What is the best way to use my Bio Link?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more from your single bio link? Yeah, and we know you also want to make the best possible use of your bio link? Do you think there is a best way to use my bio link? Luckily, yes, there are many best and proven ways to help you make the best possible use of your bio link.

The best ways to use your Instagram Bio Link

Instagram allows you to have only one clickable link in your bio. Unlike other social platforms, Instagram does not let you put clickable links in your posts. However, you can add your link text in the caption of your Instagram posts. If someone wants to visit your links, they will have to type your link in their browser.  

This post will discuss the best Instagram link in bio tools that help Instagram users make the best possible use of their Instagram bio link. Let’s proceed to dive into the juicy details of the Instagram link in bio tools.

  • LinkBook

LinkBook is considered one of the best Linktree alternatives and link in bio tools. It offers premium features at zero cost. Using LinkBook, I’m sure you can share all your business links and other important content material with your Instagram followers. 

LinkBook provides a free basic plan which offers premium features such as MailChimp integrations, media embedding, social embedding, animated links, scheduled links, custom domains, advanced link tracking, and many more. 

  • Shorby

Shorby is a paid Instagram link in bio tool that offers incredible features. It allows users to create mobile-optimized pages called smart pages that allow you to host your videos, business links, affiliate links, images, text, and many more. 

This bio tool offers some cool features, such as you’re allowed to add links in your smart pages as much as you can, and there is no limit. Shorby provides some other features that include link tracking and retargeting, dynamic feeds, attractive designs, and more. 


This bio tool works on a card-based system that has the potential to help your landing pages stand out from the crowd. provides an infinite number of cards, and each host a different set of links. It allows you to create personalized mini-websites to host your group of links and other informative and essential content. offers a free basic plan with cards. Each card has a different function. For example, you can use a card to drag Instagram posts containing unclickable links and change them into clickable posts. Moreover, it provides a lot of customization options. 

  • Link.Bio

This is another best link in the bio tool. It allows you to create a unique link to host all your links, such as links for websites, product pages, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. It offers a lifetime free plan, so join and create mobile-optimized landing pages to host all your content and add unlimited links. 

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