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Best Points about Twitter Block Checker

Twitter provides you many tools to manage what you notice in your feed, and one of them is the capacity to block somebody if you do not like to contract. 

When somebody blocked you, the bad point is that you do not get reported. Nor is there anywhere you can continue to view a list of accounts that have blocked you. 

Here, I want to show you how to understand if somebody blocks you on Twitter.

What blocked Twitter account means?

Being blocked is like staying set in a digital discipline box — Twitter performs it impossible to see content from that person or interact with them on Twitter by your account.  

Also, when somebody blocks you on Twitter, it indicates that you can not follow that person or see their tweets anymore. Their tweets will not seem in your search outcomes, either. You also can not tag the character who has blocked you in pictures. 

Further, you can not send direct messages to the blocker or inspect all Moment that the account has generated.

How to Verify who Blocked you on Twitter?

Twitter does not inform its users if anyone blocks them. You will not get any warning if someone blocks you, but there are some steps by which you can see the complete list of characters who blocked you.

You can even verify for somebody who has blocked you on Twitter manually. There is a difficult way to go through all the profiles of the people you doubt may have blocked you and check. 

Now, you understand that there is no simple way by which you can identify who blocked you on Twitter. Here, I show you some steps to help you find out who blocked you easily.

How to see who blocked you on Twitter?

Step 1: The head point is to run your Twitter app on your phone and try to log in.

Step 2: Now, you should type and seek from the search case for the accounts you assume might block you.

Step 3: Visit their profile. Pay attention that if the user blocked you, it is not possible to see their profile. 

Step 4: You will notice that the ‘@username blocked you‘ tab. It means he blocks you.

It is what you will notice when you attend the profile of the user who has blocked you. You can not view their profile pictures, follow them and view their tweets.

Is there an app to find out who blocked you on Twitter?

Fortunately, there is an app or analytics bot to display a list of people that blocked you.

Twitter Block Tracker

Twitter Block Tracker analytics is an app that enables you to track the following activity or your fans on Twitter. Also, this app will make it simple for the users to hold a check on somebody who quickly escaped from their following list.


  • Use as a checker for the number of followers.
  • Use as a checker for users who newly unfollowed you.
  • Use as a viewer for the list of whole people who have blocked your Twitter account. Decreases your troubles by running for all the profiles whom you assume blocked you. 

Find the Block list of people on Twitter.

The blocklist checker you are searching is open on the Twitter settings, and you can view all the characters blocked there. But think you are becoming blocked by someone on your preferred networking program. Now, Twitter will not give you any warning if any other person blocked you.

You can see the record of the characters you have blocked and restrained them from watching you and observing your messages, tweets, or tagging you.

You can serve these tracks and learn to understand the people who you blocked.

To find the block list checker on Twitter,

  • First, you have to run your Twitter account on your system or directly log in from the yeh browser.
  • In the second step, you have to touch on your profile picture and then going down on Settings and Privacy.
  • The third step is scrolling down to Blocked accounts and choose it. Now, you will notice the list of blocked Twitter accounts.


This section describes the steps to see who blocked you on Twitter. You can find this list of people and checking it manually by going personally to each profile. Read the above text to understand more about Twitter blocked checker. 

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