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What Does TikTok Shadow Ban Mean?

tiktok shadow ban

Did you ever hear about the words shadowbanning or ghost banning on programs like Instagram and Twitter? TikTok is another app on the field of this temporary event. 

TikTok’s algorithm works in a way that all videos can go viral. Some users believe that nothing can be more depressing than noticing an abrupt reduction in your show with no signal. Companies use social media to form a society. When they miss any part of that society, they consider it as a support loss. The last biggest issue of all businesses or influencers is to be isolated. 

A tiktok shadow ban seems like an abrupt drop in looks and no continued giving up on the “For You” page. It might be familiar for most of you. We are here to help you understand more about the mysterious shadowban. Also, we talk about how to understand you have been shadowbanned? Why you have been shadowbanned, what is shadow ban on tiktok, and what can you do about it. 

How can I understand if my TikTok account is Shadowbanned? 

There is a TikTok “For You” page on TikTok that users arrive on when they start the app. It is where the app recommends the content. It might be the current TikTok users they followed previously or a new TikTok account they have never noticed before. 

If you have this chance to show up your videos on the “For You” page, it is like showing your video on stage. But sometimes, you can not reach people’s “For You” pages, and you may feel like you have missed your spotlight and may feel in the dark. 

Usually, you will not understand what is happening until a different TikTok user sees you and looks out that they can not recognize you on their “For You” page, no more. Unfortunately, when you can not be on this page, you will experience follower drop.  After that, you will experience views drop as you lose your audience. Usually, TikTok accounts can go through changes about content and audience, which means a shadowban is not forever to accuse. When you can not give your followers what they need, you will miss their commitment. Also, TikTok will not put unpopular videos on the platform.

Why should I get a TikTok shadow ban?  

TikTok may restrict your content’s engagement because of some reasons: your TikTok account is working like spam, or your TikTok account is sending unpropped content. 

If you gain positive attention for your account, TikTok will ask you to be on their “For You” stage. But if your content is becoming adverse, they will not like to have you on their stage.

Spam Behavior 

It could be fascinating to follow a lot of people and wish that they would follow you back. But, if you follow many users in a brief time, TikTok may confuse you for a robot or a spammer. 

You might be used to follow more than 50 TikTok account numbers in less than 24hrs. But now you have to change that strategy, or you might like more than 100 posts a day, so you have to slow down.

Inappropriate Content 

If you post content against the TikTok community guidelines, you might get banned or shadowbanned forever. 

Inappropriate TikTok content list is like below: 

  • nudity
  • drugs
  • violence
  • hate speech
  • copyrighted music
  • fake news 

TikTok aims to advance its platform as a comprehensive and safe place. If you have encountered a drop in commitment or views, reassess your new content. Search if you have posted anything previously that comes below what TikTok considers inappropriate.

How to remove a TikTok shadow ban

If you believe that you got booted off that scene, do not worry and continue reading with some simple ways. First, know that a TikTok shadow ban is not forever. A large number of users report a shadowban not serving more than two weeks. As you find out that you are experiencing a shadowban, you can switch to a Pro Account. It provides you a way to analyze your posts. Now, you will see how users find your posts. Finally, to lift a shadowban, when you have posted inappropriate content, remove all your account and refresh. 


If you are among TikTok fans, you may like to know how to get rid -f shadowban. Here, we discussed all points about that, how to understand that you face this problem, why it happens, and how to resolve it.

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