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What Are The Most Upvoted Comments on Reddit?

most upvoted post on reddit

Reddit is popular as the best message board platform on the internet and has more than 540 million daily visits.

It is logical to believe that traffic like this will cause billions of comments each month, conservatively chatting. But, some of these posts expect to become part of the stack.

A recent Reddit report noted the top-rated comments for the past year, and there were favorite subreddit logs with the highest-rated comments during the time. Also, Here I collected some of these top comments with complete context.

It’s All Nice with Rice

A funny joke at the best time can get a lot of upvotes. You can choose to manage your joke-cracking on one subreddits with the most traffic, such as AskReddit.

Here, I state one comment with these features, which ranks about 35,500. The opening poster (OP) asks: “What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice?” a funny user commented: “Ice. Rice is amazing with almost anything else,” which got many upvotes itself.

The special point is that the opportunity poster replied in this way: “This one had to be cooked for various reasons. I boiled rice with ice, and I was left with rice – 10/10.” Showing that no food won’t go with rice. This comment made the poster a Reddit gold honor.

A Story about Kevin

It is another post that states a great number of questions from the OP. For example, “Who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?” Here, users are supposed to read many stupid items; they cannot get the following story up.

A mentor points out a fantastic story of a boy named Kevin. First, he talked for a long post regarding the boy with excellent low intelligence. Then the coach enters all the incredible things concerning Kevin.

For instance, there is a moment where Kevin takes the teacher’s phone while it was on. So the phone sounds as the coach calls the number. But Kevin would not accept that he took it. Nor would he maintain the ringing as his. Preferably, Kevin begins rejecting that it is the sound of the phone ringing. It is just one of the various stories distributed in reply to the first question.

 It is a 5-year-old post, with three platinum awards posters, 13 gold awards, and seven silver prizes on Reddit.

Best Life Choice

As you might guess, this upvoted comment is not funny. Some are regarding individual stories, like the comment that took about 70 thousand upvotes. The OP questions other people’s best life decisions.

One comment drops back to kindergarten ages. The OP had to take a prize for great performance, but rather than taking a mini gumball machine, OP chose to select something else. Regards to this decision, he makes this recurring emotional and cheery feeling to this time. You certainly have to hold the post yourself, so I will not defile it.

“Roasting” the OP

Roasting is another option to make an upvoted comment. It means a different Reddit user tells funny jokes with the opportunity poster. There is a comment with about 63,000 upvotes for an adequate roasting of the OP.

The OP represents a position where he moved to hug a lady while she quickly took his hand and moved it, presumably to withdraw anything more friendlily. It was humiliating for him to ask: “What are the most private areas on earth identified to man? “And a user replies: “Your bed, I’m guessing.”

Disneyland Goofy AMA

The opportunity poster states that he performed Goofy at Disney World for a long time as a pleasant thought. Then someone asks in a comment a retelling of a magic time at Disney World, where things change.

The man tells a heartbreaking story about two young girls who endured a tragic event. 

The story represents a collective work by those operating at Disney World to experience a magical day. It is an excellent story and now the most upvoted comment in history.


Here, I mentioned some of the highest-ranked comments on Reddit. But there are thousands more valuable notices regarding the number of users, subreddits, and posts.

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