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How To Gain Instagram Engagement with Stories In 2023

Instagram stories hold great potential. It’s because nearly 70% of Instagram’s user base views and engages in stories daily. As a result, today, Instagram story engagement is high on everyone’s list of marketing goals. If you are someone who’s sharing Instagram stories but not getting desired engagements, this article is for you.

Let’s have a look at How To Gain Instagram Engagement with Stories In 2023:

Tease Your Latest Post, Products, and Releases

What’s it that makes people both curious to go out there and watch a movie? The trailer! The same applies to Instagram. Putting out teasers on your stories is the most effective way to raise engagement and awareness for upcoming posts, products, and releases. 

You need to create a teaser that builds curiosity in the minds of your story viewers. Also, your teasers should be such that viewers click on them, enter your feed, and see what the fuss is all about. 

We would suggest that whatever teaser you post on your Instagram story, you cover it with a fun sticker. You can also write a “new post” and how would you would like the story viewers to engage with it. It is one of the best ways to tease your latest posts, products, and releases via Instagram stories.

Run Polls

In polls, people get two options to choose from and have to just click the one they like. Due to their simple nature and usage, they are one of the most popular and engaged stickers on Instagram stories. Polls are one of the best ways to gain engage your audience with stories and hear what they think about something. 

Instagram polls come with default answers of “yes” or “no”. Most people don’t know that they can customize these polls with entries of their choice up to 22 characters. So now, you need not stick with the boring “yes” or “no” and can take your Instagram polls to the next level. While creating polls, make sure the topic is relevant to your audience. This way you’ll always know what your audience wants and thinks. 

Instagram Story Shopping 

Before we start with the point, the first and foremost thing you need to ensure is that you have switched to an Instagram business account. It’s then only you’ll be able to use the feature on your stories. Some Instagram shopping stickers are available to only those accounts that have a particular followers count. In case you don’t have that minimum number of likes you can buy them from the best sites to get free instagram likes out there.

Instagram story shopping is a great way to boost engagement as well as boost sales for your business. You just need to place these stickers or link stickers on videos or images of your products and upload stories. Now, by tapping on the stickers, your story viewers will get to learn more about the product or even make a purchase.

Share Stories With ‘Countdown’ Stickers

Sharing stories with a countdown is yet another great way to get your audience all pumped up and boost your Instagram engagements. Countdowns are another type of sticker you’ll be able to find while sharing stories. 

Using the countdown stickers, you can set a reminder for any day and time. The remainder can be for anything such as a product launch, business announcement, event, offer, etc.  Once you’ve shared a story with a countdown, story viewers can subscribe to it. Once subscribed, the Instagram algorithm notifies them when the time is up and that particular countdown is complete.

Share Stories With ‘Ask Me A Question’ Stickers

Instagram stories should always be two-sided communication with businesses and viewers both involved. But, in most cases, stories end up being one-sided, which automatically leads to fewer engagements. You can avoid this by opening up your stories for questions. 

Well, you can connect and engage your audience by adding “ask me a question” stickers to your stories. People have questions and you can allow them to ask these questions or have conversations directly through these stickers. All these will make your viewers feel that you care, their opinion matters, and build trust for the long term.

Announce Deals & Offers Through Stories

Everyone loves deals and offers. As a business, there must be certain times when there are deals and offers going on. Well, you can use this time as an opportunity to gain Instagram engagement. You can announce these deals and offers to your audience on Instagram through stories. 

Another great way to boost engagement with stories is to put up some promo or discount codes. Putting up such codes on your Instagram stories instills a sense of FOMO among your audience. It also generates hype, makes your audience more alert toward your brand, and leads to improved engagements. 


With that, we come to the end of our article. We’re sure that by implementing these tips & tricks you’ll be able to improve engagement on your Instagram stories. As a bonus tip, to further boost the engagement rates and overall growth on the platform, you can buy Instagram followers. All The Best! 

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