How to Choose the Best Discord Server Name?

You might be here to find a funny or cool and weird discord name. First, I want to state that discord enables you and your friends to send messages to each other. Each people group is named a “server” in its field. If you know Slack, it is a more formal version of it.

Finally, selecting a name for the Discord server should not be hard. Look at the ideas in the below list, and combine your creativity with them.

  • Add Your Server’s Point

All servers are usually around a special subject, as a certain game, aesthetic, or fun. For instance, if you work on a server regarding crocheting, you can add it to your title. Or, you might have a server to generate a population around video editing, then you can mention it in your title.

  • Aesthetic Fonts

It could be a good idea to try using modern and aesthetic fonts to make your Discord server’s title. It is so popular among servers owners with attractive lettering and a group of possible text forms. To make these, go above the Vaporwave Generator by LingoJam, figure in your server’s title, and it will display different cool text fonts ready to copy and paste.

  • Galactic Ideas

Getting influence from space might be another way to make a cool discord name. You could choose simple names from space, such as stars or planets, and add them to build your server name. Or use universal words such as “Aurealis” or also astronomical phenomena as names could serve great. This method also goes well with kaomoji and aesthetic theme fonts. 

  • Append “Community” at the End

The next bend could include combining the word “community” at the last of the name. It will inspire other accounts to meet your server as they will directly understand that you are a fan of making positive energy in your server.

Also, you can use this way for your already taken names and help it stand out from other similar servers and boost new members.

  • Add Kaomoji to the Name

You could add some adorable kaomoji to your server’s name. You can choose from cute polar bears to hearts and sparkles and add all kinds of kaomoji.

You can check out the available range at Cute Kaomoji for high appealing kaomoji concepts that you can attach to your server’s name.

  • Add Numbers for a Stylistic Touch

Attaching a number may seem cliché as many of us use numbers in our emails, but you can make a stylistic touch to a server name by using this. “Pink31” would be a model, where the 31 makes a nifty ending to your server name. 

  • Add “Café” to the End

Did you ever think of adding the word “café” to your lo-fi and beautiful title? In my opinion, it is the best recommendation for servers, which boost chatting among members and want them to know each other better.

  • Attach “World” or “Land” to the End of the Title

General Discord server titles often combine the terms “Land” or “World” to their server names, for instance, “Galaxy Land” or “Aesthetic World.” I suggest you brainstorm with this main theme in your mind. If you imagine a name that you think will work, try to append the “World” to the end of that and see how it sounds great.

  • Collect Names From Nature

You could gain influence from nature too! For instance, if you want to generate an artistic server, you could concatenate nurture names such as Stone, Hills, Walls, or Gems. Then mix them with some of your favorite words to make a cool title. For instance, “Blue Hills Dome” might work for any of you. 

  • Add Some Emoji

Did you ever try to add some emoji to your server’s title? A lot of gaming servers and societies have emoji added to their title. You could decide to add cute clouds, for instance, or some lovely herbs too. There is no restriction for choosing the emojis, just you have to consider which emoji best matches your server’s aesthetic.

Some of the best discord name examples:

  • Bridge Fibers
  • Passion Digital
  • Strange Bird Media
  • Quantum Branding Agency
  • Under The Hood
  • Creative Ideas
  • ServerMania Data Centre
  • Famous Skyliners
  • Energetic Humming
  • Rise Hosting
  • Very Friendly
  • Borne Digital
  • PulseHost
  • Great To Live
  • Alone Yet Cool
  • Reliable Networks
  • Bluestorm iGaming
  • Last Hopefuls
  • Unlawfulness
  • Junior’s World
  • Angels Of World
  • Curse Yourself


If you need to find a great discord server name and do not know how to make it, read the above text. Here, we explained the best ways of generating discord names with creative ideas.

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