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Top (easy to use) Instagram Username Generators in 2021

About one billion users are active on Instagram so it is safe to say that it is the most popular social platform in the world. This platform, like many others, does not let users create accounts with repetitive usernames hence choosing a new one is a bit complicated.

Should I change the name or username on Instagram?

Your username defines your account on Instagram. It is limited to 30 characters and can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. It should be representative of your brand. It is a good idea to include your niche in it.

When you want to register on Instagram this is one of the first steps. If the username of your choice is not taken by another person a checkmark appears and if not, it gives you alternative options that are similar to your choice but are available. You can change your username either on your mobile app or on the website. Your name is your Instagram handle and is not necessarily unique.

It may seem insignificant but with many people working in your field, your username can really play a determining role in attracting followers and introducing your products and services. People can find you by searching it. Your username has to have some features to cut through the noise especially if you want to use your page to grow your business.

Some points that you must have in mind while selecting a username include:

  • Catchy and memorable: do not choose names that are too long or full of numbers. Choose a short to middle-length name.
  • Relevant to your specialty: avoid using combinations that are irrelevant to your profession.
  • Available on all social media platforms: it is a good idea to open all your social media accounts with a similar username. That way your audience can easily find you everywhere.
  • Use some help: there are numerous username generator websites that can help you choose a unique name.

Best Username Generator Websites

In this article, we want to list some of the best generator websites to make the job easier for you.

  • give this generator a word related to your profile and it will come up with several ideas for your username. You can then based on the content you wish to publish on your page, choose one and move a step forward in growing your business.
  • this free website can generate a username for any social platform and is not limited to Instagram. You give it a name and a category of your choice and it produces the best combination.
  • the interface of this website uses the same colors as Instagram. It gives you ideas and checks the availability. this website asks you for more detailed information. Wants you to enter your preferred prefix, adjective category, noun category, and more.

  • spinxo asks you questions like what your hobbies are and what you like and then suggests names. You can then use your creativity and play with the suggestions to generate unique names.

How to change your name on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap on your profile picture to enter your profile
  • Tap on edit profile
  • Type your name
  • Tap on submit

How to change your username on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Tap on your profile picture to enter your profile
  • Tap on edit profile
  • Type your username
  • Tap on submit

Can changing your username hurt your page?

If you have a lot of followers, it is not a good idea to change your username because if you have used your link in other places like email, it won’t direct people to your account anymore.

When you change your username all your data is automatically transferred to your new profile, however, if new people search your name, it will say the user cannot be found.

You can avoid losing followers by announcing the change in your username either in your posts or stories. On the other hand, your name is not related to your URL and does not cause people to unfollow or lose you.

As already said, your Instagram username is very important. Take your time and ask other people’s opinions to make the best choice.

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