How to Change Reddit Username?

Today people use Reddit as the largest social news aggregate site to search content on almost all legal topics. You can find different posts, images, and text around numerous points like science, video games, movies, music, books, art, etc. There is a special point about Reddit that makes it popular. When you use Reddit, you can create boards named ‘subreddits’ to create posts and conversations about a specific theme or object. Also, users can upvote posts that they like or downvote ones with less value. You will see your posts on the front page of Reddit if it is among the most successful ones.

And millions of people who scan the site can see your posts on that front page. While working with Reddit could be useful, interesting, and fun, it could be annoying sometimes as several users feel frustrated with changing their usernames. 

Can I change My Reddit Username?

This one is the most common question asked on Reddit. Sadly, there is no specific answer to this query. When you choose your Reddit username (through the account enrollment process),it is impossible to replace it in the future because you select it to connect to your sign up information forever. This is a vital option to overcome to fraud or account impersonation.

But there is another solution that is deactivate your current account and generate a new one. The point is that when you deactivate your account, you might miss all data of your existing account. Still, the previous Reddit posts on Reddit would not get removed. You can see your username on those posts replaced with a *deleted* label.

Keep on reading and find more ways to change your Reddit username on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, you can read more about changing the Display name instead of a username.

Can I Change My User Name on Reddit on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and need to change your Reddit username, the below steps might help you:

  • Start with the Reddit app and run it on your iPhone, try to register or log in to your current account, tap on your avatar, then click on the “My Profile” selection. Pay attention that your account should be fairly new and have a real Reddit-assigned name to serve.
  • Now, Reddit asks you to verify if you decide to continue with your randomly selected username or convert it to a different one. Now, you have to choose “Change Username.”
  • Copy the username you want to use. Beware that you can use this option just one time, and you can not make changes later. Choose “Next” on the upper right-hand side to save your unique username.
  • Then Reddit will request you to verify that you decided to apply that username for sure. Click on “Save Username.”
  • Finish, you have now updated your username to your favorite one.

Can I Change My Username on Reddit on Android?

Sometimes, Android users decide to change their Reddit username, and they can follow the simple below steps to do so:

  1. Start with the Reddit app on your Android phone. Try to log in with your current, fairly new Reddit account or enroll in a new one.
  2. Choose your avatar on the upper left-hand side. Click on the “My Profile” choice.
  3. Reddit will ask you to verify if you like to work with your accidentally assigned username or convert it to your favorite one.
  4. Click on “Change Username.”
  5. Copy the username you want to apply. Be careful that you can do it just one time, and there is no choice to correct it later.
  6. Choose “Next” on the top right-hand side.
  7. Reddit will ask you to verify that you decide to work with that username ever.
  8. Touch  “Save Username” and finish.

How to Change Display Name on Reddit App (Android and iOS)

You cannot edit your Reddit username, but you can change your display name. Here, I want to tell you how:

  • Start with the Reddit app and tap on your profile avatar at the top-left side. Next, you will see a slide-out list, and click on the ‘My profile‘ choice.
  • On the following page, choose the ‘Edit Profile‘ key. You will now have an opportunity to edit your display name.
  • It is your time to replace your display name with what you want. You can choose it as you wish in about a 40-character limit. In the end, you have to click the ‘Save‘ key on the top-right side when you finish. Your unique Display name will immediately display on your profile page.

How to Change Display Name on Reddit Website?

There is another option that lets you change your display name on the Reddit website:

  • First, you have to log into the Reddit website and choose your profile avatar at the top-right side. There will appear a drop-down list, and you have to choose ‘Profile‘.
  • On the following page, touch the gear icon (Settings) close to your profile avatar.
  • Presently, you will notice the choice to edit your display name. Now, modify it to what you like in the 40-character limit. The site will auto-save your edit.
  • Move back to your profile page, and you will notice your unique display name in place of your username.


It can be enjoyable to come up with different Reddit username thoughts. But there is no method to convert your Reddit username out of missing some karma and forming a new account. But, if you have a relatively new account or your account is not that active, this method should not harm you badly. Just make sure to discuss a few intimate friends to take another idea as you can not change it again in the future. 

What Are The Most Upvoted Comments on Reddit?

Reddit is popular as the best message board platform on the internet and has more than 540 million daily visits.

It is logical to believe that traffic like this will cause billions of comments each month, conservatively chatting. But, some of these posts expect to become part of the stack.

A recent Reddit report noted the top-rated comments for the past year, and there were favorite subreddit logs with the highest-rated comments during the time. Also, Here I collected some of these top comments with complete context.

It’s All Nice with Rice

A funny joke at the best time can get a lot of upvotes. You can choose to manage your joke-cracking on one subreddits with the most traffic, such as AskReddit.

Here, I state one comment with these features, which ranks about 35,500. The opening poster (OP) asks: “What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice?” a funny user commented: “Ice. Rice is amazing with almost anything else,” which got many upvotes itself.

The special point is that the opportunity poster replied in this way: “This one had to be cooked for various reasons. I boiled rice with ice, and I was left with rice – 10/10.” Showing that no food won’t go with rice. This comment made the poster a Reddit gold honor.

A Story about Kevin

It is another post that states a great number of questions from the OP. For example, “Who’s the dumbest person you’ve ever met?” Here, users are supposed to read many stupid items; they cannot get the following story up.

A mentor points out a fantastic story of a boy named Kevin. First, he talked for a long post regarding the boy with excellent low intelligence. Then the coach enters all the incredible things concerning Kevin.

For instance, there is a moment where Kevin takes the teacher’s phone while it was on. So the phone sounds as the coach calls the number. But Kevin would not accept that he took it. Nor would he maintain the ringing as his. Preferably, Kevin begins rejecting that it is the sound of the phone ringing. It is just one of the various stories distributed in reply to the first question.

 It is a 5-year-old post, with three platinum awards posters, 13 gold awards, and seven silver prizes on Reddit.

Best Life Choice

As you might guess, this upvoted comment is not funny. Some are regarding individual stories, like the comment that took about 70 thousand upvotes. The OP questions other people’s best life decisions.

One comment drops back to kindergarten ages. The OP had to take a prize for great performance, but rather than taking a mini gumball machine, OP chose to select something else. Regards to this decision, he makes this recurring emotional and cheery feeling to this time. You certainly have to hold the post yourself, so I will not defile it.

“Roasting” the OP

Roasting is another option to make an upvoted comment. It means a different Reddit user tells funny jokes with the opportunity poster. There is a comment with about 63,000 upvotes for an adequate roasting of the OP.

The OP represents a position where he moved to hug a lady while she quickly took his hand and moved it, presumably to withdraw anything more friendlily. It was humiliating for him to ask: “What are the most private areas on earth identified to man? “And a user replies: “Your bed, I’m guessing.”

Disneyland Goofy AMA

The opportunity poster states that he performed Goofy at Disney World for a long time as a pleasant thought. Then someone asks in a comment a retelling of a magic time at Disney World, where things change.

The man tells a heartbreaking story about two young girls who endured a tragic event. 

The story represents a collective work by those operating at Disney World to experience a magical day. It is an excellent story and now the most upvoted comment in history.


Here, I mentioned some of the highest-ranked comments on Reddit. But there are thousands more valuable notices regarding the number of users, subreddits, and posts.

Most Upvoted Posts on Reddit in Previous Years

Some posts perform into Reddit’s first page each day, but just a few can linger amongst the head.

When you know the kind of content Redditors want to attend might help you as a hint on what is likely to give us some Karma. I will recognize and quickly review the top most-upvoted Reddit posts in previous years.

Reddit Upvoted Posts

  • Leo gets the Oscar! (r/movies)

It was an excellent night in 2016 for Leonardo DiCaprio, who joined the became one of the Oscar victors. Eventually, Leo’s “no oscar” memes stoped. They were entertaining as a trial, but numerous Redditors showed their support for this well-deserved award.

This post makes the 10th spot, with more than 141,000 upvotes.

  • Dad’s superman reflex saves 2 children (r/gifs)

A dad’s superhuman reflex protects his two children’s lives from an oncoming car. Is there anything better than preserving the life of someone? This post was a well-deserved place at the 8th rank with 204K upvotes and 5.7K comments.

  • Take your time, you got this (r/gaming)

This is a post with more than 221K upvotes in the r/gaming. Here, the subreddit ensures 6th place in the list of most upvoted Reddit posts. It indicates how the games you want to play usually do not resonate with your colleagues identically. The post got 3.3K comments.

  • A flight attendant – Shelia Fredrick, saved a Girl from the trafficker (r/pics)

This was about a hero flight attendant. She protected the life of a young girl from the social trafficker. Shelia Fredrick placed a sign in the bathroom the girl will go to tell her situation. Then the police called and arrest the trafficker. Generally, this bravery was recognized on Reddit and achieved up to 222K upvotes and 4.4K comments.

  • Middle child asserting dominance over all others(r/funny)

Humor is what Redditors like the most. This video shows all about a girl taking on her sister. Then the brother steps in, and it became all fair game now. She tilts both of them off the log, out of mercy. 

With 164K upvoted, this is among the 20 most successful or upvoted posts on Reddit.

  • Irish man leaves funny recording for his funeral! (r/funny)

It is a popular post from the r/funny subreddit. This post highlights a funny audio clip given by a man to play at his funeral, which causes people to laugh at his funeral. This Reddit post got 176K upvotes and 2.6K comments.

  • Printers (r/funny)

The post highlights a comic performing fun of printers. It states how a printer would decline to print with no particular color even when you do not need that color in your print. Other users shared their funny experiences with printers. This post is among the top 10 most upvoted posts on Reddit app and has about 192K upvotes and 2.4K comments.

  • Jeffrey Epstein, accused sex trafficker, dies by suicide: Officials (r/news)

It was a popular post in the r/news subreddit with 165K upvotes and 33.4K comments. The post is an expansion of a newspaper that declares the self-destruction end of Jeffery Epstein as a sex trafficker. The millionaire who was a standing lawyer on sex trafficking costs suicide. Redditors revealed mixed opinions with some firing on the DA and incompetent law requirements.

  • I drew all the boys together, and I did it for the internet (r/memes)

It was a post with an image by the Redditor Sickpupz that makes all the male cartoon characters in a year from The Simpson, Spiderman, Garfield, Pikachu, Donald Duck, Winnie the Poo, and more. This post got 204K upvotes and 4.2K comments.

  •  Don’t forget about this (r/pics)

Another post is about the Flint water crisis of 2014. It was a drinking water origin for the city of Flint shifted from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the Flint River as it costed less.

Because of poor water treatment, lead drained from the lead water pipes in the drinking water, showing upper 100,000 residents. First tuberculosis can attack the heart, kidneys, and nerves. In children, results like reduced cognition, behavioral disturbances, hearing difficulties, and delayed youth.


Here, we named some of the most amazing and popular Reddit posts, which cause them to become on the list of mos-upvoted ones.

How to Delete Your Reddit Account?

If you want to be one of Reddit’s millions of monthly live users, you have to know more about Reddit’s secrecy and security concerns.  Also, you might like to learn how to enduringly delete your account if you think that is the best idea for you.

Reddit is no alien to contention. It comes back to late 2016, soon after President Trump’s election. Reddit’s CEO, Steve Huffman, identified in a popular pro-Trump subreddit r/The_Donald that many of the most famous (and critical) criticisms were regarding Huffman himself, in acknowledgment of the shutting down of a Hilary Clinton conspiracy subreddit.

We exposed many of Reddit’s vulnerabilities like a celebrity nude photo hack, rebellious content moderators, and the ‘warrant canary’ removal in 2016 during past years.

In most of these cases, they asked to give over user data to state authority.

During 2018 Reddit discreetly (almost secretively) enabled the tracking of its users again and received this information from third parties. Reddit has tracking allowed by default for displaying and personalization goals, which users must opt out of manually.

Deactivating vs. deleting: What You Have to Understand

Reddit does not provide its users to disable their accounts tentatively. Once you remove your Reddit account, it is finished forever, with all your links. If not only removed before deactivating your accounts, you can still view your comments, but you can not see the author of the comments.

If you change your idea another time, you can not sign up to Reddit with an identical username like in the past, neither will anyone else. Moreover, there is currently no automatic point to download your Reddit data. You require to reach the company to ask a download of your user data.

Step-By-Step Example: How to Remove Your Reddit Account

If you have chosen Reddit is not great for you, observe these simple steps to delete your account enduringly.

  • First, you have to log in to your Reddit account.
  • Then go to your user symbol and choose ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down list.
  • Scroll to the base of the page and tick Deactivate Account.
  • Now, it is time to re-enter your log-in details. Also, you can pick a purpose why you are removing your Reddit account. Indicate that you get deactivated accounts that cannot be reached and click Deactivate.
  • At this level, Reddit asks you if you are sure about what you are doing.
  • If you are sure, choose the right key, and your Reddit account is now permanently deleted.

Extra Steps to Save Your Data Private Online

In current years newsworthy scandals enclosing the privacy protocols and methods of various social media programs.

 For instance, in 2018 there was the Cambridge Analytica scandal connected Facebook. It examined the data of more than 87 million users received inappropriately.

Users can find many data regarding you from your social media accounts. There have been many examples of burglars hitting houses they recognize to be clear, thanks to holiday items on social media.

Several social media users share their precise location when posting into geotags without understanding it. It could carry away your location, and if you feature the day of your birth on your profile, fraudsters may have sufficient knowledge to perform identification fraud. The more data about you that is online, the higher the risk.

But, social media is beneficial in many ways – not just in tarrying related to colleagues and family, but also for marketing purposes. Therefore, if you are not eager or at a point to give up social media, there are some items you can take to stay protected. You have to study and investigate the privacy policies of the social media sites you want to sign up. Also, you have to be careful about those that automatically share your data information with third parties.

Moreover, control your privacy settings. You have to limit who can view what you post to committed family and friends.

Besides, do not provide a social media platform promise to post or enter your location. Verify your privacy settings frequently to guarantee that nothing has developed without your intimation.


If you are no longer involved in managing Reddit, you can remove your account. You will want to jump into some more hoops. Here is how to do it.

How to Fix the Reddit app down easily?

If you want to pick some upvotes or beat something with a banana, you might be frustrated to see that Reddit is not working. It is something that seldom occurs, so that might appear as a shock. Often it is because of an outage, but it could also be a dispute with the app on your phone. Here is a smart model on how to solve any problems with Reddit you might encounter.

How to fix Reddit is down?

  1. Is Reddit down?
  2. How to fix Reddit app not loading?

Here, I will discuss how you can solve this topic in various ways.

Is Reddit Down?

If Reddit is just not working for you, likely, it is down for other users further. Ere trying other below steps, you need to be sure that this is not a worldwide interruption.

You can use Down Detector as a tool to understand it. You have to search for Reddit on the site or run the Reddit page directly. You will notice a sign stating “potential problems at Reddit” or “obstacles at Reddit” if the issue is public.

Reddit will inform you about the site state as well. Go over to Reddit Status to find information about everything that supports take it up and working. You can also choose the “subscribe to updates” key at the head right angle to understand if something works wrong.

How to Fix Reddit App Not Loading?

But seldom, the Reddit application loses to run or may decline to work on your Android smartphone because of different purposes like applying an outdated version. The error also happens because of the defective cache/data or launching of the application.

  • The Reddit App Need a Force Close.

If you can not load the Reddit app and are tight on one screen, you can make a force close or relaunch the app to solve this issue. Here, I show you how to do it.

Step 1: Go to the Settings Menu by lowering the notification board on the screen.

Step 2: In the list, look for the Apps part and search for Reddit again.

Step 3: Tick on Reddit and later choose “Force Stop.”

Step 4: Verify your performance and then relaunch the app.

Step 5: When it is finished, see if the issue is solved or not.

  • You Can Reset Your Phone

You may face your Reddit app not loading due to short glitches, and you can solve the problem by restarting your phone. Here, I want to explain the steps briefly.

Step 1: Hold the Power Button till you see the power button on the cover.

Step 2: Choose Power Off among the options and remain until the process finishes.

Step 3: Repeat holding the power key to Turn On your phone and verify whether the Reddit application runs well.

Clear The Cache Of The Reddit App

Like most apps, it applies cache to raise display and enhance user expertise. The application ends working if the cache size is greater than your phone storage. If your phone is rolling out of storage or the Reddit app’s cache is defective, then the dilemma happens. To resolve this problem, catch the quick resolutions here.

Step 1: Run the Settings Menu on the home screen apps.

Step 2: Search for Apps from the menu list and then seek for Reddit

Step 3: Choose Reddit and then move ahead with the Storage choice.

Step 4: Now tick on Clear Cache and control Reddit runs fine.

  • Use A VPN Client

The loading error may appear if your ISP has barred a resource required for Reddit app development. It blocked some subs by the country. To make this problem solved, using VPN apps is a great opportunity.

Step 1: Start “Google Play Store” and place any VPN client that you want.

Step 2: Join a “VPN Client” to a selected location and check if the Reddit application works or not.


So, these are the best resolutions to set the Reddit app not loading on android. If the total above resolutions crash, you can use the browser version of Reddit or utilize a 3rd party app.

The Best Time to Post on Reddit

Reddit is known as a perfect site for consulting, evaluating web content, and aggregating social reports. Users present several content items on Reddit, such as images, links, text posts. The members on the platform vote them up and down. Reddit is among the most visited websites in the US. It is famous after Google, YouTube, and Facebook.

The construction of Reddit lets you distribute original as well as shared items. It enables people to direct traffic to the particular websites of somebody. You can post your content any time of the day you wish. Sometimes you decide to get maximum profit, so you have to find the best time to post your content on Reddit. If you are willing to have fast growth, then you may look for sources to buy Reddit upvotes.

How to choose the best time to post on Reddit?

To find the best time to post on Reddit, you have to analyze the best day and time on weekdays and weekends.

In this section, we will explain the best time to post on Reddit to obtain the most.

Why choose Reddit for business improvement?

Some people might think double about utilizing Reddit for business improvement. Here, we will talk about some points to examine, which will benefit you know that applying this social media site is useful for marketers.

Reddit is in the seven grade of most visited social media sites over the world. About 430 million active users visit this site in a month. In America, it is the 4th most visited site.

Many users on Reddit spend 4.96 minutes on the platform. It is more than the time spent by a user of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Any external link guides to making high engagement on Reddit. Users could find new websites, many contents, and any news agreed to their choices by visiting the website.

Choosing the best day to post on Reddit

When we talk about assuming the audience traffic model on Reddit, it is the same as all other social media programs on the internet. In most situations, you have to publish the content between Monday and Thursday, the same as Reddit. Because through those days, we expect the highest traffic. It results when users are regularly near a computer or a laptop to do work or at home.

Choosing the best time to post on Reddit

Based on researches, we understand that posting on Reddit throughout weekdays might be a good idea. Still, other specialists believe posting content on weekends provides a better opportunity for your content. They imagine that more target users will see the target users. Here, we decided to find the basic details of using these two terms of the week for content development on Reddit.

Weekdays and weekends

Weekdays for Reddit posting

As Reddit is an American site, the business on this program is mainly reliant on US commerce. Consequently, you might get the best time to post on Reddit based on US citizens’ plans and time zones in the nation.

The study explains that Reddit users tour the site after wake up in the morning. This traffic visit also raises through lunch break and when people complete their task at the end. If your purpose is to draw more visitors, then try these golden times to post your content. We believe that by posting during these times, you can get maximum profits.

The best time of posting on Reddit might be 9 am as per the Eastern time zone. It is profitable as you will be ready to reach users in the Central time zone ere they run their job and Pacific time-zone as they get up from bed. This point is excellent as it is not too delayed for the post to drop before users in the Eastern time-zone leave for their noon break.

Weekends for Reddit posting

You might hear about the counterthought of the best Reddit posting time. Numerous marketers and content creators imagine as people will be at their duty working with their systems, there is a higher chance to see your posts. On the other hand, the workload might cause it hard for people to hold time upvoting or browsing your content through the site.

Experts believe that through weekends people can apply more time browsing content posted on Reddit. As they are free, they have more time to comment, upvote, and find their favorite content.

Posting first in the morning on weekends might be a good idea, too. In this way, the user will take more opportunities to associate in a conversation. So you will get more awareness of your news post on Reddit. It is always desirable that you respond to comments and topics directed by users.



Providing relevant content is your first superiority when joining a Reddit community. One of the essential factors is your post timing. While a post at the right time can give a whole day at the head of a subreddit, users pay no attention to the same at the wrong time.

In this text, we talked about how you can accurately manage the best time to post on Reddit. 

Reddit will now enable users to add multiple images to their posts

Reddit has added a very useful and awesome option to its platform, surprising its users with change. Reddit today rolled out a post option which is called “image Galleries” that allows users to attach up to 20 images or GIFs to their posts.

Image galleries will be available on iOS from today, with Android to follow shortly.

This feature is similar to Instagram’s albums, which allows users to add multiple photos and videos but up to 10. Reddit overtook Instagram’s feature and allowed users to attach double as much media as they can add to Instagram.

The post format has a counter on the top right of the main visual for multi-image updates, and users can easily side-scroll too see all the other images in the post.

Reddit has explained the feature in more details:

“Image Galleries has been a popular feature request from Style, DIY, and Food communities on Reddit. For example, style communities want a better way to show off multiple fits for clothing, ideas for interior design, and different make-up techniques in a single post with captions and links to the products. DIY and food communities desire step-by-step instructions in a single post with multiple pictures, clarifying captions, and links to recipes and tutorials.”

This new feature has a very good advantage for marketers and people who are trying to promote URLs on the platform. With the “Image Post” option, you’ll be able to include URLs and captions for each image/GIF within the post, and this could lead to more traffic from Reddit.

How to use the “Image galleries” feature?

The first thing to mention is that this option is not available for everyone, and the only way users of a subreddit can use the image galleries is that the option has to be turned on by the moderators of each subreddit.

To post an “Image Gallery,” users within subreddits where the option is available will be able to select the ‘Image Post’ option within the composer.

Reddit is trying to be a more functional and useful social media platform, and this huge update is one of its basic steps in this way.

Reddit says it’s fixing code in its iOS app that copied clipboard contents

Another social media found snooping on user’s data thanks to ios14 latest update. The cool new version of iOS 14 sends an alert when an app tries to copy clipboard information, and its users have reported receiving the alerts with each keystroke in Reddit’s iOS app, and Reddit says it’s releasing a fix for a piece of code that copied contents from users’ clipboards.

The issue was first observed by Twitter user Donald Morton which posted a good video of how Reddit is capturing the clipboard on each keystroke.

“We tracked this down to a codepath in the post composer that checks for URLs in the pasteboard and then suggests a post title based on the text contents of the URL,” a Reddit spokesperson wrote in an email to The Verge. “We do not store or send the pasteboard contents. We removed this code and are releasing the fix on July 14th.”

Before this, other platforms such as LinkedIn and TikTok were caught reading users’ clipboard information and formed a kind of unreliability and trust issues among users. And now Reddit is the next platform which is found to be doing the same.

Until now, the social media platforms and startup apps listed below are the ones which are found to be reading clipboards:

  • Tik Tok
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Google News
  • Patreon
  • Call of Duty
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Philips Sonicare App

All we have to do is to wait until the full release of iOS14. A public beta of iOS 14 is expected in the next few weeks, and it’s likely that the clipboard privacy feature may reveal more apps engaged in this questionable behavior. After that, users can find out exactly which apps are tracking their clipboards.

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