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6 Must-Have Features of a FB Video Downloader

Often it happens that you like a video or picture on Facebook while scrolling the timeline. And you want to download that file to your device.

But the problem is that you can’t download the videos directly from Facebook as this feature is not included. You can download the images from FB but not the videos.

To get this facilitation, you need to consider an online tool that can help you save the reels in your system with just one click.

There is a list of online FB video downloaders on the search engine that can help you copy the videos from your Facebook account and save them on the device.

But the problem is that you can’t trust every tool on the search engine. Before going to download the videos, you must look for some features that must be present in the tool.

So, it is quite important to check those features that can help you download the videos instantly without any restriction.

Here we are going to discuss those amazing top features that you need to know. So, let’s dive deep and have a look at these factors.

6 Must-Have Features of a FB Video Downloader

Top Features of Facebook Video Downloader Online

A reliable tool will offer you to download fb videos instantly along with some exclusive features that would help you not only download fb videos online, but also to preserve them in different resolutions as well. It will be quick, easy, and full of options. 

6 Must-Have Features of a FB Video Downloader

Online fb video downloader tools can have more or less same features but at the same time not each one of them is equally efficient in its working. A good tool will always complement its users. And your go to tool must offer some extrafeatures.

In this article, we will discuss those 6 top elements that must be present in an online FB video downloader to save the files in the system quickly.

  1. Support heavy files

The first thing that you must look at in the tool is that the FB downloader must support heavy documents. If you don’t get this benefit in the tool, just leave it. 

You may have multiple types of videos and reels that may have different sizes. Maybe, the video you like is of heavy size. So, you have to choose a tool for downloading videos that can help you save the file on the device without any issues.

  1. Must be free of cost

A search engine is full of paid and free FB video download tools. And interestingly, you will get the same features in every tool no matter on which page it is ranked.

So, if you are getting the features for free in a tool, there is no need to go for the paid one. Just select the FB reel downloader and use it to save the videos.

  1. No issue regarding device version

The tool must be compatible with every device and browser regardless of its version. This is the most important point that must be present in the online FB downloader.

Sometimes, it happens that the tool is designed for a particular operating system and doesn’t run on the other one. So, make sure to search this element and ho for the one with no compatibility issue.

  1. Secure to use

Choose the FB video downloader where you don’t have to register the account or share your FB information. This will help you keep the data away from any threat.

Privacy is the main concern of the users and they look for an online tool that doesn’t save their data. Therefore, you must look for a tool that ensures you keep the information secure.

  1. Quick working

Online FB reel downloaders must be quickly responsive. That means it should help you download the files quickly without any delay.

This is the main element that you have to focus on while selecting the online tool. And if the tool is slow with its working, just move to another one that can save the videos quickly.

  1. Easy to use

Make sure that the structure of the tool is simple and easy to understand. This will help you download FB videos without any hurdles.

Don’t select a tool that has a lot of formalities. Instead, you will get numerous alternatives on the search engine that will allow you just paste the link to the video and download it with just one click.

Working of Online FB Video Saver

The working of a good FB reel downloader is very simple. You don’t have to work a lot while saving the video in your system.

There are some simple steps that you have to follow while saving the video on your device. Let’s have a look at the pattern.

  • Open Facebook video downloader on your screen and here you will see the box for link insertion.
  • Copy the link of the video from FB that you want to save and paste it into the link insertion box.
  • Hit the download button. The tool will ask for the quality of the video from which you want to download it.
  • After selecting the quality version, again click the download button. 
  • The tool will take a few seconds and the video will be saved to the device.

Final Verdict

From hundreds of videos you watch online, you may like anyone that you want to save on the device or share it with other friends directly.

Although Facebook doesn’t facilitate you in order to save the videos on the device directly, so the best option is to go for an online tool.

The search engine is full of online Video Downloaders that can assist you in saving the videos. But you must look for some features before choosing the tool.

In this article, we have talked about all the essential factors that every top online FB video downloader must have. Hope his article will help you in selecting the best online tool for downloading the reels.

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