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How to get Google and Facebook careers? (the complete guide)


First of all, let me explain that you have a long way to go since getting Google and Facebook careers is not an easy thing to do, especially if you still do not know anything about algorithms, coding, and data structure. If you have a basis in software programming or web development, this journey would be much easier since these things are the primary skills you need to have to get hired for either Facebook or Google.

I, myself cannot think of a bigger company than Google these days, so a candidate for Google careers must have been either very ambitious or very talented to have the guts to apply for jobs at such a huge company.

If you are just an ordinary person who knows nothing about coding, algorithm, and data structure actually and have not even developed a very basic web or coded an easy program (refer to, I have to announce that would be very hard even thinking of getting a jobs at huge company like Facebook or Google, but remember that nothing is impossible and we, as human beings can achieve anything if we have the motivation and persistence.

But if you have basic knowledge of any of these skills, just improve them in order to become Google or Facebook worthy.

What are the skills you need to have to get Google and Facebook Careers?

The first step towards getting jobs on Facebook or Google is to master the skills they expect a job candidate to have. Start gaining the skills Facebook needs, and Google demands. Anyways, you are seeking a job at two of the greatest companies in the whole world. Programming and coding are even more important when it comes to Google careers.

There are lots of different Facebook careers and google jobs out there waiting for an appropriate applicant. You might be a designer deciding to get employed on Facebook, or a professional programmer craving to start programming on Google. So the skills you need to have depends on the job you are willing to get at Facebook or Google.

The organized set of the information below is gathered from reliable and trusted sites like Business Insider and helps to find out the skills needed to get Google or Facebook careers.

Getting a job at Facebook and Google

As a Designer seeking Google or Facebook careers, you should know:

  1. User interface design
  2. Graphic design
  3. Web design
  4. Photoshop
  5. Illustrator
  6. Information architecture
  7. Art direction

As an Engineer seeking Google or Facebook careers, one should know:

  1. c++/c/c#
  2. Java
  3. Software development
  4. Python
  5. Javascript
  6. Agile methodologies
  7. SQL

As a product manager seeking Google or Facebook careers, one should know:

  1. Project management
  2. Leadership
  3. Customer service
  4. Strategy
  5. Cloud computing
  6. Product marketing
  7. Enterprise software

As a data scientist seeking Google or Facebook careers, one should know:

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

  1. Data analysis
  2. SQL
  3. Project management
  4. Machine learning
  5. Data mining
  6. Business analysis
  7. Python

Now it’s time to consider which of the skills above you have or you are most passionate about. Think of which job you would like to get at these companies and then start studying more and more on them and improve the required skills much more so that Facebook or Google interviewers cannot reject your job appeal.

How to prepare to get Google or Facebook careers?

As I mentioned above as well, there are different positions a job candidate might want to apply for a job at any of either Facebook or Google. But let’s assume that you are willing to be hired for the most demanded job positions at each of these companies, which is a software engineer or a web developer.

In this section, I want to give a brief plan for getting the mentioned job titles or positions similar to a software engineer and a developer at Facebook and Google.

To prepare yourself to get Google or Facebook careers keep the tips below in mind:

  • Master the data structures and a few classic algorithms

You need to either have basic knowledge of data structures and algorithms or gain these skills. If you do not know a lot of data structures, learn at least the following for each data structure since they are the most basic actions a job candidate is expected to know when applying for jobs on Facebook or Google.

Implementation, Insertion, Deletion, Lookup are the four data structures one should master to be considered suitable for jobs on Facebook and Google.

The next thing you need to do is to get a book of your preferred coding language or just lean on the free articles that can be found online. The most important data structures to master are Arrays and Lists, Strings, Lists, Stacks, Queue, Hash Table and Hash Set, Heaps, Graphs, Binary tree, and search trees.

The data structures mentioned above are the least things a Facebook or Google interviewer expects you to know. You must know how to implement the main classic algorithms like binary search, Selection Algorithm, merge and quick sorts, and a lot more, in less than ten minutes.

data structures and classic algorithms

  • Get interview samples for Google and Facebook

All over the web, there are samples of interviews and the questions asked on both the telephonic and onset interviews at Facebook and Google. These kinds of documents will not completely prepare a candidate, but they are good ways of practicing and getting to know how interviews are done on both of these companies.

The best place to find the most reliable interview samples is Amazon. Reading these samples would give a candidate for Facebook and Google careers some good baseline to prepare yourself for an impressive presentation in the job interview.

What is the interview process at Facebook or Google?

There surely are lots of job interviews all over the world that are restricted to only one meet and greet meeting on which the interviewer asks about a candidate’s skills, previous jobs and passions and after the end of the meeting, they’d decide whether the candidate suits their company or not. But, come on, we are talking about getting Google or Facebook careers, and these companies surely have a longer and more serious interview process.

Facebook and Google interview

There are two different kinds of interviews one should pass, to have a successful job Interview for Facebook or Google. Below are the two typical Interview processes a job candidate needs to go through when applying for jobs on Facebook or Google:

  1. You need to pass a couple of Telephonic interviews by Facebook/Google

The very first stage to get Facebook or Google careers would be a couple of telephonic interviews one has to go through. Your cultural fit for the company and coding skills are going to be monitored a bit. The interviewer would ask the candidate to write code on a shared code editor like “collabedi” and meanwhile, his/her behavior is screened thoroughly.

  1. Time to go for the Onsite Interviews on Facebook/Google

Let’s be hopeful enough to assume that you have successfully passed the telephonic interviews, and you are now invited for onsite interviews by either Facebook or Google. Your onsite interview is divided into four different types of Interviews which are as below:

  • algorithmic skills and coding accuracy

It’s is not surprising to know if you want to be a part of Facebook or Google, you have to know how to code. Coding and programming are the most important skills one needs to be familiar with to get a job at one of these huge companies. So let me clarify that the first couple of onset interviews on both Facebook and Google is focused on algorithmic skills and coding accuracy. (Do not be afraid, they are not going to be too advanced.)


  • System’s architectural design

This stage of interviews is determined by the position you have applied for and previous job experiences. If you have more than two years of experience (senior engineers), you are going to be tested on your knowledge of systems operating on a huge scale and architectural design.

  • Behavioral (cultural fit)

The last stage of an interview for Facebook and Google careers will be to check if you are a good cultural fit for the company or not. This process consists of questions like:  Are you interested in what the company is doing? Are you okay with teamwork and can you work with a team for the same goal? And lastly, about previous job titles.

Remember that answering these interview questions might sound easy, but a job candidate willing to get Google or Facebook careers needs to have great preparation and good motivation, as well as high confidence, to impress the interviewers of such big companies. So do not feel too confident about yourself and do not show up without any preparation before the interview.


Getting jobs on huge companies like Facebook and Google is a dream so many young people have in their minds, and even imagining that you are working for such companies is a great honor. But meanwhile, keep in mind that this goal needs a lot of effort and persistence. You should be either a professional at programming. Data algorithms, and system architecture, or you should put a lot of time and spend too much studying for more knowledge on either of these fields. The goal of getting a job at Facebook or Google is not impossible and can be achieved through an organized plan of less than a year.

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