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How to Add Music to Instagram Post?

One of Instagram’s most famous points is the opportunity to figure music to Instagram posts and stories. Instagram gives a lengthy part of songs from its music library. Also, you can set songs from other music streaming sets, like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Shazam.

In this model, we will show you various methods you can attach music to your Instagram. We will also discuss some common topics and errors about Instagram music.

How to Attach Music to Instagram?

Instagram included the opportunity to attach music to your post and stories, and many people have been using this feature. Instagram appends new songs to their music archives each day.

But, some users do not know how to upload music to their Instagram posts. Here, we will go over different ways of attaching music to Instagram posts and tell why it might not be going for you.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post?

You have to know that Instagram does not enable you to attach music right to your Instagram posts. You can only attach music to your Instagram post and stories.

Even if you attach music to a video you performed on your story and download it, viewers can not download it with the song.

If you need to add a tune to a video and use it as your Instagram post, you have to update your video previously. There are different video editing applications obtainable that let you attach music to your videos. As you did it, it is time to upload the video to your Instagram fodder.

But, you can not add a tune to a photo and then post it on Instagram – it only goes with videos.

How to Add Music to an Instagram Post the ‘Old Way’?

Appending tunes to your Instagram story in the old way means people added songs to Instagram posts before the music feature. They did it in this way:

Start performing the tune they want to post. It might be a song in your phone’s archives or from a music streaming application.

  • Then run Instagram and start their story, as the song is still operating in the background.
  • Begin recording your story by holding the record button.
  • Perform any needed changes to the story.
  • Post it by hitting “Your Story” in the back left corner.

Now, when you perform your story, you will hear the song in the background. What is excellent about this process is the case that you do not have the 15-second time end. You can enter as many stories as you desire.

Where to Find Music for Instagram Videos?

Attaching music to your Instagram videos is made the identical way you would add a song to your photos. You can find songs in the Instagram music archives or upload them from outside references. But, when you attach music to Instagram videos, you have more choices than pictures.

For instance, you have only a 15-minute limited time for a song on your Instagram story. But when you decide to add it to a video, it will be as long as you wish. You can also pin the tune symbol to a character or something in your Instagram video.

You can even take a song before you catch a video by swiping the “Music” selection under the record button. You can choose exactly which section of the tune you need to play and then start posting. Though, this is only feasible on iPhones at this time.

When you choose Instagram music and background beats for your instagram posts, it is important to see that Instagram will prevent any videos you post with non-licensed music.

When you want to post a video to your Instagram Stories, Instagram’s in-app music library is a good choice, but if you need to post a video to your feed, you will have to be more careful about the music’s origin. Also, recognize the artist when choosing their work.


As an Instagram user, you might like to use a song on your post. While there are different ways to make it, new ones are more easily than the previous ones. Here, we introduce the previous and new ways of doing that.

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