What does no location found mean 2023? (Fix it now)

The earth, our lovely home planet, is surfaced with more than 510 million kilometers square of oceans, forests, cities, and deserts. But the common fact about all of them is that our friends can be inside any of these locations!!!

As iPhone users, the company let us track our buddies with the super application “Find My Friends,” but even this tool can make us angry with the boring message, which is “no location found.” So, what does no location found mean on our devices? By reading this post, you will be amused by getting the answers to these questions;

  • What does no location found mean
  • The main differences between the “no location found” and “location not found” error messages
  • How to fix no location found on our device

What does no location found mean?

Location is a parameter by which your friends –and sometimes, your enemies- can measure their distance from you and, if they decide, to help approach you in a direct way. This is the feature the iOS-based “Find My” application uses to make iPhone users closer. However, since any electronic device or tool can be stopped or deteriorate the situation for no known reason, you may get confused by seeing a “no location found” message on your phone.

What does it mean when it says no location found on iPhone? The most straightforward answer will be “a software glitch in the application,” which we will look at in more detail in the following sections. Though, it can be something deeper –like a structural problem in your phone or devaluation of your iPhone ID- which are so rare to happen.

Why does it say no location found?

Many reasons can be reckoned according to the appearance of “no location found,” as you see here;

  1. The time and date of your phone are wrong

Inaccurate internal date and time can cause trouble in the process of being located, as they have a significant role in recognizing your device by the servers and getting the confirmation that it is not a fake, troublesome ID.

  1. No Internet connection

Both iMessages and “Find My Friends” require a level of excellent internet strength to do their tasks, so no internet connection or a weak version of it can contribute to seeing the mentioned error message on your screen.

  1. Your target people have stopped sharing their location while you are checking

I know it is more related to chance rather than an error, but that is it. Stop sharing the location of your friends means they are no anymore under the radar, so let’s try it at a different time.

  1. Your friends are not still signed in to “Find My Friends.”

The next reason will be your target guys being a step behind; they haven’t signed in to “Find My Friends.” Since “Find My” is an app that people need to download and log into it, if your friends have not signed in to the Find my app, they will not appear on the app.

  1. They have no signal

Never blame yourself when the culprit is somewhere else. As you know, communication is a two-way phenomenon, so both sides need to be in a sufficient condition to make a good connection route. In some cases, this is your “friend” who is not potentially recognizable.

  1. Their phone is off, out of battery, or on Airplane Mode

Not all conditions are under our control. Phones sometimes need to sleep, get out of energy, or fly overseas. They are not ready to accept your request to connect in all of these situations.

  1. A problem or glitch in “your” or “your friends'” iMessages or Find My Friends

The iMessages and “Find My Friends” platforms are developed to help you check where your friends are. If they are signed in to the app and connected to the internet, you should be able to see their location. However, if the answer is negative, your or your friends’ application is accused of being blamed, which is common among iPhone users.

what does no location found mean

Difference between No Location Found and Location Not Available

The main goals of “no location found” and “location not available” are somehow delusive; when someone receives “location not available,” it means they are trying to be recognized and located either by GPS, Find my Friends, or the iMessage app, but the connection cannot be established properly.

On the other hand, the “location not found” error is accompanied by the message that their location still hasn’t been found, even after their GPS has been trying to locate it. As a result, “location not available” is something related to location tracker devices (like GPS), but “location no found” can be traced back to telecommunication issues.

How to fix no location found on “Find My Friends?”

As promised earlier, we will proceed to “how to fix the error” after completing the answer to the “what does no location found mean” mystery. Most of the solutions are so easy to learn, so let’s start;

  1. Updating your iPhone

Before trying other methods, ensure you are using the latest version of iOS, iMessages, and “Find My Friends.” The out-dating mode of any of these elements can lead to seeing a “location not found” caution on the screen.

  1. Restarting your iPhone

Sometimes restarting your iPhone will make you forget about all the problems you have with the connection. Since it is easy to be done, try it once and see if the issue is resolved.

  1. Wait until your friends sign in to Find My Friends

iMessage is a free application for iPhone owners, and it can be signed in and signed out so easily. Therefore, you and your friends should open your app and ensure there is no departure mode from the environment to sign in;

  1. Open your Settings application
  2. Select “Find My” by clicking on your name
  3. Turn on “Share My” Location
  4. Wait till they turn on their phone or have signal

Remember that not all places have enough signal strength to be able to connect with others, like when you are roaming the Amazon rainforest. The same situation can also happen to your friends, so it is recommended to try approaching them the next time if we see no response from them.

  1. Make sure they have turned on their location services

If you want to see your friends’ locations, their GPS services should be turned on. To make sure everything is okay, follow these steps;

  1. Open your Settings app on your iPhone and choose the “Location Services” option from the menu to make your iPhone’s location services available.
  2. Now scroll down your screen to the “Privacy” section and choose “Location Services” from the drop-down menu
  3. Location Services can also be found at the top of the “Privacy” page, under the heading “Location Services.”
  1. Tell them if they have signed out of iCloud to sign in

Sometimes you need to tell your friend to sign in to iCloud if they had signed out. If they do not sign in to iCloud, follow these steps to see their location;

  1. First, open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Next, click on “Sign in to your iPhone.” Now sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  3. In the next step, you will see a blank screen with the message “Signing in to iCloud…” as the process can take several minutes; you need to be patient. When asked, enter the four-digit passcode that came with your iPhone.
  4. Once you have signed in, you will see your name at the top of the Settings application. Click on it.
  5. Finally, you will be taken to a screen named “Apple ID,” where you need to choose iCloud from the drop-down menu.

How to make “Find My Friends” say no location found?

The next question after “what does no location found mean?” will be “how to make my app say no location found?” to make your iMessages or “Find My” app present a wrong and artificial “no location found” error on your friends’ iPhones, you need actually to fool the program.

The reasons reviewed in the etiology section can be used practically as “methods” to induce the same message, including turning your phone off, going to an area with no signal, signing out of iCloud, putting your device in the Airplane mode, and disconnecting it from the internet connection.


Thank you for reading. We have covered all you need to know about what does no location found mean on iPhone and how we can fix it easily and quickly. What does it mean when it says no location found? The main problem with the message error is not a concern here. However, two user sides of a connection are responsible for encountering problems, so ensure you are one of those. For more information, you can visit the official Apple help center website.

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