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How to download Instagram live videos?

In general, Instagram does not allow other people to download or store live videos of its users, and you can not download or save live video through the app itself. But you should know that there are different ways to download live Instagram videos that you can use outside of this application.

The difference between Instagram Live and Story

Instagram allows its users to take and stream video online with the phone’s camera. This is called Instagram live video streaming. On the other hand, Instagram stories are a type of video or images that users post on their user page and for a limited 24 hours. Their profile is displayed in the stories section. The difference between Instagram Live and Story is in the way they are played. Live videos are live, the user displays, but the stories can be video photos or other items.

It is interesting to know that every user on Instagram can add his live video to his page stories after it is finished, so if his followers have lost this live video, they can watch it again in the next 24 hours.

How to download Instagram live video

There are several different methods for downloading Instagram live video that you can use for laptops with Android and iOS operating systems. In short, these methods are divided into the following categories:

  1.  Capture screen and video screen
  1. Use of story downloaders after Instagram Live ends
  1. Use the browser to download live upon completion

Video screen

It may seem a little strange, but one of the best possible ways to download and save Instagram live video is to take a screenshot of the screen during live streaming, so you must first have a stable Internet to avoid live video interruptions. Then enter the Instagram page, open the live of the desired person on Instagram and download the live video using the screen recording tools in Android or iOS. There are different video screen apps for Android and iOS, the best of which will be the following:


One of the best Android screen recording applications to be able to download Instagram live is a Xrecorder. This application has many capabilities and you can take video from your screen with the highest possible quality. To do this, first install the application. Open Instagram then open the recorder via the floating button that is activated on the right side of the phone screen and an orange button, you start recording the screen.

Screen capture in iOS

To record the screen in iOS and download the Instagram live video, first enter the settings and select the control, if you have iOS version 13 or lower, select the option to customize the controls. In this section, you can find the recording screen and touch the plus button next to it. Now on the front page of your phone or iPad, the screen recording option is visible with a grey recording button.

You can press this button. A box will open for you, which has the microphone symbol below it. First, hold your finger on the record button when recording. The screen started. Touch the microphone button as well, then go to Instagram and open the live you want to capture your live on iOS.

Use Story Downloaders


Ingramer website is one of the best tools to download Instagram stories. In this method, you must first let the person in question live and publish the stories, then you can open the desired story and click on the three-point option and copy the link. Select the location and then go back to the ingramer website in the Tools section of the Story Download section. Now paste the link you copied in the specified box and download the desired Instagram live

Use the browser

You can download or save Instagram stories extensions using the IG Chrome plugin. First, you must download the Chrome Extensions extension and install it on your Chrome, and enter the Instagram video store website, then comment. Next to the story in question, the download option with this Chrome plugin appears, which you can easily download

Also, if you do not want to install a plugin and download the video directly, you can log in to Instagram via Chrome browser, laptop and computer, find the story you want, open it, then right-click on the story and inspect Click, a small box will appear at the bottom of the page where the video address is specified, copy the video address and open it in a new Chrome tab, now you can right-click on the opened video and select download or save do.

A few tips about downloading Instagram Live

Keep in mind that you can not download live Instagram videos from a private page, but the only way you can do this is to use screen capture or screen video, so the best way is to take a screen video of Instagram live.

You must have a stable internet to be able to download and save Instagram live video via video capture screen, otherwise, when playing live video, you will always face internet interruption and video corruption, so before doing anything, Connect to a stable internet


So far, there is no definite and accurate tool for direct storage of Instagram live video as a third-party application. If there is an application in it, it can only download the story. Stories are published so they can be easily downloaded and saved. If you have ever used one of the above methods, please let us know in the comments.

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