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What Are Some Free Live Photos Choices for Older iPhones?

Many of us are jealous of the new Live Photos aspects on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus?

The new technology of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus implemented both of them with a 12-megapixel rear camera. After creating the iPhone 4S, it was the first time the Apple company grew the megapixel count. Besides that, other options make this camera special.

As all of us know, the new iPhones show a new feature named Live Photos. Whit this option, you can record performance 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after taking a photo, so you will make a GIF-like moving photo.

What are some free live photo choices on older iPhones?

People think that only the users of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus can take live photos.  But there are different third-party apps, which you can use and take live pictures with an older iPhone or even an android system.

Here, I make a list of third-party apps. They help you take live photos with an older version of iPhone or even android cellphones.

  1. Fyuse (Android and iOS)

You may hear the name of Fyuse, which is a spatial photography app. The users of this app could take and partake panorama images, selfies, and 360 photos that will move if you turn and twist your phone. More than that, users can share these photos with friends inside the app or even on Facebook and Twitter. Most of the users believe that Fyuse gave a unique experience. It is not the same as any other photo app out there. This app is ready for iPhones and Android users freely.

  • Vine (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

The next app that I want to introduce here is Vine. It is a video-sharing app and social network that drove Twitter. With this app, you can take short looping video clips up to 6 seconds in length. The technology is in a way that while you touch the screen, the camera will record.

Another opportunity is that it makes you able to edit videos quickly on the fly, build stop motion effects and visible images. You can share your video clips known as Vine with your friends on Facebook, Twitter. Also, you can share them or in the Vine app and comment, like, and revine the other clips.

Everybody can access the Vine app freely for old iPhones, Windows Phone, and Android devices.

  • Instagram (Android and iOS)

Another popular app that helps you create looping videos is Instagram, a favorite photo-sharing app controlled by Facebook. The app works the same as Vine. Also, it makes you able to take photos, besides taking 15 seconds length videos. This app also provided extra options of utilizing filters to your photo or video for a different look. Like previous apps, you can share photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, or inside of the Instagram app with your friends.

The iPhone and Android users can install Instagram for free. You can also use Instagram for Windows Phone, but without the video title.

  • GifBoom (Android and iOS)

As Apple’s Live Photos are the same as an animated GIF (a looping image), you can you an app to make it. Today, there are many apps on Android and iOS that enable you to produce a GIF from pictures in your photo gallery. GifBoom is a popular app that users install to create GIFs up to 60 length seconds from their camera or photos they have taken before. You can use GifBoom on your iPhones and Android devices for free.

  • Live shot

The live shot is another app that you can use to capture Live Photos with different terms.

As its operation is simple, most people can use it. You have to swipe left or right to choose a filter, then move down the shutter to start recording the video. Next, you can take a photo if you release your finger. You can record a video for 3 seconds. After you save the live photo in the Snapshot album, it is possible to change the video duration in settings.

  • Live photo

Are you ready for the magic?

There is an application, which makes it possible to breathe life into the cases represented on special notebooks, albums, notepads, puzzles, etc. You might find the Live Photo logo of a red smiling hat on different product covers, which means it is magical and the cases on it approach to life.

If you do not have any goods with the Live Photo logo, do not become upset. Just install the application, drive the gift button, and make a set of magical live photos posted to your email. You can revive them from your computer, print them or send them to your friends. Remember that you can use it for free and make the world a better place by combining it with magic.

  • Potion

The best purpose of living photos is to relive unforgettable moments. If you do not have iPhone 6 or iPhone 6splus, you can take Live pictures from your videos with Pictalive. Your phone might supports 3D Touch so you can place designed Live Photos as your lock screen wallpaper. You can use Potion app freely and easily to create Live Photos. First, select a source video. Then choose the stage for a photo. Finally, you can save it to camera roll or send it to your friends.


For the owners of older iPhones, the Live Photos choice is like a party they are not invited to. Luckily, there is a system to join the fun. Many apps enable you to generate GIFs, short videos, and other photo mashups. While it is not the same, it helps you bring some more action to your photo gallery.

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