How to Repurpose Content on Social Media

Repurposing content is a great way to provide your readers with up-to-date information when you run out of new original content ideas. Incredible content pieces sometimes do not get the expected attraction. Instead of counting them among poor pieces, consider repurposing them and giving them another chance to engage readers.

Now the question is, where to start?

Choose content that you find relevant and recyclable. An evergreen content piece can be your best bet when it comes to choosing content for repurposing. To make sure you are sharing content on trending topics, consider re-uploading your previous content pieces keeping the information in them up-to-date.

Let’s look at a few more effective ways of repurposing content and bringing life back into your old content:

1. List Expansion

You can recreate a previous content piece that covered a list of sorts with details improved for each topic. Breaking down the list to create a series of content pieces can be a great idea as it allows you to recycle the subtopics into standalone articles.

By adding more details, you make the content piece more valuable and unlock opportunities to include other internal links in it. This link network system is followed by search engine algorithms to index the associated web pages.

Linking your old articles to newer and improved ones with better value helps increase your rankings. It also greatly improves the article’s visibility in the related search results.

2. Screenshot Tweets for Reupload

Tweets that perform well are good content sources that can be screenshotted and shared again on different platforms. There are cases where the screenshots performed better than the original tweet. That’s why tweet screenshots are becoming popular on image platforms like Instagram or Pinterest.

Tweets can be self-made or shared by other users. Repurposing tweet content on Instagram can turn out to be an effective way to deliver the context to your followers. This way, you can also deliver tweets to people who aren’t following your Twitter channel.

Make use of information, quotes, and statistics to provide meaningful content on image platforms. When doing so, do with links toward the source to increase the traffic on your older posts. Image content is likely to generate bigger traffic and thus is one of the promising techniques to boost your previous posts.

The beauty of it is how well the screenshot format works. There is no need to modify the tweet with any custom backgrounds. In case your campaign isn’t on Twitter, you can start by using the older content as new tweets.

3. Repost on Quora

Similar to reposting the content on social media, content teams can utilize the quora platform. Quora is a good platform for sharing repurposed content. The principle of the platform lies in its simple question-and-answer format.

The format of the site is convenient and allows for making use of your acquired knowledge. You will come across numerous people with their questions. If a content piece of yours answers a question well, you can share that on this platform.

Quora can be used to post other relevant blogs. After providing answers or solutions, you can piece it together with a link to your web page promising an in-depth answer. Quora replies can also be used for designing your next blog post. Again, you can reshare your quora answers on your social media channels to reach a broad swath of people.

4. Interviews

Who knew interviews could also be used as a form of content? They are popular due to the credibility of third-party involvement. Interviews are relatively easy to conduct and can be done with the help of questionnaires.

Interviews have good potential to gain traction as the involved people promote and share articles they’ve been part of. You can further recycle interviews to create an expert advice ebook. You’ve essentially created two content pieces by just changing the format.

The availability of interviews and expert advice ebooks can attract a wider audience. People can use either of the content assets according to their preferences. Ebooks are also a backup solution to help people who missed your interviews.

5. Blogs and Podcasts

Every blog post in your arsenal can be optimized into an audio format known as podcasts. Podcasts are growing in popularity due to the convenience they offer. People can digest your audio content even while doing their daily tasks.

With platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcast becoming accessible, many content creators have started to branch their content into these platforms. Hire quality speakers to read out your blog posts; don’t forget to modify them to suit the conversational tone of a podcast.

Podcasts are authentic content that never fails to captivate your audience. This is also an opportunity to update your existing content to give the listeners a fresher content piece.

If your team already has been publishing podcasts, the reverse of this approach is also applicable. To get the most out of the podcast episodes, you will need to boost its shares for the best possible ROI. Conversion of the audio content into text could benefit that pursuit.

Providing text format for podcast episodes will help you engage your audience that prefers text over voice content. The biggest benefit, however, is the SEO boost as the search engine algorithm won’t be analyzing audio content to rank you and thus, needs text.

6. Infographics

People can process images faster than text. Hence, the use of infographics is always encouraged. Much of the statistics that appear boring can be optimized into attractive images which are better understood. Images can also be used on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram.

With the help of images, you can make your readers better understand the complex aspects of your content. It might even clear out the confusions that could’ve occurred by the original post.

Images have been proved to have better engagement statistics than text content. If your team has no resources to spend on creating images, they can temporarily use stock images.

Using stock images, you will be able to captivate users better and guide them toward your core content.

7. Testimonials

Readers are extremely keen to listen to what your ex-clients have to say about your brand’s products/ services. They want an overall idea about the services you provide before taking the effort to do detailed research.

This is where good testimonials come to play. Use testimonials from your existing customers as part of your marketing strategy. Testimonials help in providing reassurance to your potential customers.

The other plus point of using testimonials is that they are signs that your firm holds the opinions of your customers with utmost importance. Showing how you respect your target audience’s views goes a long way in building your relationship with them.

8. Memes

Hear us out. Memes at first glance can seem unprofessional but you cannot deny how captivating it is to the current generation. We can find memes almost everywhere as a large number of people enjoy viewing memes.

Memes are known to have higher share rates and can be utilized to obtain a bigger reach at low investments. You will have to keep it up to mark using witty humor or timing the meme post in the right circumstances.

Using captivating memes can greatly improve the engagements and people will be appreciative of this human side of the campaign. Consider your brand personality when choosing the type of memes to use during content repurposing.

When providing your readers with information in a fun way try to do so while maintaining your brand consistency. The other thing to vary of is forced memes. Forced humor or poorly timed memes will backfire as they will be seen as a poor attempt to jump on the meme culture.

9. Video Content

The video format is one of the crowd favorites when absorbing content. Many of the content pieces can be derived to create videos. Video content is very popular in social media and is a good choice for content repurposing.

Many social media platforms support users to create video content as it drives more engagement toward the platform. The content you are deriving from the foundation content might be able to produce hours of video content.

Ideally, this length for a video is not suited to capture the attention of a wider audience. Leaving a few exceptions for a few interested viewers, the majority of the viewers prefer bite-sized video content.

If the video content is compressed and still seems long, you can split it into parts to maintain a steady flow of micro-content. Make use of all the popular video platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Next, customize the videos to cater to the respective platform. For example, you cannot use the videos that were successful on YouTube for Instagram’s IGTV. The Instagram audience is fast-paced and will not be captivated by long videos.

10.  Ebooks

When you notice a pattern in the info you share from time to time, you should consider developing an ebook instead that can be a complete guide on a particular topic. Content pieces shared in abundance may leave your readers confused, but a neat and structured ebook will make them read through the content.

Repurposing content should improve the convenience of the users. Providing your users an informative and downloadable ebook in social media channels is always a plus point. You can provide them with How-to guides for the topics you cover.

How-to’s need to follow a simple tone for the best re-reading value. Stick to a basic language instead of an advanced tone to cater to beginners or for creating a simple reference material.

11. Webinars

Webinars are a good way to get a high number of attendees. If any webinar ended up being a major success you needn’t stop at that and pursue it again for content repurposing. Not all the interested people might’ve attended the webinars due to unforeseen circumstances.

Instead of having the webinar go as a one-time content piece, you could bring it back as video content. This not only gives the successful webinar a second chance to shine but also can be put to display on the platform for easy viewing.

The life of the webinar improves and it attracts new visitors. Thus, your audience pool for future webinars increases.

12. Quotes As Content

Quotes sometimes have a way to strike the reader’s mind and can drive them to contribute engagements towards your posts. This works even better if you are able to recruit the experts associated with the topic of your content.

They can provide valuable insights and their testimonials can be highly influential to the readers. Use quality quotes from industry leaders for repurposing content on social media. This can create a great impact on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

Keep in mind that quotes might not always hold extreme promotional value for your content. This is not essentially a bad thing. People will not appreciate your method of approach if it is always promotional content.

Providing your readers with occasional entertainment content will be beneficial in the long run. Maintain a healthy balance of promotional content along with entertainment content for a positive outlook by the readers.

In order to maintain your audience numbers and prevent its decline, you will need occasional doses of inspirational, humoristic, and captivating content.


Repurposing content acts as an alternative to creating original content. Your marketing team might not always be able to come up with captivating content ideas. Repurposing is essentially a solution to give them the breathing space to come up with new ideas in the meantime.

Needless to say, repurposing content requires less effort and brings fresh traffic to your existing content pieces. Breathe life into your content pieces that have good potential with expert help.

Check out the content marketing guide if you have a startup

Startup companies are easy to traverse and trust when it comes to delivering top-quality and cost-friendly services. Content writing services boost the success of a startup with the incorporation of pre-planned and eccentric strategies aimed at client satisfaction and consumer appreciation. 

Content is the king and proprietor of the marketing world and creates a money-spinning strategy that never impresses. Businesses are turning considerably towards content marketing to generate sales and profits without heavy strategies and simple work. 

When content is managed and updated, it provides closure and trust in people’s minds, bringing them back for more. The vast reach of content can never be demoralized as it has gained immense success in the galaxy of social media, with people’s minds sticking like glue towards it. If you are looking for fantastic content marketing guides, we are here to provide you with the best content marketing tips that generate outstanding results.

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1. Create exciting content.

Attention-grabbing content is directly proportional to vast sales and profits. When looking to create the perfect curated content, start by investigating the preferences and outlooks of your target audiences. You can ensure this by practical communication skills or studying through social media. 

When you curate content, ensure a pre-planned strategy to avoid procrastination and last-minute hustle-bustle. Write content to educate and inform the masses about your role and purpose as a venture. Your content should have the competence to stand out from competitors who are ever hungry to grab the uppermost position. 

Create content based on the interests of your audiences. Incorporate robust designs and visual images and videos to ensure total concentration and curiosity. A content writing agency in India is so respected because they ensure thorough research on target audiences and create exclusive non-replicative content that stands out.

2. Use social media as a boon.

The world of social media is like a never-ending ocean full of people glued to entertainment and information. The outreach of social media in the 21st century cannot be anticipated. Use social media to the maximum and profoundly promote your content. 

Only using promotion as a means of endorsing is not enough. You must ensure that your content has enticing images, videos, and designs that look appealing. Engage with your audiences and lend a ear to their perceptions and philosophies. 

Partner with other companies and make the best of sponsored advertisements. Look for a mutual give and take benefit of promotion in other companies. This method is used by many content writing agencies in Delhi, giving them the reputation of being one of the most notorious and famous content creators.

3. Reach out to influencers.

Do not fret at the possibility of an influencer promoting your content. Achieving this is not a big brainer as many influencers are more than happy to promote your content in exchange for monetary gains. 

We recognize that Lady Gaga and Ariane Grande won’t be available for promotion, but reaching out to low-key influencers with significant fan following will do the deed. Don’t be afraid to send a welcoming message and use courteous and approachable language while striking a deal. Influencers have a great deal of fan following, making it easier to gain views and recognition through their promotion.

4. Create a content calendar.

Every content must have a pre-planned strategy for effective implementation. Create a content calendar that lists the goals, topics, and several words you wish to write. Be outright consistent with your writings and not deviate from following the calendar at any cost. Keep setting up a reminder in case you forget to check your calendar. 

Creating a content calendar will save you from last-minute hassle and misperception. Pre-plan the topics you wish to talk about and keep a note of images and videos to be used for the same. Stick to the schedule decided, and do not let any hurdles get in the way of content curation. A content writing agency gains fame due to efficient strategies and sticking to their goals and expectations.

5. Research keywords.

Research the keywords you wish to use for your content. Keywords are the most critical factor for creating content and pushing it to reach new levels of distinction and success. Without the use of keywords, consumers will never know about the existence of your content. 

This does not mean stuffing your content with unrelated keywords to impress audiences. Use keywords that are related to your content and jot them down after careful brainstorming and research. Use each keyword judiciously and leave no room for jumble and cluttering. Content writing services in India are top-rated due to their ability to generate pertinent keywords that help gain success and recognition.

6. Regulate your elevation channels.

Determine which method of marketing you are going to use for content promotion. Be it email marketing, digital marketing or social media marketing—pre-decide which technique you wish to use and contact the necessary person with the scope of assisting. 

Research on which method is most suitable for your content. You can even use third-party distributors for the same, depending on the sensitivity of your topic, welcome opinions and submissions regarding the appropriate use of a promotion medium.

7. Proofread and submit.

Your content should be free from inconsistencies and silly errors. Request a knowledgeable person to proofread your content for rectification thoroughly. You can even use a writing tool for modification and development. 

Choose an editor and take his/her suggestions before publishing the content. Be grateful for constructive criticism to help generate your next content creation. Engage with your audiences and respect their opinions and suggestions for the improvement of the following content. A content writing company is successful when using constructive criticism and audience perspective to curate top-notch content aimed at perfection.

These were our seven excellent tips for content marketing. Ensure that you keep them in mind while curating content to gain fame and recognition. If you search for a fantastic content writing company in India, let us introduce you to Webgross. 

Webgross is the top content writing company in Delhi that is an expert in content writing and many other services.  They create perfect content without any scope for errors. When you decide to work with Webgross, you decide on a lifetime of eccentric services deemed for your satisfaction and service. 

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Tending content curation tools 2021 you should know.

Content curation has become one of the top marketing strategies employed to generate views and sales. Content writing  ensure a smooth flow of information and initially develop their caliber using content curation tools to give top-notch results. 

Content curation tools make content development more manageable by providing quality assistance that leaves no space for error. There is no harm in using content tools as they provide eminent assistance without threatening the authenticity and superiority of your content. 

When you create content, create it for your audiences rather than for the meager reason of generating fame and profit. Of course, that should be a priority, but ensuring the happiness of your target audience with faultlessly curated content will lead to the accomplishments of other goals that you have in mind. 

If you are faced with confusion regarding the plethora of content curation tools available, do not worry, as we are here to acquaint you with the best content curation tools personally used that help in curating error-free and perfect content.

1.       Feedly.

We cannot kick off this list without the mention of Feedly. If you are living under a rock, Feedly is an AI-powered content curation app that sequences the most pertinent content categories in real-time. 

It makes content curation easy by searching URLs about your preferential topics and likings. A clear description, sensitive data, and the relevancy of your content come under the umbrella term of the fantastic services provided by Feedly. Profoundly relying on AI can never go wrong in giving excellent propositions of content based on your inclinations.

2. Mycurator.

If you are a WordPress lover, ensure that you use this beneficial app. Build for WordPress bloggers; it is the number one content curation plugin that allows you to select article sources from blogs and news sites while providing astounding images and attribution. It is designed efficiently to deliver content to a WordPress dashboard for curation and review.

3. Klout.

Staying true to its name, Klout measures the social stimulus of your content. It gives you a perception of your audience’s preferances and commends shareable content in your field of expertise. It offers fantastic recommendation ideas that boost social acknowledgment and influence. To avail of their outstanding services, you would have to do the menial task of linking your Klout account to your social media accounts and wait for it to work its magic.

4. is one of the best content curation writing tools. It turns your content into an online newspaper format that is easily shareable on all social media platforms. The effect is neatly curated and presentable-looking content for people to enjoy. You can even edit and add comments to spice up the online persona of your content.

5. Quuu.

The real essence of this tool is that it is reviewed by highly knowledgeable real-life people instead of regular machines. You can find content regarding a plethora of topics that interest you. They also offer video and podcast suggestions to gain favorable information. 

Quuu boasts several loyal users and is one of the best content curation apps ever seen. Quuu does not limit its services to just one language but offers suggestions in several languages catering to the needs of diverse people universally. It creates a safe environment for gaining knowledge and engaging with like-minded people.


A blessing for small businesses, helps to store relevant content to share on your website. Used extensively for small businesses and startups, has been very successful in accumulating relevant content to make marketing an easy task and create shareable newsletters. It provides various services such as an intelligent calendar, content sourcing, practical analysis, and auto-scheduler to make content curation as easy as pie.

7. Bundlepost.

Bundlepost helps you in curating content and provides you with the service of curating relevant hashtags. This multitasking app provides relevant content which helps in professionally running marketing strategies and businesses. It creates a rich experience on social media through RSS-generated content curation.

8. Buzzsumo.

Buzzsumo helps in curating content that have been deemed perfect in the eyes of social media influencers. Heavily used by several people, it creates an atmosphere of the most famous content, which is easily shareable and engaging. Proving you with alerts, Buzzsumo hosts various content used by influencers and authors that are easy to digest and understand.

9. Triberr.

Triberr is well known for creating a safe space filled with like-minded people that provide fantastic suggestions and standpoints to curate content. It provides mechanized sharing and connects you with various people that provide valuable suggestions that help you share content deemed for applause and gratitude. 

t compiles content sources, makes them controllable, and helps schedule and process content in a workflow. Triberr can never go wrong when it comes to organization and promotion of mutually-benefited content.

10. Pinterest.

Last but not least, we can never generate a perfect list of the best content curating tools without including Pinterest. A heavily used app boasting several loyal audiences, Pinterest allows you to save content to your dashboard and has been one of the top marketing tools to generate sales and profits. 

It helps curate content into boards and gives outstanding ideas related to any topic you wish to touch. A free content curation tool, it provides quickly shareable content without discrepancies.

There you have it, our finest suggestions of quality content curation tools that you must try. Having used these tools personally, we can vouch for them self-assuredly and efficiently. If you are looking for eccentric content writing services Delhi, please allow us to acquaint you with Webgross. Webgross is the top content writing company in Delhi that provides fantastic and cost-friendly services guaranteed to generate accomplishment and appreciation. 

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What Does Sponsored Content mean?

You may hear the phrase sponsored content. It means that a name has given some money to make some content in front of you.

Do you think sponsored content would works?

Sponsored content makes your company in front of characters in situations that they are already searching for it. It holds great data and seems suitable for the context. You can use this way to show people more about what you perform.

Continue reading this text, and learn more about:

What does sponsored content mean?

Three features of sponsored content

What does sponsored content mean?

Sponsored content is selected content that a guarantor pays an administrator to produce and share. It is a kind of native advertisement that is compatible with the encompassing content on a webpage.

In other terms, sponsored content is an advertisement that seems to be there as a logical fit for a platform, rather than an invasive display.

Why is sponsored content a common form of retailing?

  • Sponsored content build your brand seem reliable and accurate by putting it alongside other things that the spectator appreciates.
  • Sponsored content continues to the user activity instead of confusing it.
  • Sponsored content is one of the rare access to funding for publication without disrupting people.
  • Sponsored content is not a restricted format or kind of media.
  • Sponsored content is commonly helpful – a content creator (with an audience) takes funding, and a stock creator (who wants an audience to become customers) finds an audience.

At its heart, sponsored content is easy: Two names make a sponsored content partnership – the merchant funds for the content, and different brands, social media influencers, or administrators distribute it.

Sponsored content is a popular way that has been approximately for more than 100 years.

Three features of sponsored content

Sponsored content is developing with the digital scene. Like new ideas for us to use content emerge, you can trust that sponsored content will happen.

Because it is ever-changing, various sponsored content descriptions are not exhaustive or comprehensive. When setting sponsored content, there are three features you need to notice:

  1. The distinction between sponsored content and native advertising.
  2. The content forms of sponsored content.
  3. Sponsored content are the same as other content in the feed.
  • The distinction between sponsored content and native advertising.

The distinction between sponsored content and native advertisement is that it is a kind of native advertising special to a sponsored partnership among two names. 

All sponsored content is the local advertisement, but not all local advertising means sponsored content.The variation is that sponsored content remains just that – content. It is a video, photo, or object that seems like other items on the page.

  • The content forms of sponsored content

All types of content are a sort of sponsored content because it is not limited to any form or custom. The only point distributing content from sponsored content is the sponsoring.

Sponsored content involves Articles, Listicles, Videos, Photos, Infographics, Sponsored Tweets (Twitter), and more.

Like what you see in this list, social media sponsored content is the usual topic. All social media programs offer a new kind or type of content. 

All social platform has a bulky audience of regular users. It performs the social feed as direct access for sponsored posts.

Based on a study by Content Marketing Institute:

Social media covered the table of advanced methods B2C marketers apply to share content

Of the 68% of respondents who employ advanced methods, three out of four (77%) value sponsored content on social media

33% of respondents practiced sponsored content on websites different from their own.

  • Sponsored content are the same as other content in the feed.

Show advertisements, banner ads, full-page ads, and even advanced listings do not work very well anymore. But studies from 2018 proved that people do not avoid all ads, they avoid interfering ads more. Sponsored content gives a resolution to this by placing ads on sites that people are already searching. The presentation of sponsored content within the usual content attracts attention apart from the sponsor and delivers it to the original post.

The content is compatible with the page, and the reader’s defender is off. Their first form of content is original, and the uncertainty they hold toward conventional advertising is over.


As a trader, you might like to make effective ads for your brands. Today, there are different opinions about this topic on various types of that. Here, we talked about Sponsored content and how it helps you to get more customers. 

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