How to See Liked Posts on Instagram

Instagram posts are interactive and almost every post you receive has something you might like. Every minute, you might receive new posts and you keep tapping the like icon many times daily. After some time, your preferences may change and you decide to check some posts you liked several days ago. 

Looking at the number of posts you have to scroll through to get to a specific one might discourage you before you start. Luckily, Instagram has a feature that enables users to find previously liked posts and bookmarks. If you are not sure how to access your liked posts on Instagram, here is the step-by-step process. 

Is it important to like posts on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the major social media platforms with a lot of interactive features that help boost user experience. The more you use Instagram, the more you learn to diagnose simple user challenges such as can’t log into Instagram error.

When using the platform, you must understand how its algorithms work. The level of posts engagement is directly proportional to the level of ranking on Instagram. Engagement is measured in terms of likes, shared posts, views, number of comments, etc. 

To Instagram, higher engagement means your post is of better quality and it’s relevant to your audience. How fast your posts receive audience engagement matters and liking posts can help boost timing. If a user is searching a certain hashtag and your post has a lot of likes, it will display as a top post on the platform. 

Why do users want to see previously like posts?

A writer and digital marketing for a do an assignment service says that many Instagram users use the platform for business purposes and likes determine performance for each post. Some posts perform better while others perform poorly. Users prepare their next post depending on how the previous ones performed. They improve each new post based on insights gained from the previous one.

By checking the previous likes, you will get an idea of what to eliminate or add in your next post. You may also want to see which users have shared your posts and follow them because they might be potential clients. 

Another marketer for an excellent service that provides academic writing says that if the particular post had performed well, you might add some quality information to it to improve its performance. It could be the post is no longer useful and you want to unlike it and to check any new comments from your audience. 

How to see previously like posts on Instagram

Instagram automatically saves all your liked posts on your account and you can easily access them by following these easy steps. 

  • Open your Instagram account and tap on the profile icon. The icon is located at the bottom of your page on the right side. 
  • When the profile icon opens, check the top right side and open the menu icon. 
  • On the hamburger menu, select settings and then account
  • Once the account has opened, tap on Posts you have liked to display them.

In an instant, all your recently liked posts, such as videos or images, will open and display in a grid. Scroll to check the specific post you want and tap on it to zoom in. If you are using iOS, there is a feature that allows you to view the posts in full screen and see how it appears in the Instagram feed. 

According to a writing online service, this method is applicable if you are using both Android and iOS but if you are using a PC, you might require an enhanced Instagram layout. On the PC, Instagram displays basic functionality and it’s not possible to view most of the features. 

You can view posts, like them, and follow what other users are doing on the platform. Your limitation will come when you want to post videos, photos, or view liked posts. This is because the software is created to work best on phones and some features do not display on PC. Some Mac and Windows users install an extension to enable them to view like posts on PC. 

Are liked posts the same as saved posts?

Social media manager for a college paper help website mentions that if you view a photo or video on Instagram and like it, you simply tap on the heart to show like it. It could be a favorite travel place you liked, a recipe, a nice drawing, or a beautiful building. Sometimes you might like something without paying much attention to it. To like something on Instagram is different from saving it.

You might take a closer interest in a post and want to refer to it later for further details. What you do to such a post is to save it and easily access it anytime you want. What you save is not a must that you like it first. You can save any post without liking it and you can like and save a post. 

To help you keep track of your liked and saved posts on Instagram, the bookmark feature will be useful. Using the feature, you can arrange your posts in categories by creating your list of collections. You might have your travel category, recipes, restaurants, health experts, etc. The bookmark feature is your better way to set private post tracking. 

How many liked posts can you see?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to view all the posts you have liked. The maximum you can view is 300 and if the post you wanted to see is number 301, it would be impossible to view it.

If you will likely be viewing liked posts often, avoid liking any post that you receive. Be selective to the posts you like and only like those that you feel might be useful to you soon. If you like fewer posts per day, you will have a chance to view them all when the need arises. 

How to unlike liked posts

You might accidentally touch the like icon and you realize you liked the wrong post. You might also like a post but later realize you no longer agree with its content or you might change your preferences later. If you no longer like a post that you previously liked, it’s easy to unlike it.

If you are using Android, follow the above steps to see liked posts. Tap to open the post you want to unlike. Once it’s open, tap on the heart to unlike. There is another option you can easily follow. While on the liked posts display, tap and hold the post you want to unlike. Drag the post to the heart icon and once you drop it there, you have already unliked it. 

If you are using iOS, go to the liked posts screen and open the one you want to unlike. Once it has opened, touch the like icon to unlike it. The alternative is to long-press the post and then tap on the unlike icon. Note that you cannot unlike all your 300 recently liked posts but you can tap and unlike as many as you want. 


For better access to your important posts on Instagram, it’s much easier if you save them. Sometimes users get busy and keep liking posts without saving. If you forget to save, Instagram has a feature that enables you to see your liked posts easily. The application limits you to see a maximum of 300 recently liked posts and you can tap on any to get more information, follow, share, or unlike. 

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