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4 Web design tips to keep people longer on your website


Websites are like stores, and visitors are the customers. A lot of customers come to the store every day, and a large part of them come there to window-shop; they buy nothing and leave. The question of keeping people on a website equals to how to turn visitors into buyers in a store. When people are driven to a website, they might stay there and even visit other pages (which is very rewarding for the site owner), or they might leave quickly, right from the first page they have landed on.

In this article, we have provided you with four web design tips that help you keep people longer on the website.

Web design tips to keep people longer on website

Several factors impact the time a user spends on a website, such as loading speed of pages, graphics, and design of the site, the way content and information is presented, and tens of other things. Below are some most important web design tips you might want to consider:

According to our web design toronto professionals, “Any defect in the web design can negatively impact the user experience. So, the first thing to consider in web design tips is to detect the possible faults.”

  1. Check the website’s design

Any defect in the web design can negatively impact the user experience. So, the first thing to consider in web design tips is to detect the possible faults.

  • Ease of search on the website: a complicated search mechanism on your website will confuse the users, and confused users will turn into frustrated, leaving visitors. Therefore, the website must be designed in a way that anything can be found on it with a few clicks. Have a think and ask yourself if maybe the website could do with some improvements. Do some research as there are a number of possible designers available online, and it may be worth checking out web design melbourne, to see if they can improve the search mechanism and therefore increase the number of people both visiting and staying on your site.
  • Embed a CTA button on each page: Call to actions tempt the users to click and take action on webpages. So, with every action they take, the possibility of their staying on your website increases. All pages of your website must be designed in a way that if a user lands on a page other than the main page or the landing page, can get information about all the services on the website, by a single click on the CTAs.
  • Check each page’s format: Is the text easy to read? Are the paragraphs short enough? Can a user see all the information on the page with a little attempt? Look for similar issues and try to modify them for good.
  1. Narrate

If you ask a designer to give you their web design tips, they will undoubtedly talk about narration. Tell the readers about the history and background of the website and company. Talk about festivals and fairs and schedule website’s activities based on special events. It will help the website get more and more known.

  1. Eliminate unnecessary information

Pop-up videos, extra images, third party advertisement and all the junks that might distract users must be removed from your pages. These pop-ups will lead users out of the website if clicked on.

  1. Create internal links between different pages of the website

These links are designed to lead users from one page to other related pages on the website, which creates a sense of comprehensiveness.

Being complete and providing explanations and useful information about a concept in other pages gives the users a feeling of being in an authentic and credible place. This is especially important for businesses like vets, who people will be trusting with the life of their animal companions, so vets may work with a web design company like WebCitz to ensure that their site is the best it can possibly be to foster that sense of trust.

It is best if you have the link to your social media pages at the bottom of each webpage.

4 web design tips to keep people longer on your website

An infographic showing all the 4 web design tips in one place

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