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Remove Youtube Are You Still Watching Error

If you are enamored of following YouTube videos, you may have come over a fallacy message stating, “Video Paused. Continue Watching?” It may be necessary for some of you but can be annoying for others. Some bodies may just be hearing the audio, and this message can interrupt their streaming.

Not all users recognized how to control the “Video Paused Continue Watching” point on YouTube. The reason is that they try to continue enduring active on the program even when the video is playing.

There is another option for YouTube videos which you can make a quick pause. This choice allows users to understand that they have displayed inactive for some moments while running the videos. It is also a process for YouTube to prevent streaming content remains. They explain that they do not want users to fall asleep and waste their valuable Internet bandwidth.

While it may resemble a good plan for YouTube to support its users, not all of them are happy about it. So, if you do not want to view the warning message the time you display inactive, keep reading to learn how to disable or remove it.

Why will you see YouTube are you still watching after a while?

YouTube’s new auto-play shows that while automatically interrupts videos after some seconds is beneficial for the company, it is not so much for users.

Do you know why YouTube would achieve this feature? When you are not an active watcher it results in more traffic and no ad income for the YouTube Company.

Sadly, what works well for the company is not always beneficial for users, too.

It is also not probable to deactivate this from YouTube settings, but you need a solution to help you not see this video pausing more.

Can I remove Youtube are you still watching errors from iPhone/ Android forever?

Unhappily, the fix does not relate to your mobile device because the browser element is dismally a show-stopper for our phone users from there. This trick, regrettably, will not work on your devices if you are among them who use Android phones and iPhones to connect to YouTube.

Here, the only solution is to hold touching your mobile device’s screen around every 30 minutes to prevent your videos from pausing.

How to prevent youtube are you still watching errors?

When your desired playlist mysteriously interrupts, it can be rather annoying. Fortunately, there are a few methods to avoid this message.

Primary, attempt to look for an annex that will automatically suspend and unpausing videos as you are watching.

The extensions we suggest here will help you avoid this disturbing little pop-up and provide unabated video streaming pleasure on a creamier watching area. 

If you are working with Google Chrome, you can download these two browser add-ons:

There is just one extension for Firefox that performs the trick, but it deserves considering all three of them as they are our greatest choices so far.


This section has taught you how to make sure never to see the YouTube are you still watching errors randomly, and it would be easy! Here, we discussed why you see this error and is that beneficial for YouTube? Also, we talked about how to disable this through phone and computer systems. Any day if you get interested in content creation and be a YouTuber, then remember to buy YouTube watch hours to get fast growth.

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