How to use Facebook analytics?

How to use Facebook analytics?

If you are managing a Facebook page either for your personal experiences or for your business, knowing more about audiences, user behaviors, time to posts, and other analytics factors is a must. Facebook analytics is a tool to help find out more about the users, their actions and other important factors.

What is Facebook Analytics?

Facebook analytics is a tool to see the engagement rate, account growth rate, the best time to post on Facebook, top posts, and other Facebook data to see the status of the Facebook page.

Facebook analytics, which is also known as Facebook Insights, tracks likes, page views, and more. Facebook analytics tells you who your audience is and how they’re interacting with your page. … It’s packed full of insights and data that can help you get the most from the social media that reaches 1.62 billion users every day.

What is Facebook engagement?

Facebook engagement includes every action of users on Facebook posts. These actions include like, comments, clicks, and share.

Facebook engagement shows how useful a post is or how is the growth of the account. Undoubtedly, the more involvement an account has, the better that account performs in general.

How to use Facebook analytics?

The main way to see Facebook analytics is the Facebook insights which is the in-app analytics feature on this platform, just lie Twitter analytics, and Instagram analysis tools.

To use Facebook page insight, you should log in to your account and go to the Facebook page.

  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Go to Facebook page from home
  3. Click on the top menu on insight

You can choose different parts from the left menu. By clicking each section on the main page, you will get a more in-depth insight. Though, It may look a bit confusing specifically for beginners to use Facebook insight.

If you have just started your Facebook page, or you have no ideas on how to use Facebook insight, you should go for InoSocial. It has a simple and easy to use dashboard, in which you can add all other social media too. Below are some of the Facebook analytics parts.

Facebook page analytics

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide any analytics for personal profiles. Therefore, to see Facebook metrics, you should create a Facebook page. Facebook page analytics can be divided into main sections:

  • Followers
  • Like
  • Reach
  • Pageviews
  • Page previews
  • Action on page
  • Posts data
  • Events
  • Videos
  • Stories
  • Demographic
  • Messaging connections

Facebook video analytics

For advanced analysis of other people’s pages, you need to use tools, for example, Popsters.

In the video analytics, you can see two different data:

Performance: the number of minutes all videos are watched from the selected period.

Top videos: highest performing videos by minutes viewed from the selected periods

All in all

If you are running a Facebook business page for your brand, using Facebook analytics is a must for further improvement. In general, Facebook analytics gives you a better insight into what users may love and how to perform better on Facebook.

Author: Francine Berano

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