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6 Tips to Take and Edit Perfect Instagram Photos

Instagram is the best platform for sharing photos, and it seems everyone has become a real pro in photography. Don’t want to feel like you’re left behind? Then keep reading this article, and you’ll learn 6 tips and tricks to improve your Instagram feed. 

1. Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light is the most affordable, accessible, and beautiful type of lighting in photography. So you can forget about the camera’s flash – it will only wash out the object and flatten out your picture. We highly recommend that you take your Instagram photos in the early morning or just before dusk. If you can’t take your shots outdoors, shoot by a window or in a well-lit room.

6 Tips to Take and Edit Perfect Instagram Photos

2. Make Your Photo Symmetric

Symmetry is quite eye-pleasing so whatever you capture will look great if the composition in the picture is symmetric. Take the photo straight on, rather than at an angle. You can also use built-in gridlines to make it easier for you. Another trick that could help you is to shoot photos in square mode instead of the rectangle aspect ratio. Putting your subject in the center is also the key to taking perfectly symmetrical pictures.

3. Choose an Appealing Background

6 Tips to Take and Edit Perfect Instagram Photos

If you wonder what makes a good photo, the answer is a suitable background. Sometimes an irrelevant background can ruin even the best picture. You can either look for good locations to shoot your photos at or replace the backdrop in post-production. However, there’s another way to solve the problem – make the background blurry. Most smartphones offer a Portrait mode to shoot photos with a blurry background. When using a camera, set a wide aperture of about f/2.8 or f/5.6. But you can also apply the effect in post-production. 

4. Avoid Overexposure in Your Pictures

Overexposure can hide skin imperfections on your selfies, but in most cases, it doesn’t look natural or professional. Besides, dark photos are easily fixed in a photo editor, but there’s no way to enhance heavily overexposed pictures. To avoid overexposure, you can set a lower ISO. If you’re taking Instagram photos on your smartphone, tap the screen and slide your finger down to make the image darker. 

5. Fix but Don’t Over-Edit Images

Instagrammers are often blamed for over-editing their photos and setting unrealistic beauty standards. The best is to keep your photos natural – remember, looking natural is also one of the biggest trends right now. The question is: how to perfect a photo for Instagram without doing too much? Follow the link and find an article on how to enhance an image that will guide you through the entire editing process step by step: you’ll discover the best way to retouch a portrait, improve the picture quality, remove unwanted people and objects, fix colors, and more. 

6. Stick to Your Style 

6 Tips to Take and Edit Perfect Instagram Photos

It’s important to perfect each post, but it’s also necessary to consider how your Instagram feed looks in general. Your current followers won’t probably check it out often, but an aesthetically pleasing feed can make a potential follower tap the Follow button. So, how to match the photos? 

To improve the overall look of your Instagram feed, you’ll need to space out your posts based on colors, the object, and sometimes even the background. Don’t put similar pictures next to each other. However, there should be a certain theme or style that represents you or your brand. Here are a few tips that will help you to stylize your shots to make your Instagram photos look similar:

  • stick to a particular color palette or set of filters
  • create a preset
  • stylize all photos at once in a batch editor
  • plan and organize your feed ahead of time


Now you know a bunch of tips and tricks that will help you take your Instagram feed to a new level. We hope you’ll try them in practice and wow your audience very soon. 

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