Why Use a Mobile Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design was first presented by Ethan Marcotte. “Responsive design is a carrier to web design that shows your web content  

In old times, the material was not displayed according to screen sizes. The large content was displayed onto large screens only in the form of multiple columns. It was difficult to observe on phone screens as there was no option to separate the layout of contents. But now responsive web design helps in compiling a whole content perfectly on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens. 

A mobile responsive website help in the ranking of your website, improves the user experience, higher the conversations, and business growth. Both adaptive and responsive web design helps webmaster controls to have check and balance in observing how the site looks on different screens and approaches differently. The main reason to design a mobile responsive website is to manage it according to the user’s smart screen. 

Major Factors in Mobile Responsive Website Designing

If we want to construct a responsive web design structure in cell phones or on any other device the major factors are 

  • CSS and HTML (control content and layout of the page)
  • Media queries (lets the content mold concerning factors as resolution)
  • Fluid layouts (gives a percentage to define the area of layout)
  • Flexbox layout (shows content in a container to automatically arranged)
  • Responsive images (presents with better pixels and features)
  • Speed (priors the loading speed of a page)

YouTube is the biggest example of responsive web design as it shares social content with many people on different screens. It comes on according to the size of the screen. As laptops have usually a standard size of 13 inches. And desktops have 19 or 22 inches and mobile screens usually small. The responsive web design optimizes that feature.

Also, online newspapers have many columns and multiple articles including entertainment, emotions, sports, etc. It contains the whole up-to-date information concerning surroundings. Thus, the newspaper also appears on screen in the required format and size.

In responsive web design, pages are organized to target a particular device.

Mobile responsive design is very beneficial for the audience as they get the whole content automatically as they want. It does not need multiple versions of the site or costly app installations. 

Every website that you design must be mobile-friendly. It must be fit, zoom and shrink according to demand. According to some studies, the result is concluded that more than 80%of users use the internet using mobile devices, and more than 60% of Google visits are done by a mobile device.

How Audience can be influenced by your Architecture?

Major points to attract website visitors are as follows:

  • Graphics (by visual representation)
  • Web security (secure site and its code from attacks and data theft)
  • Branding (branding website to attract an audience)
  • Marketing (advertising, selling, delivering products)
  • Design (design each page to interact with customers)

Benefits of Choosing Mobile Responsive Website Design

It provides a good experience to mobile searchers and viewers. 

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Improved user experience
  • Get rank on Search engine optimization 
  • Ease of management

Mobile users can enjoy responsive web design easily at any place as it saves time and money. They can optimize the content pages according to their will on their own devices. 

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