YouTube is testing a new section for scheduled streams and Premieres

YouTube is testing a new section for scheduled streams and Premieres

YouTube, as a video-streaming platform, is still missing some features and options. For example, doesn’t always make it easy to know when your favorite channels will be live. You often have to scroll through your front page or subscriptions to see who’s currently streaming.

That’s why YouTube is trying to make the platform a better place day by day by adding new features. Its latest test involves a new section in the subscriptions tab, to make it easier to find upcoming live content and Premieres.

The new feed in the subscriptions tab is called “Upcoming live and premieres.” For users involved in the test, this feed will display separately from the recently released videos you normally find. Live streams and Premieres scheduled to begin soonest will appear first in the feed, followed by content that launches later. You can set reminders for these events by clicking the infamous bell, and you’ll be notified when the stream or Premiere begins.

The new features are officially explained by YouTube on a blog post by Google:

“We want to make it easier for you to find upcoming content (scheduled live streams and Premieres) from channels you are subscribed to, so we are testing out a new section in the subscriptions feed called “Upcoming live and premieres” that shows this content separately from the latest uploads you usually see in the subs feed. Upcoming live streams and Premieres from the channels you are subscribed to will be sorted in reverse chronological order, meaning live streams and Premieres happening soonest will be placed first, and ones scheduled for later will follow after. You can set reminders for upcoming streams and Premieres by clicking the bell to be notified when the stream or Premiere goes live. We’re starting these experiments on a desktop with a small group of people while we gather feedback.”

YouTube, like all other social media platforms, is updating itself day by day and adds interesting features that would lead to more popularity for the platform and more convenient use by its users.

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