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USPhoneBook: How it works, pricing, reviews and etc.

There are lots of data Brooker sites where personal information is displayed to the public online, and some guys may get upset because of it. While you are making an online presence to help shape your professional life, believe me, or not, you are going to meet online data brokers someday.

This is one of the main principles in our binary world; give me the personal data, receive your profit. Because of this, tons of online directories like USPhoneBook lookup aggregate data, repackage it and share or sell it. Although it is an immoral action, some people may benefit from it.

In order to deal with USPhoneBook properly, we need to know anything about it. In this post, you will find out almost all the info about these subjects;

  • What is USPhoneBook, and how does it work?
  • All we know about the USPhoneBook app
  • How to use the USPhoneBook search feature?
  • USPhoneBook alternatives and reviews
  • How to remove info from USPhoneBook?

What is USPhoneBook, and what does it do?

USPhoneBook (or is an online directory where you can find personal information from billions of records related to people residing in the United States. The numbers and words you can find on these websites include names, job carriers associated with phone numbers, relatives of the person associated with a personal number, age and location of the phone number owner, and even more. If you want to learn more about a person, just type the ten-digit phone number in USPhoneBook lookup and wait for a fraction of a second to see the results.

USPhoneBook has its own reasons to keep this business alive; for example, it claims that the reverse USPhoneBook lookup feature can help you find out who is behind the phone number calling you frequently or find the mysterious cheater at your lover or spouse easily. While these are perhaps a few ways that people can use the information found on USPhoneBook search, others may consider this action as “stalking” or an “identity security threat.”

  • Need more details about USPhoneBook? Here we go;
  • Organization: Domains by Proxy, LLC
  • Address:, 2155 E Warner Rd 85284 Tempe Arizona
  • Phone: +1.4806242599
  • Backlinks: 82
  • Website SSL type: Low – Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL)

Does USPhoneBook have an app, too?

Yes!!! For those who consider the USPhoneBook search tool boring to extract data, the USPhoneBook app can be a more straightforward method. In the USPhoneBook app version, you can find almost all essential features on the joint website, including USPhoneBook lookup and search mode, and of course, your personal data with no direct permission. USPhoneBook app is totally free, and you can download the APK file for your Android and iOS smartphones from cloud platforms and webpages like

USPhoneBook Reviews and Pricing

The good news about is that it is totally free so any person can make use of it with no money spending. Despite several numbers of disaffection and discontent from some users, the bulk of USPhoneBook followers are happy with that, as you can see in the reviews;

  • “Good works really deserve a good recommendation.”
  • “The phone number I put in had area code 650; they said it was in Chicago, and a safe number, but other sites told me it was in Palo Alto and not safe!”
  • “Nice app and website”
  • “great application for finding people”
  • “They are a con site. They sell your info, and they don’t remove it when you find they have it and never gave permission to post your name or your family info.”
  • “This worked for me like a charm. I received a phone call on my phone, but no message was given, so I used this app to check out the number, and I found out all the valid information I needed.”
  • “Number one online data Brooker!!!”

USPhoneBook Competitors & Alternative

USPhoneBook is not the only online personal data broker on the planet. The seriousness of the issue is more revealed when you see your personal info on a dozen more websites similar to USPhoneBook on the internet. What a mess!!!

According to the list below, these are the main USPhoneBook alternatives for those info-seeking people for more pleasure and some victim guys for more suffering;

  1. PeopleFinders
  2. Spokeo
  3. SearchBug
  4. PeopleLooker
  5. Orave Reverse Lookup
  6. Fast People Search
  7. NumLookup
  9. CheckThem
  10. Whitepages Pro
  11. BackgroundChecks
  12. PublicRecords
  13. Who Easy
  14. InteliGator
  15. US OneSEARCH

How to remove info from USPhoneBook?

Suppose you are insisted on removing your personal data from the USPhoneBook search system. In that case, there is a guaranteed way to complete it successfully, but there is no guarantee to have your personal info completely erased on the website forever. This is because these sites are constantly updating their information for accuracy and completeness.

The main methods you can use for removing your data on USPhoneBook will be;

  1. Calling a customer service agent
  2. Filling out a removal request
  3. Sending an email to a customer service representative
  4. Asking for help from a lawyer (the most useless method, though)

The most efficient way to permanently remove your data is to write an initial request to USPhoneBook, and then monitor it over time manually or with software designed for this purpose.

Another fact is that websites like may not always be that responsive to your initial request. As a result, you have to factor in additional time to follow up and make sure that your opt-out request gets completed after you submit it.


Thanks for reading this post. The primary fact about USPhoneBook lookup is that, unfortunately, these kinds of websites regularly refresh the information attached to personal listings by using other publicly accessible sources, and you should not be 100% assured your personal data is not going to be displayed without no permission after you fill out the removal request.

USPhoneBook is both available by USPhoneBook app and website, and you are able to track most of the people you know as US residents on the USPhoneBook search section. For more information, you can visit and see what is waiting for you out there!!!

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