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Why is mobile marketing different from desktop marketing?


Marketing is one of the top trends of today’s business, and the type of devices that are used for this trend is essential. Notepads, Desktop PC, and smartphones are the three primary devices that people use for their daily activities. However, there are some critical differences between them, which should be considered while growing a brand or business.

Differences between mobile and desktop in marketing

Statistics show that people look for different content on different devices, and also the age factor is vital while browsing through the machines. In this regard, what types of content are you preparing and on which devices you are focused would be essential to have a successful marketing campaign? Mobile usage not only might differ according to a user’s profiles but also the activities people are doing on the devices is significant.

Most activities on mobile and desktop PC

In general, performed activities are divided into 12 different categories, including (1) buying products and (2) searching for products, (3) comparing prices, (4) online banking, (5) e-mailing, (6) reading newspapers, (7) watching videos, (8) online gaming, (9) uploading content, (10) listening to music, (11) using navigation, (12) chatting and messaging.

In between, e-mailing, buying products, chatting, and searching for products and online banking are the top activities that are done using pc or mobile. Among all of these, e-mailing, buying products, searching for products, online banking is more done on desktop pc or laptop while chatting is done on mobile.

Therefore, based on the above statistics, investing in desktop marketing will worth it since most of the activities are done by pc.

share of u.s American onliners performing selected activities

Buying products, searching for products, online banking, emailing, reading news, watching videos are the kind of activities which are done on desktop pc or laptop more than mobile phones.

Activities such as financial transactions or online banking that needs concentrations are done on pc more than smartphones, which are categorized as pc tasks. On the other hand, chatting, sending messages, using navigation services, uploading videos or photos, online games are the activities which are done on smartphones more than laptop or personal computers.

How age matters in mobile or desktop marketing

It is amazing to know that there is a remarkable difference between personal computers and mobile users based on the age of users. The smartphone is more prevalent among people aged 18 to 34, and the usage of phones and PC is equal up to between 35 to 44 years old. However, this interest is adverse for 45 years and above in which people prefer their laptop or personal computers over smartphones, which makes sense. It might not be so convenient for baby boomers to use smartphones.

share of U.S. internet users on mobile vs. desktop pc

Moreover, the percentages of using different devices are noticeable. For example, most favorite social media publishing tools are using both smartphone and desktop PC / laptop users (77%), followed by desktop pc/laptop only (13%) and smartphone only (9%).

U.S. onliners by internet access devices

How to choose between mobile and pc in marketing?

If your target markets are young people, and you are working on a specific item, thus mobile is the best choice for your campaign. However, to raise awareness about your brand desktop is a better choice. Therefore, to succeed in a marketing campaign, you should use all devices, but each at different stages.


You might have multiple choice to run your marketing campaign, but if a business wants to rank higher, it is better to focus all the possible ways to run your campaign, including both pc and smartphone.

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