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Can You See What You Liked on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the best social media programs nowadays. Most Instagram users like to get more likes, comments, views, and other sorts of action. But, seldom do we view back and take a look at ourselves. We query how does our profile seems and what kind of picture we choose for our profile picture. However, there is something behind that, recognizing what we have liked previously.

Can you see what you liked on Instagram?

If I want to explain it more, I have to mention that Instagram updates the features that enable you to see the Instagram posts you have liked. In the earlier version of the application, you could recognize what you liked spontaneously. Instagram notified you about what sort of picture or video you liked in cycles of hashtags. Sure it was a good idea to view current likes on Instagram. Presently you can make it manually with more reliable and more comfortable data.

  1. How to Find the Most Newly Liked Instagram Posts?
  2. Conditions of Revisiting Liked Posts 

Here, I will explain to you how to find what you like on Instagram and talk about the limitations of revisiting liked posts.

How to Find the Most Newly Liked Instagram Posts?

If you decide to find your newly liked posts on Instagram, you need to follow these simple actions:

First, you have to sign in to your Instagram account.

Then touch the profile image from the list.

After that, you have to open the hamburger list button to choose Settings.

Now, it is time to Account from the menu.

Finally, you can touch Posts you have liked.

After you learn how to use this option and find your previously liked posts, you can go back to see what you have previously liked that means you can:

  • Now you can discover different accounts to follow from posts you found on the Explore tab.
  • See a post’s long inscription that you did not have a chance to read as you liked it.
  • You can see more added comments. So it is possible for you to follow along with a conversation on a special post as extra people view it in their feeds.
  • Now, you can put an individual comment for posts that you liked before but did not have a chance to write something out at the time.
  • Review valuable data that you need to check out in particular later—like an outcome, a service, a caption, a workout habit, a recipe, a makeup tutorial, or anything else.

Whatever you like on Instagram is not just a pleasant appearance to make the poster understand that you support their post. It is an amazingly effective method to bookmark valuable items to look at again.

 Forms of Revisiting Liked Posts

Based on Instagram rules, you can only view the 300 most new posts (no different photos or videos) that you have seen and liked. While 300 means a lot, you might be an Instagram potential user who views the number of posts a day, and like most of them, you might be out of luck. Also, if you want to find something you liked some weeks ago, you might not be successful.

You can only see your liked posts in two specific situations if you liked them applying the Instagram mobile app or on the web. While it is possible to see liked posts in the app, maybe some posts you liked within a third-party Instagram app such as Iconosquare display. Remember that if you could not find a post from Instagram’s web platform, likely, you will not find it from a third-party app either.

The final point is that sometimes you commented on a photo or video but did not like it. In this situation, unfortunately, there is no system to see it again if you miss it. Instagram enables you to see posts that you have liked by touching the heart button (or double-tap on the picture) in the Posts You have Liked part of your profile frames—not posts you have commented on just. So if you probably want to visit a post later, always make sure you tap that heart pin, even if your central aim is to put a comment.


Have you ever liked something in your Instagram feed and needed to present it to one of your colleagues later, but you could not identify who posted it or where you viewed it? Ever unexpectedly liked something during mindlessly scrolling and then received you did not want to support anything it is you did? In situations like this, you have to find how to see what you liked on Instagram. In the above text, I explain this process step by step.

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