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All about Twitch Error 2000 (How to fix it)

Do you know what Twitch is? Twitch is an American video live streaming service used by many users around the world. Nowadays, people use it in terms of music, creative content, and “in real life” streams.

Everyone can watch others playing video games specifically. Twitch has many categories and various contents but the gaming section improved so fast.

If you are one of the users of the popular live stream services this article might help you know one of the common issues occurring while using Twitch, whether using its website version or application version.

When does a twitch error 2000 happen?

Addressing the Twitch Error 2000 isn’t hard work to do. Before doing anything you would better check some general and simple reasons about twitch error 2000: 

The first and the most occurring issue in this case is that you should make sure of your “network connection”, because when twitch detects that you don’t have any secure connection from your location to their service, the content you are using will be inaccessible until the issue is resolved. This obstacle happens when a message on your screen is represented as: ‘2000: Network Error.’

So first of all make sure of your Internet connection because poor network connection is the major reason for this issue. For instance, if you are using a modem network, restart it or also if you are connecting to the mobile phone network you must disable data connection and reconnect again.

If it isn’t a big matter, it’ll simply resolve. There are also Some significant points that you should go through before thinking of any other ways: 

  1. Refresh the web page (because your web browser and your device might not be in a good condition at the moment)
  1. Restarting the computer or mobile phone might fix the error.
  2. Log out and log in again. (the problem might be from the server, log out and log in from your account might fix the problem.)

After all, pay attention that this problem may be related to the servers of twitch itself so in this case your network or computer should not be the reason for it.

To sum-up:

  1. Check your connection.
  2. Refresh the web page.
  3. Log out and log in of your account.
  4. Restart the computer or mobile phone.

Other possible reasons and how to fix the Twitch error 2000

Of course there are some other issues causing this problem as well. Perhaps the reason for this issue is related to browser extensions, using special web browsers (especially Chrome), or if ad blocker is activated on your system, also utilizing antivirus software is another possible cause.

Web browser

Many twitch users prefer using Chrome browser but when twitch error 2000 occurs, it would be better to switch your browser into some other type such as Mozilla Firefox. 

But if you still rather use the current web browser, in order to boost your speed, you can clear your browser cache and the speed will change significantly. Follow these steps to clear your chrome cache:

  1. Select settings from the options section in top right of Chrome.
  1. Then select Privacy and Security.
  1. Choose Clear Browsing Data.
  1. Select clear Data.

Ad blocker

Ad blocker can be one of the major obstacles in terms of twitch error 2000, because Twitch always shows many different ads on its website. You must make sure you disabled ad blocker. After that, refresh and re-open the browser. In order to disabling the ad blocker, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the setting of Chrome.
  1. Choose Privacy and Security.
  1. Then go to additional content settings and select Ads.
  1. change the block ads option into All sites can show any ads to you.

People might hate enabling ad blocker as this could be so annoying and disturbing but for bypassing this, use a VPN and set your location to a country where twitch ads are nonexistent for instance Russia, Mexico, Costa Rica, etc. Therefore, by doing this option you can still not see any ads despite enabling it.

Antivirus soft wares

Some antivirus softwares automatically block some contents for the sake of security. As you’re using one of these applications, (Windows Defender, Kaspersky, Avast etc.) you can temporarily disable them or simply from their settings section, from the list of apps that is spying on, select Twitch app as an exception.

Finally, to mention them all briefly, the reason of Twitch Error 2000 might be: 

  1. Because of the issues with Browser extensions and web browsers.
  2. An active ad blocker.
  3. Antivirus softwares.

Another way to fix the Twitch error 2000

Use the desktop application on your windows or your mobile phone if you are a regular Twitch user. The problem might not be fixed after following the above instructions. Then you would better switch to the desktop application of Twitch, because it’s more stable and such problems like Twitch Error 2000 are scarce while using the application itself.

As a conclusion

Twitch is so popular between people who like live streams but of course there are some problems happening while using them. Addressing those issues is not a hard thing to do. Perhaps the most important factor that has to be considered is to pay attention to the network connection. Of course there can be some other problems that we covered in this article and addressed how to manage those obstacles. Therefore, Twitch Error 2000 can’t be something annoying anymore as the only thing is to find and recognize the factors mentioned in this article.

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