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Instagram has grown as one of the best-known and important social media programs. People from various positions of knowledge work with it for differing views. They might use it as a private account to post photos and videos of their events, special occasions, or even simple regular seconds. Another group of them use it to manage small companies and even multi-billion-dollar corporations. It gives a whole road for companies to promote their goods and services to over a billion Instagram users.

Just after 2010, Instagram has developed unbelievably from a photo-posting app into a beneficial social media system and a commerce channel for many markets. All of us know that Instagram post likes are important for its users.

Likes are essential in supporting one’s following and reliability on Instagram. As more users like your posts, you will achieve more enthusiastic followers. In particular, “likes” are so vital to the Instagram market that some people even meet third-party sets to generate astroturfed “like” operations and provide them some (fake) following.

Unliking is a dull manner of working in posts one by one, but some apps help you make it faster. This text will provide all you have to know about how to run fast the unliking process.

How to Remove and Cancel All Likes on Instagram

Let’s see how you can delete likes:

How to delete likes manually on the Instagram app

For this guide, we have adopted the iOS account of the Instagram app. You can find similar levels on Android, so you should not have any difficulties operating the app.

  1. Run the Instagram App
  2. Touch on the app to start and tap your profile photo at the back right of the cover.
  3. Choose the “Hamburger” Image
  4. Choose the menu by hitting on the “hamburger” symbol or the three-line icon at the head right of your cover.
  5. Entree Settings
  6. Choose the Settings key at the back of the list. It will show you a complete kit of choices.
  7. Touch the “Account”
  8. The Account list highlights all of your current projects and some account frames. Picked Posts You have Liked to see all of them.
  9. Choose the posts to unlike
  10. Go over the liked posts and unlike any of them by hitting the “heart” icon below the post. You might need much time for this method. like most other social media apps, Instagram does not hold a constitutional requirement for unliking in the majority.
  11. Tip: Choose to see all the fancied posts one by one, rather than in a series of three. It might make the process a little faster.

What Should You Do on Desktop Instagram?

As Instagram is a smartphone social media app, there are some constraints on what is possible to do on a desktop. There is no opportunity to see posts that you have liked again, and you cannot upload images. But, fortunately, it is possible to unsave posts from your Saved list.

Third-Party Apps to Remove Likes on Instagram

The only method to easily remove all your likes is to apply a third-party app to handle your account. More than deleting all the likes in one action, these apps provide extra features that might be deserving of your care. You can use them as primarily designed social media management tools.


FollowingLike is a social media control device that allows you to manage a lot of social media accounts. It is essential for a severe Instagram influencer or anyone managing various accounts. You have to pay for this FollowingLike app for $97 in the one-account type and works on Windows (XP or higher) and Mac OS. There is a wide series of points for the FollowingLike such as unliking posts.

Cleaner for IG

Cleaner for IG (iOS only) is an available app for free, and in the basic set, you can prepare an upgraded expert version for a modest fee. While it has a cloud upgrade, there is a user interface that performs it easy to apply. 

It enables you to unlike Instagram photos and posts in the majority in a few clicks. One warning – users have stated that Cleaner for IG does not balance well, and if you own an account with millions of followers, it might be slow and hard to use.


As an Instagram user, you have to know about the importance of posts. Here, we showed you how to unlike posts when you need them and introduced the two best apps that you can use in this way.

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