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Best Ways to Promote a Podcast

by Dyka Smith
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You might be among people or brands who have no experience in sharing online podcasts. But many other people share their pieces of advice on the internet.

What are the best ways to promote a podcast?

  1. Use your guest’s audience to make power.
  2. Advertise on social media in many different forms
  3. Publicity at least three episodes each day
  4. Change the audio file to a YouTube video.
  5. Present your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators
  6. Make a transcribe of your audio

Here, I will talk about each separate item in detail.

  1. Use your guest’s audience to make power.

Perform it simple for guests to participate by performing snippets and quote pictures.

You have to be happy if your podcast has a record form where you want to talk to marvelous people as these famous people many audiences.

For instance, Rand Fishkin has more than 335,000 Twitter followers as a famous CEO & Co-Founder of SEOmoz, and HubSpot owns above 1 million Facebook followers.

You have to make it easy for your guests to participate and support your podcast episodes. One approach is to send them a letter each day you will perform your podcats live and hold a range of shareable media like:

  • Pullquotes
  • Concepts
  • Links
  • Prewritten tweets and status updates
  • Advertise on social media in many different forms

As a lucky one, you can use social media systems that are available nowadays. There are so much creativity and fun to promote your podcast through social media channels.

For beginners, assign an update when the episode goes live for the first time.

Next, continue sharing.

Here are some opinions:

  • Use the iTunes URL and pin the episode tweet or Facebook post.
  • Design quote pictures in Canva or Pablo. Distribute them as standalone social updates while you link them to iTunes.
  • Formulate 15-second soundbite clips, then upload them to Soundcloud, and share them on Twitter. Twitter has a performance of Soundcloud audio especially. Users can perform the audio directly from their Twitter stream.
  • Tease the following episode 24 hours before publishing.
  • Share your podcast episode several times.
  • Publicity at least three episodes each day

Most listeners give you negative reviews when they listen to the first episode and see it is just one. The above sentence is what Pat Flynn, the founder of Smart Passive Income, thinks about podcasts.

Distribute 3 to 5 episodes as you first launch.

Based on researches, you have to launch at least three episodes each time. As usual, the more, the merrier. For example, you can complete seven interviews before you start your podcasts.  In this way, you will have at least three episodes ready. You can plan to launch one on launch day and two or more for the coming weeks. This multi-launch policy is the best part to get business.

The famous Jason Zook makes plan on two theories:

  • Record and publish some podcasts on launch date (3-5)
  • Notify your audience ere launching if feasible
  • Change the audio file to a YouTube video.

I want to talk about one thing that you would love to do. You can repurpose your podcast in as numerous methods as feasible. The best option is to get help from businesses to do quick things, mix your live video (on Facebook and Periscope) with live podcast interviews.

For example, you can attach all episodes of your podcast to the YouTube channel.

When you use a YouTube version, you will see some benefits:

  • Video to publish on social media
  • Concluded captioning and records automatically from YouTube (great for convenience if you are not performing to reproduce)
  • SEO advantages
  • Present your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators

Did you hear about podcatchers? They are some simple apps that perform podcasts. The most famous one is the best podcast app for iOS; it is a purple icon app with a microphone image.

More than the iOS podcatcher, there are many other apps. They all gather and perform podcasts, and there are owners of websites that highlight new podcasts and support development.

The most popular apps are Overcast, Stitcher, Podcast Addict, Podcast subreddit, and more.

  • Make a transcribe of your audio

You can decide to use a service like Rev.com for ($1/minute) or Fiverr ($5). Most of the strong podcasts suggest a complete transcript of the whole show. You can try a different way of this. Pull out highlighted pieces of the transcript and including these in the program notes.


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