How to Change Reddit Username?

Today people use Reddit as the largest social news aggregate site to search content on almost all legal topics. You can find different posts, images, and text around numerous points like science, video games, movies, music, books, art, etc. There is a special point about Reddit that makes it popular. When you use Reddit, you can create boards named ‘subreddits’ to create posts and conversations about a specific theme or object. Also, users can upvote posts that they like or downvote ones with less value. You will see your posts on the front page of Reddit if it is among the most successful ones.

And millions of people who scan the site can see your posts on that front page. While working with Reddit could be useful, interesting, and fun, it could be annoying sometimes as several users feel frustrated with changing their usernames. 

Can I change My Reddit Username?

This one is the most common question asked on Reddit. Sadly, there is no specific answer to this query. When you choose your Reddit username (through the account enrollment process),it is impossible to replace it in the future because you select it to connect to your sign up information forever. This is a vital option to overcome to fraud or account impersonation.

But there is another solution that is deactivate your current account and generate a new one. The point is that when you deactivate your account, you might miss all data of your existing account. Still, the previous Reddit posts on Reddit would not get removed. You can see your username on those posts replaced with a *deleted* label.

Keep on reading and find more ways to change your Reddit username on your iPhone or Android phone. Also, you can read more about changing the Display name instead of a username.

Can I Change My User Name on Reddit on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user and need to change your Reddit username, the below steps might help you:

  • Start with the Reddit app and run it on your iPhone, try to register or log in to your current account, tap on your avatar, then click on the “My Profile” selection. Pay attention that your account should be fairly new and have a real Reddit-assigned name to serve.
  • Now, Reddit asks you to verify if you decide to continue with your randomly selected username or convert it to a different one. Now, you have to choose “Change Username.”
  • Copy the username you want to use. Beware that you can use this option just one time, and you can not make changes later. Choose “Next” on the upper right-hand side to save your unique username.
  • Then Reddit will request you to verify that you decided to apply that username for sure. Click on “Save Username.”
  • Finish, you have now updated your username to your favorite one.

Can I Change My Username on Reddit on Android?

Sometimes, Android users decide to change their Reddit username, and they can follow the simple below steps to do so:

  1. Start with the Reddit app on your Android phone. Try to log in with your current, fairly new Reddit account or enroll in a new one.
  2. Choose your avatar on the upper left-hand side. Click on the “My Profile” choice.
  3. Reddit will ask you to verify if you like to work with your accidentally assigned username or convert it to your favorite one.
  4. Click on “Change Username.”
  5. Copy the username you want to apply. Be careful that you can do it just one time, and there is no choice to correct it later.
  6. Choose “Next” on the top right-hand side.
  7. Reddit will ask you to verify that you decide to work with that username ever.
  8. Touch  “Save Username” and finish.

How to Change Display Name on Reddit App (Android and iOS)

You cannot edit your Reddit username, but you can change your display name. Here, I want to tell you how:

  • Start with the Reddit app and tap on your profile avatar at the top-left side. Next, you will see a slide-out list, and click on the ‘My profile‘ choice.
  • On the following page, choose the ‘Edit Profile‘ key. You will now have an opportunity to edit your display name.
  • It is your time to replace your display name with what you want. You can choose it as you wish in about a 40-character limit. In the end, you have to click the ‘Save‘ key on the top-right side when you finish. Your unique Display name will immediately display on your profile page.

How to Change Display Name on Reddit Website?

There is another option that lets you change your display name on the Reddit website:

  • First, you have to log into the Reddit website and choose your profile avatar at the top-right side. There will appear a drop-down list, and you have to choose ‘Profile‘.
  • On the following page, touch the gear icon (Settings) close to your profile avatar.
  • Presently, you will notice the choice to edit your display name. Now, modify it to what you like in the 40-character limit. The site will auto-save your edit.
  • Move back to your profile page, and you will notice your unique display name in place of your username.


It can be enjoyable to come up with different Reddit username thoughts. But there is no method to convert your Reddit username out of missing some karma and forming a new account. But, if you have a relatively new account or your account is not that active, this method should not harm you badly. Just make sure to discuss a few intimate friends to take another idea as you can not change it again in the future. 

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