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How do I find my Facebook user ID and username?

by Francine Berano
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How do I find my Facebook user ID

Facebook is now is the biggest social media with more than 2 billion active users monthly. As a Facebook user, you may want to share your id with a developer or game owner but you are struggling to find it.

Facebook username and user id are parts of Facebook public profile and anyone can see that from your URL. Though at first, once you are opening an account Facebook would set that for you based on your name (if available). You can change that later if you want to have a custom Facebook username and link (URL).

What is my Facebook username?

A Facebook username and user ID are parts of your public profile, which can help your friends, find you on Facebook. A Facebook username can include your name and surname, or you can create your own username or choose a username that Facebook suggests.

Your Facebook username is not the same as your Facebook display name, which is the name that appears on your posts and when you’re tagged. It is your username that appears in the Facebook URL of your profile; that’s why it is an important part of each profile. Here in this guide, you’ll get to know how to find your Facebook user ID and username easily.

Facebook username

How do I find my Facebook usernames?

You might need your Facebook user ID to share on any website or groups or even you may want to give it to your friends. Though, Facebook now is like a very complicated software in which you hardly find what you are looking for.

If you are looking for your Facebook username and Facebook URL you can read this section but if you are looking for your Facebook ID of any specific websites or apps you should go to the next section in this blog.

In the next sections, you can find out about how to change or create a Facebook username.

To find your Facebook username:

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. From Home, Click on the triangular icon on the main menu
  3. Select Setting & Privacy
  4. Select Setting
  5. From the left menu click on the GENERAL
  6. Click on the USERNAME

This is your Facebook profile username which is available for public and they can see it from your Facebook link (in the browser) also.

Though, you can change the Facebook username just by typing in any username you want and customize your Facebook public link (Facebook URL).

facebook username

You can see the Facebook username from the general setting

How to create a Facebook username?

  1. Go to your Facebook profile
  2. From the left menu click on the GENERAL
  3. Click on the USERNAME
  4. Type in the username you want and see if it is available
  5. If it is available, click on SAVE and exit

Now you can see the new Facebook username in your Facebook profile link in your browsers. If you want to share it with anyone you can simply put your username after facebook.com (For example https://facebook.com/username). As a Facebook user, it will be very useful for you to learn how hackers hack into a Facebook account in order to keep your account safer.

How do I find my user ID for apps and games on Facebook?

Facebook user ID is different from Facebook’s username which is a bunch of numbers that are connected to your profile and does not necessarily identify you.

The function of a Facebook user ID is to:

  • Allow others to see your profile and public information (your public information privacy can be controlled through your setting)
  • Helps apps to connect to your profile and access your public information such as name. although, you should allow apps to connect to your Facebook before this stage, for example, if you log in Spotify through Facebook it means you have allowed Spotify to access your Facebook public info.
  • User ID also can help developers to assess the issue if you face any issue with an app. For example, once you contact the developer of a game app, they might ask for your Facebook user ID which you can find in the following where to find it.

To find Facebook user ID:

  1. Click the triangular icon in the top right of your Facebook profile
  2. Select set as it is shown in the picture bellow
  3. Click on apps and websites on the left menu
  4. Find the app you want its connected Facebook user ID
  5. Click on view and edit
  6. Scroll down and you can see a bunch of numbers in a box which is your Facebook user ID
how to find facebook id

Go to the Apps and Websites to find the Facebook user ID

facebook id

Facebook user ID is shown in the box

All in all

Facebook is getting confusing and complicated sometimes but with the above instruction you can easily find out your Facebook username or Facebook ID for any specific apps, games, or websites.

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To find Facebook ID and username you most go to the left menu on Facebook home page, in general setting, username. To find the ID for specific websites or games go to setting, app and website and scroll down to find the ID of that specific app.

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