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How to fix TikTok is down?

As a TikTok user, you may face a situation that is not working well. There might be a few methods to fix it. If your app is not starting at all, falling suddenly, or you could not watch videos, try the below solutions to fix TikTok down.

First of all, you can check if TikTok is really down in some online tools, such as downdetector.

  • Clean up TikTok app cache

Sometimes that your TikTok app is not running, it’s probably a dilemma from depraved cache data. As you know, your TikTok app performs some videos offline as you start it. The cache memory reserves some data momentarily to start the app work faster and operate efficiently. Now, if your TikTok is down, try to clean up the cached data. Here, we show you how to do it.

  • Go to your app drawer and lance the Settings app, then choose the Apps & Notifications icon.
  • There you can click on the choice to see all apps. Habitually App info, Manage Apps or See all apps.
  • Following presenting the list of apps on your device, find TikTok and start it.
  • Choose Storage & cache on the TikTok app information page.
  • Lastly, tap Clear cache to delete the cached data. Immediately touch the back button once and tap on the Force stop switch to shut the TikTok app.

After that, re-open the TikTok app to see if it corrects the problem or tries the next below solution.

  • Restart your phone

When you clear the TikTok app cache, but it does nothing for you, another solution is to restart your phone. A software bug might cause the problem, or maybe your CPU is filled too full. As you do so, all running processes will close, and your phone refreshes the memory. Mostly you can do it in less than two minutes.

It is simple to restart your phone. First, you have to find the Power button on your device and press it longly until you see the power selections. Choose Restart from the list to reboot your phone system. Another way of restarting your phone is to hold down the power key for about ten seconds.

After restarting your phone, try it again to understand if you can play videos or not. 

  • Update the TikTok app

Many people use an outdated version of the TikTok app and still enjoy watching fuzzy videos. The same as all other apps on the Google Play Store, you have to update the TikTok app to fix bugs and see new points. So, there might be a bug cause your app does not work well. Do not worry because you can fix it by downloading the latest update. Here is how you can do it with the Google Play store:

First, open the Play Store on your phone and find the TikTok app.

As you see the available Update option,  click on it to renew your TikTok app.

After placing the updated version, try it to see if it fixes the problem.

Other probable solutions

  • Check the Network

Remember that TikTok is among the apps that need a stable internet connection to dispense you those ridiculous shows from users. If you have a kind of hesitating internet connection or have a weak internet connection, you will not see new updates. If you do not know about your internet connection, try it by opening a webpage with any browser.  If you do not have an internet connection, or its speed is not too good, it should be beneficial to connect to another Wifi network.

  • Check the TikTok app permissions.

TikTok requires some adjustments to perform efficiently. When you did not provide TikTok to make some of its important agreements such as Camera, Microphone, Storage, etc., it will not work appropriately for you. TikTok Heed the below steps to check and provide necessary approvals for the TikTok app.

Open Settings on your phone and choose Apps & notifications.

Select the option to see all installed apps, then find and open TikTok.

Choose the Permissions label and provide all required ones.

Is TikTok defined in your country?

TikTok was prevented lately in some countries. So if you live in countries that define TikTok, you could not apply the app as expected.

Also, there are some other restrictions about TikTok based on ages. It banned users younger than 13 years from creating or commenting on content. TikTok will set the accounts of 13-15 years kids to the private mode automatically. So, if you come below these sections, you might not be capable work with TikTok as indicated.

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