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How to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code

Many people nowadays are using Facebook even for their daily conversations. They are trying to find new friends, expand their audience, and earn money. But sometimes, you realize that you are unable to log in to your account. What has happened?

This article will show you how to recover your Facebook account password without a confirmation reset code.

Why Facebook disables an account

If we want to speak in general, Facebook disables an account when it doesn’t meet the term & rules of Facebook. Here we have listed the most common reason that may lead to disabling your account.

  • Fake account

If you don’t use your real name on Facebook, you may be abandoned by the servers.

  • Malware

If you click on fraud or scam content on Facebook, your account may be locked.

  • Offensive content

If you have posted the content which violates the Facebook guidelines, your account will be banned respectively.

  • Being hacked

If any person has hacked your account, Facebook will cross out your account to guarantee other accounts’ privacy and security.

  • Too many messages & friend requests

If you have sent too many friend requests or messages in a short range of time, your account may be disabled.

If you think that your Facebook account was disabled by mistake and you are not the culprit, you can re-enable and recover that account by submitting an appeal.

Recovering Facebook password without confirmation reset code

In this part, we are going to show how you can recover your Facebook password without requiring a confirmation reset code. You can use one of these two solutions;

  • Logging in with an alternate email or phone number

If you can log into your Facebook account with your usual credentials, you can try using an alternate email address or phone number. If you don’t know what alternate information you have, go to and follow the instructions. Make sure that you are using the computer or mobile phone that you have previously used to log into your Facebook account.

Now, it is time to start the process. Follow these steps;

  1. Open your Facebook and go to the login page
  2. Next, click on the “forgot password” icon
  3. Click on the option on the lower-left corner of the reset password page to start the Facebook account recovery process. With this option, you are telling Facebook that you do not have access to your email address.
  4. Enter an email address you previously added to your Facebook account.
  5. Finally, choose the “This Is My Account” icon when you see your profile photo, and follow the instructions from there to reset your password and regain access to your account.
  • Try Trusted Contacts.

If you have any trusted contacts set up, you can ask them to help you recover your account password. Note that you have to speak with your friends to visit the “Recover” section of the Facebook website and send you the code they receive from there. To recover your account, at least you need three codes.

If you don’t have any friends, you can choose to answer one of the security questions and reset your password on the spot. As an extra precaution, you need to wait 24 hours before accessing your account.


I hope this article could be helpful. Remember that if you want to protect your account from disabling, you have to be patient and make social networking of fans, likes, and friends. More after, you can also join Facebook groups at any time. Finally, you have to limit friend requests and the number of posts you post in a short time.

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