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The impact of email marketing on online sales


Today, with the social media emergence and large market it opened up, the majority of business owners may not think of Email marketing benefits and its effects on building up their online sales and online shopping. Maybe you as a smart online marketer have no vivid look at this kind of marketing, but I want to admit that this way of marketing can have maximum efficiency in the digital marketing age. The key point is that email accounts are several times more than other social media accounts. Well, let’s going through this neglected powerful marketing approach.

Here, an important question pops up in your mind that which Prerequisites do you need to begin with an email marketing strategy to convert leads to customers?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a collection of actions you do to turn a potential customer into an actual loyal one by some specific email marketing tools which form your marketing strategy. Plus, as Simplelists reports, and many others will tell you, email marketing is a highly effective method that uses different types of tools to push you to open an email advertising and go through with a particular subject line of purchasing.

Why is email marketing important?

  • Email is a typical method of exchanging messages, which has been used as a fundamental tool for every kind of notices so far. Even it is known for folk, with all these factors we conclude that this way of marketing has died out gradual, but now you can learn how to make the most of email marketing tips by training your online marketing knowledge about.
  • Professional Businessmen do email marketing for luck because they believe that not only it is a unique marketing strategy that does not bother leads, prospects, and even past clients but also tempts them to read the email content by motivational title at a convenient time.
  • Everyone is checking his/her mailbox every day, for a particular reason, in this case, you can reach the global audience by a low-cost marketing tool; therefore, increase your brand awareness.

What is email marketing strategy?

It addresses the appropriate ways and acts to gain maximum benefits from; I mean business plan includes making money, measurable RoI(return on investment), increasing website traffic, and at the end leading to shopping and purchases. But you know the thing is that how you want to take your first step in and how it moves forward to pull off a surprise victory. The first step is possible when you follow the simple email marketing best practices I illustrate below, but to keep on moving forward, you should use some analytical tools and basis to have a clear mind to look ahead.

  • Generating genuine creative content: content marketing plays a prominent role in publishing and distributing sensational irresistible content for presence to prove brand credibility and loyalty. How to start an email itself is an attempt to collaborate for sending commercial emails to persuade customers and create needs for them to buy the products we offer. Your content needs decoration while it should keep its quality and simplicity. The subject line has the most remarkable effect on readers to be known as
  • Sign up button should be placed in the center of attention
    Putting your sign up form is recommended to place in directions with easier access enough. You are taking up the user’s time by placing this button in exotic places.
  • Buyer Persona has an outstanding achievement
    One trap that most of the marketing campaigns often fall into is struggling to attract too many users without determining what kind of customer they really want. Now the importance of having a customer category is defined here. Specify your targeted customers before starting with the lead magnets. So, as an essential rule, your lead magnets should, of course, be interactive but pay attention that for every type of persona, you ‘d better design specific lead magnets to matches their needs and wants. Maybe you get my words hardly, as a fresh one on the marketing scene but now I explain the details. Discover how to organize your audience wisely, in email marketing, you are allowed to classify your customers and divided your messages for a variety of them based on their interests, locations, and purchase history. This strategy invites people in business to navigate their clients to a win-win game. We define several semi-fictional characteristics for the buyers. Every characteristic has a set of personality traits, by following this email marketing strategy, you will take the chance of detecting your audience better to recognize which type of content includes lead magnets, products, and the way of exposing them, now it is the time to find one of the best email marketing tips which suit your industry and company.

Elements of persona:

    • Persona Group (i.e., web manager)
    • The fictional name should be determined like Teenager Jack
    • Job titles and significant responsibilities need to be considered for knowing the concerns and interests.
    • Demographics such as age, education, ethnicity, and family status are important to realize their essential products.
    • The goals and tasks they are trying to complete using the site
    • Their physical, social, and technological environment to find out in which condition they are and which social media marketing they demand.
    • Casual pictures are representing that user group to get the whole picture of your persona.

Pros of defining a buyer persona:

    • A practical method for knowing your target audience’s tendencies and tastes.
    • Helpful beneficial information about users for offering selected items based on user behaviors
    • Analyzing gathered information of customers to guess what kinds of products they will need to.
    • Facilitate to know which types of customers attract with your marketing strategy and products.

What is B2C: this is a kind of marketing which gives you best practices to introduce your products professionally to increase your product sales.  In this way, you deal with costumes directly. It is really thoughtful of you to obtain what products your personas need to supply them, according to their lifestyle, challenges, mainly budget.

B2C buyer persona example


The picture shows, routine life of a student with different pleasures and obsessions all in one page in an easy and clean format, For selecting the personas, it would be better to have an eye for detail because these details will make the whole picture of the persona to identify their requirements. It is so beneficial to have a clear vision of each character by inspiring from interviews or researches or even observations based on experiences you gathered.

B2B email marketing Stands for Business to business, which is in contrast with B2C. It means selling products or services to other companies using email marketing services to boost in this level. Although, both B2B and B2C chase different marketing strategies but are crucial for email marketing.

With B2B marketing, you enter into negotiations with decision makers of other companies or their consultants who have a sufficient power to influence decision makers of companies. Provided that your email marketing strategy has gone right to get your ideal reaction. I have an excellent email marketing example for this type; there is a bank that intends to provide its internal network via a trusted Internet service provider for having access to its other different branches in a country without using the wan connection(Internet). No doubt the Isp attempts to edify itself to get the bank opinion and win the completion, but there is a predefined map to get to know with personas who are in authorities of companies to carry out the best email marketing and generate products sales, let’s have a quick glance on.

B2B buyer persona

How to do email marketing?

To grow your business faster and gain a profitable experience, you’d better commence with a list of engaged subscribers to learn email marketing tips step by step.

If I want to explain it simply, I say considering an appealing way to obtain a list of email addresses. But how? Surly, for the first step you acquire the email addresses list; if you have already collected them you are one step ahead. If you don’t, come with me through the context.

  1. Email service provider

For the first step, If you need much more time for trial and error, it is suggested to use an email service provider matches your company size and shape with different capabilities. For instance, it provides you with a subscriber list as well as allowing you to send your emails by creating your desired email template or using pre-made ones.

  1. The lead magnets strategies turning recipients into customers
  • As I mentioned before, fortunately, everyone has an email address that checks at least once a day; for handling some usual basic tasks. It’s not enough to use just an Email service provider, indeed for promoting your Email marketing jobs; you need to be aware of some necessity marketing requirements. Imagine that a person is taking a glance at your online shop, the best email marketing strategy for gaining email addresses is not asking a direct appeal from prospects. In fact, using lead magnets is the solution. It can be anything free for potential buyers in exchange for their contact information. Such as a coupon, a white paper, a useful pdf file, even a big discount. All told stuff is a suitable leap point for having an efficient email marketing list but remembers designing an eye-catching lead magnet is very important for grabbing attention.

lead magnets strategies

Now the effective point about this way of marketing is that what should be done in-depth to retain an absolute majority of customers? Approximately all of the email marketers know this easy rule I have referred above, but the truth is that how should you make it well enough,

  • Some accommodating tips about lead magnets are essential to know
    • Using advanced graphic for your emails
    • Visual content helps more to get the gist
    • Following friendly literature in your content
    • Responsive design (Mobile/Desktop)
    • Brief useful without wasting time
    • Follow a simple design and avoid complicated design
    • Give them multiple choices to stimulate by one of them

Lead magnets example


Magnet lead example

  • CTA

Call to Action (CTA): It is a kind of button used in your website to direct prospects into one of your website pages to fill out some contact information. At this critical moment, you should have designed catchy lead magnets to drive more users into your web pages. Something to make it noticeable is to use some known verbs such as


Because these verbs inform customers what they are going to do next, but in some situations, you should mention the phrase to make it clear for the audience.

Landing page


    • Landing page: One thing to note is that CTA should refer to a landing page to hit the customers’ target, a landing page is where a form materializes to capture a viewers’ information in exchange for the desired offer.
    • Metric: It expresses the number of views as well as the number of clicks you have gained through your CTA button. It is named CTR (Click through rate) and used for monitoring the performance of your CTA.
  1. Various ideas for having a successful lead magnets
  • Cheatsheet or Handouts

Cheatsheet is one of the most compelling ways of turning users’ attention. Because it is short and includes the essential main point. It can be considered both in checklists or mind maps format. It highly motivates visitors to go through via.

Cheatsheet or Handouts

  • Guide/Report

It is the most common way of email marketing to ask for people’s email addresses also other information; It is like an ebook you know we have so many people, eager for the knowledge efficient resources so with this way of marketing approach you can win the game.


  • Video training

This kind of lead magnets is popular among all types of leads, the ones who design video training are professional individuals at their works, to introduce their online sales to people indirectly. Rich video content can enable you to gain numerous customers as a result of solving their trending concerns.

Video training

  • Free trial

It is mostly done by some startups as well as software companies to develop their brand identities for finding loyal customers to provide them a specific time use of a kind of software for free. It very works, especially for startups which want to get started with a great lead magnet.

Free trial

  • Discount

All methods are helping each other to keep us happy as a newcomer to the websites. Researches show that majority of people test out this way of selling product for discount is quite a practical lead magnets type which a marketer can gain maximum benefit from.


  • Quiz/survey


Now it is quiz turn to talk about the only specific thing that drives more traffic to your webpage. Although this advancing mode should be created in an intelligent, fluent way, it should be fun interactive to captivate the reader going through.


  • Assessment/Test

This magnet lead strategy is well known too, due to its online analysis, and in this appalling way, it can reach you to your targeted customers as they find great pleasure in catching valuable information for giving an email address.


  • Predictions

I remember lead magnets contains some predictions about online marketing sales fluctuations on social media platforms; it was a marketer who did an analysis based on the facts, he had carried research for. This lead magnet comes to my mind as a noticeable prediction and comparison.

All in all, you should consider which of the mentioned methods best fit your product sales and then move to the implementation stage. We’re in a whole new era, and it was pretty a good guide for everyone eager to get valuable experience the impact of email marketing on an online product sale.

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