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How to See Your Twitter Profile View?

Social networks are a large part of our daily lives .we spend an average of one to three hours a day on one of the social networks. Twitter as one of the largest social networks, is no exception. Sometimes you want to see your Twitter profile views but you do not know the method.

Of course, this is not a simple method and you can not do it directly from Twitter itself.

here are some ways to find out who has seen our Twitter profile.

Can you find your Twitter profile views?

In general, it is not possible to easily find out who has seen your Twitter profile.

because the high level of privacy on Twitter has a section called Analytics through which you can get good information.

For example, you can see the number of followers, retweets, the number of tweets, the number of visits to the profile.

 the mentions that have been made on your profile. So this is the only thing you can see. Therefore, you can see the number of profile views through the Profile views section through the Twitter analytics system.

Do Chrome extensions and third-party apps help?

Chrome plugins and apps that tell you who has seen your Twitter profile are all fake.

they will not give you any accurate information. Their only information is based on the fact that if another person has this plugin, it will show your and the other person’s joint visits to each other’s profile with a very high error rate. So do not trust these programs either.

Of course, some of these plugins and applications help you to find out who has followed or unfollowed you, which is well suited. But you should not expect more from such programs.

On the other hand, the Twitter Analytics tool can only provide you with general information and numbers related to your page, to maintain security policies in this social network.

The last way to find out the number of views of your Twitter profile

There is a simple method here, but it is not accurate. You can tweet three times a day at five-hour intervals. Then write the likes and retweets of all three posts in a separate file. The people who like or retweet exactly one of these three tweets are the ones who see your Twitter profile! This method is simple but not accurate.

Number of tweets viewed on Twitter

Again, Twitter has restrictions that only indicate how many times your tweet has been viewed or retweeted. So you can not find out who saw your tweet, but you can find out how many times your tweet has been viewed, which is written as a number next to each tweet.


To put it simply, there is no way to find out who has seen your profile on Twitter, but you can see the number of views of your YouTube page via Twitter Analytics. Again, plugins and apps do not help you so do not follow shortcuts.

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