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How to see protected tweets? (Best private twitter viewers)

Is there any way to view protected tweets?

All Twitter users know that they can sign up for Twitter, and choose to keep their Tweets public or protected. If you do not know what is the difference between public and protected Tweets, just continue reading. Here, you can read about important details of protected Tweets, such as how to make twitter account private, how to see protected tweets, different methods of view protected tweets hack, and view protected tweets apps.

how to make twitter account private

Why to see Protected Tweets?

Today many people use Twitter as an excellent resource to connect with interesting people and learn new information. Also, when you use Twitter, it helps you stay updated on current trends and gossip. With all of this in mind, you might decide to “unfollow” an individual’s profile, but want to read the new updates of those people. Why? It could relate to different reasons. For example, it might be a privacy problem or because you do not like to help that person become more famous by being his fan and following him.

We do not recommend this action and suggest you follow the person you want to see his Tweets. But if you are so curious about this topic, continue reading and learn how to see protected tweets. 

Can you View Protected Tweets without Following?

As I told you before, here we want to discuss how to see protected tweets. First of all, let’s answer those people who might wonder if viewing private twitter accounts is possible. While this is not advisable, it is not hard to become a private twitter viewer and view private Twitter without their permission. But generally speaking, we suggest that if you would like to be a private Twitter viewer, follow the user and wait for the approval.

how to see protected tweets

Is viewing private twitter accounts legal?

You might want to know how to view private twitter account without following, while you do not know if it is legal or not. I think the answer is simple, viewing private twitter accounts without following them does not sound legal as it is such a hacking task. As I mentioned before, we do not recommend you to be a private twitter viewer without access. But you can learn some ways how to see protected tweets here to remember and protect your account and Tweets.

How to view private twitter account without following?

Now is the time to see how to view private twitter account without following. Basically, you have to know that each Twitter user can go through the site’s menu on Twitter and choose his twitter account viewers. Now, you can see a setting, which allows you to make your tweets visible only to your followers or display them in public. If you set it in a way that only your followers could see, anyone who wants to see them without your access has to use software to hack your account and view your private tweets without following them.

What is a private twitter viewer?

As I explained before, when you want to see someone’s Tweets that set a private setting, the best method is to follow them and wait for your request accepted. In a case, they deny you, or you do not like to send them a follow request because, for any reason, you can use a twitter account viewer. While this is not what we recommend, you can use a private twitter viewer as a solution.

How to use a private twitter viewer to see protected tweets?

Now that you know about view protected tweets hacks, let’s see how to see protected tweets using a private twitter viewer. Here, I have to mention that a private twitter viewer could be an app or website that works as a third-party tool and helps you to see protected tweets. Based on which tool you choose, the way of seeing protected tweets might differ. Continue reading and find some of the best private twitter viewer that you can use as a view protected tweets hack.

Is using a private twitter viewer legal?

Previously, you read about different ways you can use to see protected tweets, and different view protected tweets hacks. For example, you have learned that you can use a private twitter viewer, but is it legal? Here, I have to say that while many websites advertise for their private twitter viewer and how well it work, this is not a legal or moral way to see protected tweets. If you like to know how to make twitter account private, keepreading to the end and find the best tricks.

private twitter viewer

Best private twitter viewers?

Do you know the best view protected tweets app? If you want to know how to view private twitter account without following, read this paragraph. Here, you can read about the three best private twitter viewer apps that you can use to hack a Twitter account. 

  • Neatspy App

All smartphone users know that Neatspy is a famous name in the world of phone monitoring. Millions of customers use this app in more than 190+ countries because it is easy to use, and everybody can use it without any technical knowledge. Also, you can easily download and install it in only 5 minutes. On the other hand, it is very secure, and for Android users, it takes less than 2 MB of space. If you are working with iOS devices, do not worry because everything is cloud-based. 

  • mSpy

Another app that you can use to see protected tweets is mSpy which has great features. It is a powerful keylogger that you can use to track all keypresses on your target phone and find the details of logins and passwords. 

  • Privtwi

This option is another app that you can use like previous ones as a private Twitter viewer and simply view not followed Twitter accounts. Just remember that is not a legal and moral action and it is better to send the following request.

How to see protected Tweets? (Ethical ways)

If you want to know how to see protected tweets, I have to mention that the most ethical method is to send the following request. If the person has blocked you, keep in mind that they can still see your tweets. So, maybe pin an apology tweet? Here are some other ethical ideas:

  • Find their IG or other social media accounts. Most people are not fully private on all platforms. So, give it a try and see if they are a public user on other apps, so you get a sneak peek.
  • Ask one of their current followers to hand your message. Please write a short paragraph about why they should accept your request and send it indirectly.
  • Write an email. Again, please explain the reason why you want to read their tweets via email. (Include your ID address as well so they can check out who you are).

Other Ways To See Protected Tweets

There are some other not-so-moral techniques for viewing private twitter accounts.. Here are 2 of them:

  • Ask for a Friend’s Help

Talk to someone who’s already following them. See if they can share some info about the tweets. And… well, the most corrupted way would be asking them to take screenshots for you. Or hand you their account—which I highly disapprove of.

  • Create a New Account (Obviously)

You can always have an ‘accepted your follow request’ chance with a new profile. Creating one is not time-consuming. But if you want to make the odds to be in your favor, create a legit one. Add a profile picture, write a bio, and perhaps share a couple of tweets before sending the request.

View protected tweets hacks to avoid

People can do crazy stuff When they’re trying to  see protected tweets on Twitter with no permission. I heard about a friend of my friend who gave his password to a hacker to hack his girlfriend’s account!  So, don’t be that guy. And never do these things:

  1. Using Third-Party Tools

Some websites claim that if you give them some information, they can hack into the person’s profile and show you their feed—all through an automated process! These are just some scammer tools looking to get your password or sell you some weird product.  Do NOT trust them and no matter what they promise, leave the site immediately.

  1. Hacking Attempts

Don’t ask the guy with a ‘V for Vendetta’ image on his profile to help you. Hackers cannot make you see protected tweets. All they do is to cause more trouble. In this case, not only will you lose your money, but you might also face real-deal charges.

Is There Any Twitter Bug to View Protected Accounts?

Currently, there are no bugs/tricks/hacks reported on Twitter to let you decipher private posts and accounts. However, a couple of years ago, some testers and hackers found bugs to do that. Although all of them are fixed now, here are the top 2 that I found online.

Case #1: A Bug in the Subdomain

A user called Cj Legacion on Medium claimed that he had found a bug on “Ads.Twitter.com.” The bug was in the new setting option given to campaign owners. He used an Ad Group to extract more data on the subdomain.

Eventually, he found out that if you change the value of “UserID,” the targeted account’s data will be available—although they are private. The story is from 2017, and Cj reportedly made a video about the bug and sent it to the support team of TWTR. So, don’t bother to try what he did. But if the story got your attention, you can read the full article on Medium.

Case #2: I Can See You Through Niche!

A user called Randy Arios (eidelweiss) wrote a post on HackerOne.com about a bug on Niche.com.  If the user would use this website’s API, the hacker or stalker could easily view their private posts. When he got the TWTR support team’s attention, they fixed the issue immediately.

However, Arios didn’t get a bounty reward for his hunt. The reason was that Twitter believed “the report does not fall in scope for a monetary reward at the time.”Check out Randy’s original post on Medium.

Takeaways for Those Who Said TL;DR

  • There is no trick to view protected tweets of other users
  • The best way is to ask their permission via email or a mutual follower
  • If someone has access to an account, they can send you screenshots
  • Third-party websites are all scammer. There is no such thing as ‘Password Recovery’ method or other similar claims
  • Never trust a hacker to help you uncover private data. It’s illegal and dangerous at the same time
  • There are currently no known bugs on TWTR to let you hack into protected or public profiles
  • If you had found a bug, let the Twitter support team know and get your bounty reward
  • And… Finally, please, don’t be a stalker. No one loves them.

How to make twitter account private?

After all, you have to learn how to make twitter account private. As you know, the default setting of each Twitter account is public, but if you want to make it private, read this paragraph.

  • First, log in to your Twitter account. Click on the small circular profile picture icon in the top right. Choose Settings and Privacy and go to the Settings page.
  • Now, from the left menu, choose Privacy and Safety.
  • There is a checkbox named “Protect My Tweets”, which you have to choose.
  • Now, go down and save changes.
  • Again you have to enter your password and click Save Changes.
  • Finally, your account is private.

How to protect tweets?

In the previous paragraph, I explained how to make twitter account private. Here, I want to show you how to protect tweets. 

  • First of all, you have to log in to your Twitter account that has the tweets you want to be protected. 
  • Click the more icon and then choose ‘Settings and privacy.
  • Choose the option Audience and tagging. Here, you can tick who can and cannot see your tweets.
  • Here, the first option is named ‘Protect your Tweets’, which you have to check.
  • After you have checked the box to protect your tweets, there will be a small window where you need to confirm ‘Protect’.
  • Finally, there is no need to save changes, and it will update automatically.


You have to know about the details of the Twitter following and unfollowing if you are an active Twitter user. In the above text, you can read a complete guide about how to go private on twitter, how to unprotect tweets, how to see protected tweets, what are the best private twitter viewers and the best view protected tweets app.

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