 hours. Are these followers genuine? Yes, they are! As part of their policies, the company states that they only use real networks by paying people to interact with your account. You also get to choose how many followers you would want at a time. Of course, a huge jump can raise eyebrows, and you do not want to do that.

Goldstar Social

Potential followers look at your account in a few ways. First, they look at the number of people who follow you. If it’s high, they assume that you must have something good to offer. Secondly, they look at the number of likes or views you get per post. If it’s also high, they then feel sure that you might be a good fit. They are more likely to follow you if you meet both of these requirements. But if you have low engagement and a high following, they can start doubting your authenticity and decide not to follow you. That’s why a company like Goldstar Social might be the right choice for your brand or account. It helps you gain followers and offers you the chance to pay for engagement. If anyone investigates your account, nothing will seem off.


Here’s another thing to think about when buying Instagram followers – retention rate. Most companies will send you followers, but you will notice that the numbers have dropped after a while. Maybe you started with 10,000 followers, and within a week, you are already down to 9,000 followers. It forces you to keep refilling your order which can be quite tasking on your finances. Keep in mind that you will also likely be paying for engagement on top of all this. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a site that gives you a package with a high retention rate? That’s what you get with this site. Also, they have gradual delivery options. If you have a low following, it helps to go with this option to avoid any surge that might attract unwarranted attention.

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

To buy or not to buy? This question might go through your mind as you think of other ways to grow your account. It’s not an easy decision to make. So, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of making such a move.


More Attention

Picture this. You come across two accounts. One has 100 followers, and another has 7,000 followers. Which of the two are you likely to follow? Most people would go for the one with more people. It’s human nature to assume that the more popular option has better quality. So, if you want more people to start paying attention to your content, make yourself the popular choice, and they will come running.

More Time

Do you remember the old way of gaining followers? You had to be active on Instagram. It was all about following other accounts, interacting with their content, sharing their posts, tagging them, etc. While you can always do this even now, you no longer need to do so. You can as well buy your followers and concentrate more on other tasks like making good content for your followers. The less time you spend on the platform, you can even carve out time for hobbies, another career, family, and more.

Better Reputation

This point works for influencers and businesses alike. If you want people to believe in your message, you must show them that other people do too. For example, if you are a business trying to get more clients, you need to prove that you already have a good following. People will easily hit that follow button and pay more attention to your posts and stories. But if you have a few followers, they will hesitate even when the quality of your products looks good.

Lower Expenditure

Have you ever considered hiring a professional marketing service or professional? Their costs can be quite high. A week or month of such marketing services can equate to your entire marketing budget. So, for most people, this is not an option. Before it was possible to buy Instagram followers, though, this was the only option. But now, you can easily get those thousands of followers without forking out wads of cash to marketing services. The power is now in your hands.


Of course, nothing is perfect, and when considering buying Instagram followers, you should also consider what can go wrong.

Getting Banned

Instagram makes money from getting people to place ads on the platform. These ads are often pricey and often don’t work as well as you would think they would. But with more people relying on bought followers, Instagram is now putting in measures to nab those who are not playing by the rules. It’s important that you only work with companies with good reputations and those that put in the work to ensure that you don’t lose your account.

High Costs

It’s one thing to buy followers. Even if they are real, keep in mind that they are bought. Thus, they might not like your content and might not interact with it much. It can result in your account looking fake. So, most people go the extra mile and start buying likes, comments, views, etc. While it ensures that your profile looks good, it also takes a toll on your finances. For example, how many likes would you need to buy for an account with 20,000 followers? For each post, you would probably dig a bit deeper into your pocket. Luckily, tons of sites offer affordable packages, and you can avoid spending too much money.

How Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Buying followers is not as easy as selecting a package and paying for it. Instead, you must ask yourself some key questions:

What do you want from the followers? People buy followers for plenty of reasons. Some are influencers hoping to get more attention from their audience and brands. Others are businesses that want to attract more clients. Why are you buying followers? That can help you decide how many followers you need and for how long.

Does the site offer a free trial? It’s always good to know what you can expect of a service. For example, if you can get 10 free followers from a site, you can inspect them and tell if they are fake or real. If not, you need to ask yourself the next question:

What are previous customers saying about the site? Reviews are always a good place to start. You will get a feel of what people think about the site. If there have been any scams in the past, you will get to know about them. Also, get information on the customer service, refund processes, delivery time, previous scandals, etc. It’s better to find out now before putting up any money on a site.

Is the service affordable? The good thing is that there are tons of packages in the market. But of course, you should avoid working with any company with bad reviews in the name of good pricing. If a company has passed the tests above, you can start looking at its pricing in relation to your budget. Is it doable? Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for in most cases.

Are the payments flexible? Find out of the service accepts credit cards, e-wallets, digital currencies, and the likes. Consider what works for you and mesh this with what’s available in the market.

Beware of scammers in the industry. Many sites will promise to provide real followers yet will send BOTs your way or nothing at all. It’s getting harder to tell the real sites from the fake ones. We thus recommend working with companies that have been in the game for a few years. While rooting for the underdog is always a good thing, it’s not advisable when buying Instagram followers. You want to work with a site with a good reputation and wants to keep it that way. You can feel more assured that you will get your money’s worth and avoid getting BOTs sent your way. All the best!

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