WhatsApp could finally let you mute those pesky group chats forever

WhatsApp could finally let you mute those pesky group chats forever

Whatsapp is working to roll out an option we have all been waiting for really long. WhatsApp will soon let you mute your chats and groups FOREVER and not only for 8 hours, a week, or a year.

Since the very beginning of Whatsapp’s emergence, one of the biggest issues with the app was that it doesn’t let you permanently mute a contact or group. But now the app could soon let you permanently mute groups and contacts.

Regarding serial leaker, WABetaInfo has uncovered evidence that the WhatsApp team is working on the ability to permanently mute contacts and groups.

The screenshot suggests that the “always” option will replace the “one year” option when muting notifications. Check out the screenshot below.

That is a blessing for someone like me who always mutes chats and especially groups. But that was really hard that the last option I had was to mute notifications for a year. After all, I have to mute those groups all over again in 365 days. The only other option right now is to simply leave those groups — not ideal for the likes of family chats and workgroups.

Enabling this option, after it is globally rolled out, is as before, and all you have to do is to long press and hold on a chat or group and choose “Mute” and then “Always”. 

This reported tweak also comes a few days after more evidence surfaced for multiple device support in the chat app. So here’s hoping we see both features coming soon.

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