What is the best Twitter monitoring tool?

By monitoring Twitter or any other platform, you can easily know your competitors and analyze all the information you get from them.


Listening to people on social media and knowing what they say about you, your services or products, your strategy, etc. is a wise action that any business owner should take.

In addition, by monitoring Twitter or any other platform, you can easily know your competitors and analyze all the information you get from them to promote the number of clients, get a higher engagement rate and finally increase sales.

But how would it happen?

You can easily monitor and listen to others about what they say about you by using a powerful social media monitoring tool such as InoSocial, which gets you all the information you need to know about your social media account.

By monitoring your Twitter account, you’ll know what your audience cares about the most.

What is social media monitoring?

Generally, social media monitoring saves a lot of time and collects all the relevant information about your business and shows all of them in one place to you. Then you can use it to develop your business and make up your mistakes.

Actually, you can monitor your social media platform manually and look for mentions, hashtags, keywords, etc. all by yourself, but it may take a long time, even a whole day! And after taking a lot of time to find some information, you may not find all the data you were looking for and you may miss some of them!

Happily, you don’t have to do it all by yourself; you should just leave it to a social media monitoring tool and use your time to promote your business.

Are there any differences between social media monitoring and listening?

Well, the quick answer is YES! But let’s know more about it:

Social media monitoring focuses on all the actions you took before, while social media listening is about the future of your platforms and actions.

Also, social media monitoring tools gather information and details, measure what you have achieved and record what is happening for your business. In Short, social media monitoring looks back, collects data, focuses on details and measures success.

On the other hand, social media listening is more strategic, analyzes the data, and gives insight; you can use the listening data to make your social media marketing better. So, social media listening looks forward, analyzes information and guides the needed strategy.

Now let’s know more about InoSocial:

How does InoSocial work?

InoSocial is a social media management tool that provides analytics, scheduling, and monitoring services for popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to monitor the Twitter account using InoSocial?

InoSocial generally provides two options for monitoring that include “Keyword” and “Search.”


After logging into your account, tap on the “Monitor” tab, then tap on the “Search” on the right corner of the page. Now you’ll see all the results of the searched keyword.

If you are looking for a specific post, you can filter the search to see only comments, blogs, audio, video, question, news, images, etc.

Moreover, you have the option to choose the negative, positive and neutral posts to see. Also, you can mark the irrelevant posts to have them on a different list.

Another useful feature of InoSocial is its “Chart View.” Users who just want to get a general view of the number of positive, neutral and negative posts and don’t want to check the tweets one by one, using the chart might be the best option for them.

Tap on the “Show Chart” to get all the information in a glance.

After seeing the tweets in results, you have some options to like, retweet, reply, set the tweet as positive, negative or neutral, translate, etc.

For seeing the user’s account, you don’t need to have access to the Twitter app, you can easily tap on the user’s name, then you will be redirected to the user’s account.

Also, for seeing the exact tweet shown in the list, you should tap on the “retweet” emoji to see that tweet.

By tapping on the “New Monitor” you have more options to get exactly what you were looking for. For example, you can set the location, exclude a keyword, separate each word or phrase, etc.


By tapping on the search tap, you have a lot more options for knowing all you need to know about your Twitter account.

Now, you can search for any word or hashtags and check the results. Also, there is a list of trending hashtags on the right side of the page, that using them is helpful in increasing the engagement rate.

Also, InoSocial provides the “Export to CVS” option which lets the user download the information. It is mostly useful for users who manage a single account or want to compare several accounts with each other.

If you are interested in tweets and like to repost them, you can easily tap on the “repost” button, and tweet it.

The last word

Social media monitoring tools such as InoSocial are a big help in giving you all the information you need to know about competitors, audiences, behaviors. So, give it a try today!

Start its 7-day free trial and tell us about your experiences, we are all ears!

Author: Francine Berano

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